All you need to know about Women’s IPL 2023

Cricket is equally popular among men and women in India. Among all the things you talk about when discussing women’s empowerment, cricket is one of the favorite topics of every Indian. The discussion on pay parity, viewership, and love for women’s cricket doesn’t look to the end. Now the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is all set to launch IPL for women. In this short guide, you will get information about all you need to know about Women’s IPL 2023.

This launch, as many believe, will provide women’s cricket in India with the kickstart. After much deliberation, the Indian board had set the wheels in motion for the Women’s IPL. It has been in huge demand by fans and cricketers alike for the past few years. 

Venue of Women’s IPL:

The teams for WIPL were randomly assembling. In addition to this, the BCCI will set the five franchises. However, just like Men’s IPL, where franchises bid for teams in a particular city, the Indian board set two plans for WIPL. According to reports suggest that the BCCI is yet to decide on the venue of the teams. It is yet to decide whether it could either share a resemblance to Men’s IPL. This article provides all you need to know about Women’s IPL 2023. 

Keep in mind that the matches of Men’s IPL will be played at venues where IPL has been staged previously. BCCI could expand the tournaments to non-IPL venues. They will distribute the Women’s teams into five geographical zones. However, BCCI is unlikely to use more than two venues for Women’s IPL. In addition, half of the season will be staged in one venue before the action shifts to another city for the second half of the tournament stage and the final. 

How Many Teams Participate In WIPL 2023?

The proposed plan of the Indian Board involves a total of 22 matches. However, each squad comprises 18 players with a maximum of 6 from overseas. In addition, more than 5 overseas players can feature in a playing XI. 4 from full member countries and one from an associate nation. 

Per the plan, each team will play two matches with other teams during the league phase. There are 20 matches played during the league phase—the topper of the league heading straight to the final. However, the second finalist will be chosen through an Eliminator match between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams. Unfortunately, the BCCI is yet to finalize the schedule of the Women’s IPL.

Teams for the Women’s IPL 2023:

Unlike the women’s T20 series, the precursor to the women’s IPL, the teams will randomly assemble. The BCCI will sell the five franchises. Like the Men’s IPL, where franchises bid for teams in a particular city, BCCI set 2 plans for the WIPL. According to the first one, teams were sold across six zones spanning the country. However, a set of cities in each zone is has shortlisted and also comprises, includes Dharmashala/ Jammu (North Zone), Kochi/Visakhapatnam (South), Indore/ Nagpur/ Raipur (Central), Pune/ Rajkot (West), Ranchi/Cuttack (East), and Guwahati (North East). This article will help you get the information about all you need to know about Women’s IPL 2023.

On the other hand, the second plan involves teams will sell but without a solid home base. In addition, the matches will play at six shortlisted IPL venues, including Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. The BCCI will present the Women’s IPL plan at the AGM next week. 

Possible Challenges That Women’s IPL Might Face:

Yash allocates realistic explanations for the difficulties the Women’s IPL 2023 might encounter. Since the Men’s IPL schedule for March, the kids are busy with their exams. Therefore, the viewership falls compared to the general holiday schedule games in December and July. 

For instance, Men’s IPL already has a set fanbase for each team. Getting the sponsorship for the jersey of the Women’s cricket team all also be a big task. Since all items associated with the men in the jersey might not be suitable for women’s jerseys, irrespective of the amount of time Women’s IPL will give, it would always compare to men’s IPL. Of course, it might lead to another form of fallout for the cricket fans.


Cricket is in the veins of Indians—no matter whether men or women, everyone in India likes to play and watch cricket matches. You will get all you need to know about Women’s IPL 2023 from this short guide. Since the announcement of Women’s IPL, people have been very excited to see their favorite women cricketers in action. 

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