Cricket in India has grown to be so exponentially popular. If you look at the people and their fanatic love for cricket, you would know how crazy Indians are about this game. As a result, with the wide proliferation of the internet, online betting has gained traction.

Tournaments like the Indian Premier League show how unquestionably popular modern cricket betting sites have become. Betting sites now tend to cater to the Indian audience with a wide variety of bonus offers and promotions. If you are one of those looking to hop on to the bandwagon, here’s a comprehensive guide to give you an idea about online cricket betting sites.

About Cricket Betting

The game of cricket may have started back in the 16th century in England. However, over the years, the sport has spread over the world and garnered quite a following. In the Indian subcontinent, cricket has come to become a religion of sorts. Commanding respect and curiosity irrespective of age, the game has grown from its humble origins to become a global force to reckon with.

However, Test cricket is the longest match duration of five days to the fast-paced twenty over variant hasn’t been without its fair share of appropriation. There has never been a more exciting time to be a punter. With T20 games, you don’t have to wait for too long for a game to finish. Matches happen with great regularity and are over faster. However, before you decide to bet on cricket, it is important to familiarise yourself with the different formats of the games available.

  • Test cricket: Test cricket is the longest form of the game available. It is also the most traditional form of the sport, which means it comes with its own share of history in terms of rivalries. As per ICC guidelines, ten nations can play test matches. Test matches run over a span of 5 days consisting of 90 overs of play per day. These include three main sessions – morning, afternoon, and evening sessions so that players can take a break. Test matches are a test of strength, adaptability, and character of the teams. The longer period of such matches also means that the weather plays a pivotal role in the match outcome. Betting on such matches could, therefore, require a much greater planning process since there are a lot of ancillary parameters to consider. Test series that are a popular destination for online cricket betting include the Ashes.
  • ODI cricket: The one-day internationals or the day-night matches are a popular alternative to the Test variant of cricket. Played over a period of 100 overs, the matches were decidedly faster. The match takes place throughout a day: one session during the day, and another during the night. The modern ODI comes packed with a lot of parameters like power plays and shorter boundaries. These developments have become all the rage within the betting community. Bets on the number of runs scored during such overs of power plays are a popular choice. In such a series, two or three nations play against each other in a bilateral or trilateral format. ODI series bets tend to contain a set number of matches which are either a set of 3, 5 or 7. The most prestigious ODI tournament to bet on is the cricket world cup, held every four years.
  • T20 cricket: As the newest kid on the block, T20 has become the newest rage among cricket fans and bettors alike. Just like its ODI counterpart, T20 matches also come with their fair share of power plays designed to pump up the excitement of the match. Thus, bettors expect the batsman to hit boundaries and boost the score up. The popularity of the IPL T20 has allowed limited-overs cricket to thrive. Therefore, international T20 tournaments in the guise of club-based cricket have become so popular all over the world.
  • Other formats: Another promising area for betting is first-class matches. Usually conducted in the form of domestic matches, these could be a risk-free way to earn some winnings. Since bookmakers usually don’t allow offer bets, a draw-no-bet could work fantastically in favour of the punter.

Best Indian betting sites

Given the overwhelming popularity of cricket in the country, there are a number of betting sites that have come up. Such a diverse range of sites obviously allows for a diverse set of online betting platforms for the bettor. Here are some of the best betting sites in India:

1. Crickex

If online cricket exchange betting is what you are looking for, Crickex can be a great choice. As far as welcome bonuses go, they have a quite generous welcome bonus. They have a welcome slot bonus of 100% up to INR 20,000. Apart from this, they also have a 10% reload bonus to a maximum of INR 5,000 subject to minimum wagering of 25 times. You can also avail of the other sporting bonuses that are available on the site. The fact that the site has a great user interface with dependable customer support also makes it a great choice. Thus at the extremely low deposit value of 500 INR, this bookmaker is one of the most affordable places to indulge in.

