About Cric77

Cric77 is a review website established to cater to the betting enthusiasts. It is not a bookmaker that offers various sportsbooks but shares information, reviews, articles on betting and gambling, blogs, listicles, and tips on how to bet or find your way around the betting world. The objective of Cric77 is to reinforce the cricket audience with the full-fledged information of all the betting platforms so that they can make their betting decisions accordingly. The website was created to protect the cricket punters from unethical bookmakers and rogue betting operations. Online betting is rife with fraudulent websites, and Cric77 aims to provide adequate limelight on each of these factors so that the punter can play safely.

Today, online betting has become one of the most exciting activities among cricket fans. The rage is unprecedented during the time of leagues and tournaments. Every punter wants to find the right platform where they can bet. The trickiest part of finding the right site is that despite offering better-betting markets and betting odds, one can’t say which site is trustable, and which is not. Cric77 is here to clear your confusion.

As a site, we employ experts to share their detailed reviews on our websites. Since the online betting world is still new, we also get experts to share top tips, live betting odds, and top betting markets for new punters. Our reviews contain all the elements and the markets of the bookmakers without leaving anything untouched. However, we do not have ownership over any of the listed sportsbooks presented on this website. We do not promote any of the bookmakers we have listed. Our main aim is to inform the visitors about the betting world, the betting operators, and give a proper review of them to the best of our knowledge.

It is common to fall prey to fraudulent sites without knowing betting worlds. Most of the gambling sites are honest-looking on the outside to scam the customers easily. To protect the punters from such troubles, Crick77 has gathered a group of gambling professionals to find legitimate and authentic websites. The information at Cric77 gets procured by visiting and gambling all the sites in the first person. It is then shared with the readers to provide insights for them. As we know that the only way to get rid of the frauds is by pointing them, we don’t think for a second before listing out a crooked bookmaker.

At Cric77, we let the players use our library of guides, reviews, tips, and tricks to bet on their ideal sportsbook with a transparent bookmaker. Irrespective of the scale of gambling, we make sure that we deliver everything you’re looking for to don’t have to visit multiple sites for multiple factors involved in betting.

Cric77 knows that many countries have different laws and takes on betting. Based on our research, we provide proper information keeping it country-specific. To keep the punters informed, we also look into the detailed overview of the laws of the country to help any aspiring bettor understand if punting is legal or not. We detail into any nuances present as well. However, betting is a very volatile market, and the laws relating to it can change at any moment. We will provide real-time upgrades on such betting rules and changes. 

Cric77 knows the different risks attached to betting and advises you to keep a proper budget before entering the betting world. Please always read the terms and conditions of a betting operator before signing up. Cric77 will not be liable for any issues faced regarding payments or bonuses with a third-party website or betting operator, even if they are listed on our website.

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