Asia Cup 2023: KL Rahul smashes century in comeback match against Pak

KL Rahul blew away stiff opposition at the Asia Cup 2023, seeing off Pakistan with an impressive performance. Spending so long on the sidelines doesn’t seem to have any effect on Rahul as he wowed fans and players with an exceptional showing, bagging his sixth century in the process.

What Was KL Rahul’s Final Haul Against Pakistan?

KL Rahul got an impressive 111 runs while batting from just 106 balls. The experienced player got this haul in allowed innings and played a pivotal function towards securing India’s victory against Pakistan.

Rahul commented about his return from injury and how nervous he was when proceedings began:

Obviously, this is my first international match after a long time. I played a couple of practice games, but we all know the intensity is not the same. So when I walked in, I had that initial nervousness,”

He also talked about how he regained his confidence mid-game, helping India secure a much-needed victory to sustain bragging rights against their neighbors:

It took me 10-15 balls to just calm myself down and get my feet moving, get my mind thinking of the right things. Then, when I hit one or two boundaries, all those things, the fogginess in your clarity, went away, and it became like before.”

Rahul further commented that getting into rhythm was a vital part of his performance against Pakistan:

I was looking at the ball, looking at the situation, and you see what you have to do. But just when I got my rhythm, it started raining… and I had to wait for a whole day. Today we came back and had to wait for the innings to start. So, again, the first 10-15 balls were sort of nervy, and after that, once you start to hit a few balls in the middle, you forget about those things, and then you start thinking about where you can score runs and what I have to do.”

What Does Rahul Think About Virat Kohli’s Team Performance?

KL Rahul hailed the massive contribution of Virat Kohli to Team India in his interview. He talked about his runs contribution and overall value to Indian cricket:

He has hit 13,000 runs. I can’t say anything about that man; he is just phenomenal. Words are short to describe what a great cricketer he is,” he added.

Rahul’s phenomenal 233 runs partnership with Kohli earned Team India an immense 356-2 haul.  

What Would Be KL Rahul’s Role at the ODI World Cup 2023?

KL Rahul confirmed that he would be a middle-order wicket-keeper and batter in Team India at the ODI WC 2023:

I have been keeping wickets for the last couple of years. So, it is not new to me. I think I started keeping in 2019 when Rishabh (Pant) got concussed against Australia. “During my time at the NCA, I have worked on my keeping with the coaches there. Hopefully, I can do both the roles well,”

What Does Rahul Think About Kuldeep Yadav’s Performance Ahead of the ODI World Cup?

Rahul hailed teammate Yadav’s preparation ahead of the world cup, citing his performances in recent games:

I am really enjoying watching him bowling and I can see that he has developed a few new tricks that are giving some results to him. “We keep talking between the overs about the strategy to be adopted to get a batsman out or how to keep a set batsman away from the strike. His rhythm has also been good in the last two matches,”

KL Rahul Stats

List A10810614414613145.06513880.69102633579

(Stats are accurate as of September 12, 2023)

List A108321421421221000

(Stats are accurate as of September 12, 2023)

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