2. 1XBET

1XBET has a diverse collection of more than fifty different games and sports. For starters, the site offers a welcome exchange of up to 8000 INR depending upon your first deposit. Subsequently, there are also a lot of ancillary bonuses that the punter can avail. 1xbet cricket live offers an impressive set of betting markets which include the number of runs of the next delivery or the kind of dismissal. They also have the option of cash on delivery. The site has 24/7 live chat support. Also, there is a vast range of other promotions and bonuses. So, sign-up today and ace your betting game with the 1xBet online platform

3. Jeetwin

Jeetwin offers a wide variety of promotional bonuses to help win over punters. These bonuses include free 5 spins on registering with JeetWin Apart from this, there is a 100 % welcome bonus for live casinos. This bonus allows for a bonus amount of up to INR 5000. Since their focus is largely on the Asian market, they tend to give out weekly promotional offers. Jeetwin comes with live slots, casinos, and e-games. It also offers tournaments, table games, and a variety of sports betting options.

Also, Jeetwin extends the platform in the hearts of Bangladeshi natives. Jeetwin іѕ аll аbоut entertainment аnd fun іn a safe аnd responsible gaming environment. Aѕ soon аѕ уоu sign uр аt Jeetwin bangladesh уоu wіll receive 5 free spins.

4. MostPlay

MostPlay is a bookmaker with a difference. While many betting sites lose out on odds to cricket exchange betting sites, MostPlay tends to hold its own. Apart from a wide range of casino and table games, the site also has sports betting. They have a generous welcome bonus of up to INR 10,000 on deposits above INR 500. However, what sets MostPlay sport apart from other bookmakers is their increased attention to data protection and security. MostPlay has a 24/7 customer service to help punters resolve any queries that might crop up while placing bets. Their payments interface also happens to be one of the most responsive, thereby allowing for faster processing of bonuses, rewards, and withdrawals.

5. MarvelBet

MarvelBet has always held a dominating presence when it comes to online betting sites. The operator provides location-specific promotional offers for the Indian & Bangladeshi betting audience. Apart from popular sports like cricket and football, they also offer a lot of other betting opportunities. Their range covers slots, casino games, arcades, and even international sporting events. They have a diverse range of payment options to facilitate easier deposits and withdrawals. Subject to rules and regulations, a new customer can earn a reward of INR 300 in free bets. Apart from this, there is a range of deposit bonuses like a deposit of INR 500 gets INR 1,500. The wide variety of games, sports, and betting opportunities on offer makes this site a veritable leader in the online betting industry.

Online Cricket betting guide

Online betting on cricket has been high partly by the emergence of T20 matches and partly by the increasing popularity of online cricket exchange platforms. Before you start, it is important to understand a few fundamental terms associated with cricket exchange betting. Familiarity with such terms will help in utilising betting opportunities to the fullest.

Betting Odds:

Odds reflect implied probability. While this does make for a convenient definition, it still does not accurately depict what the true odds are. Bookmakers set fixed odds. They indicate the chance of an event happening. Hence, the odds show the outcome of the event, both in terms of possibility as well as in terms of winnings. However, it is important to understand that betting rates represent the bookmaker’s or online cricket exchange’s reading of the match. Odds can come in fractional odds, decimal odds, or American odds format. Among them, the decimal odds format is the most common type.

For example:

Consider a cricket match between India and England. The odds for India and England are 3.15 and 2.75, respectively. Thus, for every 1 INR you bet on an Indian win, you get a return of INR 3.15. Thereby making for a profit of INR 2.15. Similarly, for an England win, you get a return of INR 3.00. Thereby earning a profit of INR 2.00. A holistic understanding of how odds function is the cornerstone of your online betting experience. Without understanding this, it would be practically impossible to place bets as you wouldn’t be able to calculate your winnings.

Value Betting:

To accurately understand whether the bet you are about to place is of any consequent value to you, it is important to use a few formulas.

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

Value bet = (Decimal odds x Implied probability – 1)

Let us consider the parameters of the example previously used. As per that and the given formula, India’s probability of winning should be 0.3174 or 31.74%. Thus using the formula given above, the value of the bet should be 0.9765. Similarly, as per the formula, England’s value of the bet should be 0. In this regard, India’s value bet is higher and hence a better choice to be on.

