Baap of IPL: Who Is the Godfather of Indian Cricket?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) premiered in 2008, ushering in one of world cricket’s most exciting leagues of all time. The IPL is currently worth over $4.8 billion and has seen several exciting talents perform for its listed franchises. Many fans can’t decide who the Baap of IPL is among this league’s most-talented and exciting players.

Loads of talented cricket stars have graced the IPL, and many players have owned different sections of gameplay. Let’s check out top players who should receive the ‘Baap of IPL’ tag after fifteen years of high-octane, competitive cricket.

Who is the Baap of IPL?

Check out the Baap of IPL in five (5) different categories below:

Baap of IPL: Overall

Mahendra Singh (MS) Dhoni is the IPL’s best player across fan bases, sports analysts, commentators for several years. His on-pitch consistency, calm demeanor, and daring gameplay makes him a darling to millions of fans in India and abroad.

MS Dhoni kicked off his IPL career with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in 2008. He has gone on to feature in every season since that time, playing for two teams throughout his illustrious career. His sole season out of a CSK shirt was with the Rising Pune Supergiants (in IPL 2017) where he led RPS to a second-place finish behind the Mumbai Indians.

He holds the record for:

  • Most match wins as captain,
  • Joint most trophy wins as captain (shared with Rohit Sharma),
  • Second most IPL titles (five trophies), and more

These and other breathtaking achievements after fifteen seasons earn Dhoni the Baap of IPL tag. Dhoni has an impressive 130+ strike rate so far and checks every possible box you may want from an experienced cricketer. His stellar performances and towering on-pitch displays earns MS Dhoni the ‘Baap of IPL’ tag.

Baap of IPL: Batting

Virat Kohli has cemented his status as one of the world’s best cricketers of all time with his IPL performances. Over the years, Virat has become a deadly batsman for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), demolishing opposing bowlers with high precision. His batting prowess endears him to RCB fans and cricket lovers from all over the world.

Kohli continues to earn his ‘Baap of IPL’ recKohli also doubles as the Baap of runs with his high-scoring performances for RCB over the years. Virat holds the current runs record in IPL T20 cricket with 6000+ runs scored throughout his career. One of his most exciting numbers of all time was a 977-runs total in a season, making him a deadly IPL star many batsmen don’t want to face.

Baap of IPL: Bowling

Jasprit ‘Boom Boom’ Bumrah is on record as one of IPL’s deadliest bowlers of all time. The experienced, multi-talented bowler has earned the Baap of IPL tag with his impressive performances against top batters from different teams.

Bumrah has a sharp ability to attack batsmen with whirling shots and hard-biting swings to unsettle even the most experienced opponents. Jasprit has been able to take 130+ wickets in the IPL with a high 18.8 strike rate. His consistency for the Mumbai Indians brought him much fame in IPL games.

Bumrah’s wickets may not be the highest taken in IPL history, but he has managed to get five titles with his match-winning contributions.

Baap of IPL: Captains

Very few skippers can do it like the Baap of IPL captains – Rohit Sharma. The veteran cricketer has gone on to perform for several years at the highest level with many match-winning performances and IPL titles.

He is the first IPL captain in history to win five titles with one team. Sharma has also featured as captain for the national team in several formats, cementing his status as a cricket hero. He is in the top five record of runs scored and has achieved many exciting feats in his illustrious IPL career.

Baap of IPL: Form

Every IPL season comes with new challenges and many players find it hard to maintain their form for long periods. Some players have gone on to different teams and experienced a sharp dip in on-field performances. But that doesn’t apply to Shikhar Dhawan – the Baap of consistency in IPL cricket.

Dhawan has gone on to feature in several IPL seasons, wowing fans, commentators, and teammates with his exciting performances. One of his major feats in IPL cricket is featuring for multiple teams and succeeding in all of them. Dhawan has played for five (5) IPL teams throughout his career, performing at a consistently high rate for every franchise. He also has the second highest runs in IPL cricket, falling short of Virat Kohli’s impressive 6,000+ haul.

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