Australians in the IPL 2024 auction: Domination in expensive bidding

Ultimately, after the World Cup 2023, once again the Australians in the IPL 2024 auction continued their domination during the expensive bidding war.

The auction successfully concluded in Dubai by commencing at 11:30 am local /01:00 pm IST. Particularly, the grand event witnessed a sale of 72 players in more than eight and a half hours. Out of which, different franchises grabbed an overall of 30 overseas players.

Interestingly, four Australians in the IPL 2024 auction made headlines by grabbing lucrative packages.

Especially, Mitchell Starc created a sensation by becoming the costliest player ever in the history of IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) secured the services of the Aussie pacer with a whopping deal of INR 24.75 crores.

Similarly, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) acquired Pat Cummins for INR 20.5 crores. Surprisingly, Australia’s World Cup-winning captain became the 2nd most expensive player in IPL history.

Interestingly, both Australian pacers in the IPL auction 2024 together grabbed INR 45.25 crores.

Additionally, SRH grabbed Travis Head for INR 6.8 crores. Head’s heroic performance in the ICC World Cup 2023 finals created an intense clash between all franchises to secure the Aussie opener.

Notably, the above 3 Australian cricketers in the IPL auction entered with the highest base package of INR 2 crores. Out of 23, only 3 Indian cricketers joined the grand event with the maximum base package.

All franchises together spent INR 230 crores on buying the 72 auctioned players.

As a result, many netizens shared various memes on social media about the expensive bidding of Australians in the IPL 2024 auction.

As predicted earlier, Mitchell Starc succeeded in the race of INR 20 crore purchase among the overseas players.

However, these 5 World Cup stars namely Steve Smith, Josh Hazlewood, Josh Inglis, Lance Morris, and Ben Dwarshuis remain unsold.

Also, Spencer Johnsonthe Australian debutant pace bowler, was sold to Gujarat Titans for INR 10 crores.

How did the Australians in the IPL 2024 auction dominate to grab expensive packages?

SRH entered the auction with the 2nd highest purse value of INR 37.85 crores. Moreover, the franchise had to fill 6 slots, with the potential to include 3 overseas players.

Whereas KKR had the maximum vacancies of 12 players to fill with the 3rd highest purse value of INR 32.7 crores. Also, the franchise had the option to include a maximum of 4 overseas cricketers.

The severe competition between the franchises by implementing different strategies, aided the Australians in the IPL 2024 auction to grab the costliest offer ever.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Strategy during the IPL Auction 2024:

SRH had to implement a unique strategy during the IPL 2024 auction. The fierce competition with CSK and RCB to secure both the Australian cricketers in the IPL 2024 auction was exceptionally remarkable.

After concluding at the last position in the points table of IPL 2023, SRH decided to include the top-quality players on their side.

1. Intense clash with CSK to secure the Cricket World Cup finals hero:

Ultimately, SRH had to undergo an intense clash with CSK to strengthen their batting lineup.

Travis Head’s century in the 2023 ODI World Cup finals remained fresh in every individual’s mind.

SRH opened the bidding with a base price of INR 2 crore. Instead of a bidding war, a headhunting moment was experienced between both franchises.

Initially, the 5-times defending champions were in no mood to let away Head go for a cheap price. Even though SRH bid with 5.60 crore, CSK continued with the race.

Finally, SRH bagged Travis Head with a gigantic amount of INR 6.80 crore. As a result, the franchise made its first auction purchase, with a left purse value of Rs 31.05 crores to target Pat Cummins.

2. A battle to acquire the World Cup-winning skipper:

Once again, SRH had to face a severe war to acquire the World Cup-winning skipper. This time it was against Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

After the purchase of Travis Head ( 6.80 crores) and Wanindu Hasaranga ( 1.50 crores), SRH had to target Pat Cummins with the remaining purse value of Rs 29.55 crores.

Initially, CSK was leading with an opening bid of INR 4.80 crore. Additionally, RCB joined the race forcing SRH to bid above the 10-crore mark.

Furthermore, RCB continued with the contest by crossing the highest bid in IPL history.

As a  result, Pat Cummins was sold to SRH for INR 20.50 crore, thereby becoming the first player to cross the expensive barrier.

Within a few moments, Mitchell Starc surpassed the record by creating another sensation.

Finally, SRH after this purchase had to continue the auction with a remaining purse value of Rs 9.05 crores.

Kolkata Knight Riders’ Strategy to obtain the costliest player in IPL Auction 2024:

Initially, Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans opened the bid crossing above the 5-crore mark.

Shockingly, after some time Gujarat Titans bid with Rs 22.50 crore! Finally, KKR led the bidding by grabbing one of the most talented Australians in the IPL 2024 auction. Additionally, a history was created by offering massive compensation.

Ultimately, Mitchell Starc becomes the most expensive player in the IPL 2024 auction as well as in IPL history. It would take many years for the franchise to surpass the record.

After purchasing Mitchell Starc for INR 24.75 crores, KKR was left with the remaining purse value of Rs 6.95 crore along with 9 slots.

Gujarat Titans’ Strategy to purchase a debutant Australian cricketer:

After being unable to secure Mitchell Starc, Gujarat Titans decided to pay a maximum amount to buy a debutant Australian cricketer.

Once again Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans resumed their battle of purchasing another Australian pacer.

Finally, the 28-year-old cricketer makes his IPL debut with an INR 10 crore package offered by Gujarat Titans.

Astonishingly, Spencer Johnson ranks 3rd in the list of the highest paychecks grabbed by Australians in the IPL 2024 auction.

Surprisingly, Travis Head after gaining popularity couldn’t even near Spencer’s package.

Australians in the IPL 2024 auction grabbed expensive packages: Conclusive Facts

Ultimately, the Australians in the IPL 2024 auction succeeded by benefiting from the good fortune. Consequently, the Aussies secure the best packages from the top franchises.

Ahead of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, the Aussies would experience an excellent rehearsal playing with other international cricketers in the IPL League matches.

Overall, the sensation created in the IPL 2024 auction has made the event more successful compared to its previous edition.

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