Types of bets:

A bettor should remember that an operator offers a variety of bets. Therefore, you should take into account the match type, betting platform, and betting type before betting, which are in-play betting or pre-match bets. The most common bets are:

  • Match/series outcome: The most common type of bet is placing a bet on the outcome of the match or the series.
  • High scorer/ wicket-taker: This type of bet involves placing a bet on whichever player is likely to become the highest batsman or wicket-taker in the match from either of the teams.
  • Man of the match: The Man of the match is placing a bet to an outstanding performance to the match, whether that be with bat, ball, or both.
  • Number of boundaries: The term refers to the number of fours and sixes, the bet could be placed based on overs, team, or the entire match. Usually, you can choose among betting on 4’s, 6’s, or total boundaries i.e., combining the two.
  • Total score: The Total score bet is placing on the sum total of both the sides batting.
  • Runs scored in an over: This type of in-play betting is to guess the number of runs that will be scored in a particular over.
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Tips for online cricket exchange betting

Cricket exchange tips are quite common all across the internet. However, when placing bets, a tip or two does come in handy once in a while. A fair warning, though, to never take any tip at an absolute value.

  • Have a formulated strategy: When it comes to exchange betting tips, this is a must. A well-planned strategy is always an essential requirement when indulging in online betting. Have an idea about which bets you would like to place, what are the odds you consider as acceptable to you, and your winnings.
  • Research: Before you place money on a match, make sure you understand the match’s finer points. Familiarise yourself with the team, the locations, the players, and the overall history of the sides. There’s virtually no end to researching, so a healthy extent would be to be at par with the current form of the players and the team’s current streak along with things like pitch conditions and the weather.
  • Bookmakers/exchanges: There’s a wide world of difference between bookmakers and exchanges, and you need to familiarise yourself with the concepts. Brush up on your betting terminology and decide on which format suits you. Make a comparison between the odds doled out by the different sites before placing a bet.
  • Bankroll management: Betting can be addictive. Therefore, be sure to have all your transactions properly documented. Only bet money you can afford to lose since, in a worst-case scenario like a major upset in the match, the research might fail. Not only will managing your bankroll help you bet sustainably, but it will also help you maximize your winnings.
Frequently Asked Questions on Cricket Exchange Betting

A betting exchange differs from an online betting site in two ways. Firstly, the exchange allows you to place lay bets. Secondly, the bets placed are usually against punters, and the site does not act as the bookmaker but merely as a platform.

A lay bet is usually placed on an event not likely to happen. Thus a punter could at the same time bet on a team to win and, at the same time, place a bet for the team to lose. Moreover, the betting sites charge a commission of placing a bet and even decides the odds since it is also the bookmaker. The betting exchange, however, only charges a commission on winning bets and adjusts the odds in accordance with the betting activity across the two alternatives.

Yes, this commission amount varies depending on the betting exchange. For instance, Crickex charges an exchange commission of 2% upon the profit made by the user. This deduction is made when processing the winnings that the user wants to be paid

Betting exchange sites offer two bets known as back bets and lay bets. Back bets pay when the event or outcome you are backing or betting for comes to pass. In such a scenario, the bet functions in the same way they would at a bookmaker with the overall liability being equal to the stake placed.

Lay bets are quite the opposite. Such bets function when the punter acts as the bookmakers, that is, laying a bet against an outcome not happening. Thus, the bettor wins when the outcome doesn’t happen. Liabilities for such bets are calculated using a formula given by the exchange. If a lay bet wins, the bettor receives the winnings in the amount of the backers’ stake. Lay bets are essential for matched betting strategies

Sadly, there’s no sure way of knowing that the bookmaker of your choice is offering the best bets. Ideally, keep a list of the bookmakers you follow, and before placing a bet, you should check across the sites to compare odds.

In a cricket match, the toss is extremely important since the decision to bat or field is taken, considering the pitch and the weather. Tosses could, therefore, in their own way, drastically alter the outcome of matches.

The best way to research such details would be to look at websites offering the players' playing statistics. These include websites like ESPN Cricinfo and Thatscricket.

Not directly. Promotional bonuses given to punters depend on the bookmaker and the offer. However, the money has to be used for betting purposes only. You cannot withdraw it as it is. Thus it all depends on how well you bet with the promotional amount and convert them into winnings.


There is nothing like a sure bet. And there’s nothing like guaranteed winnings. It is important to, therefore, maintain the ability to remain flexible and keep a calm head. To win in online betting, you need not always be the smartest person in the room, but the surest one. A well-planned strategy, coupled with familiarity with the betting ecosystem, will go a long way into ensuring amicable results.