BCCI to not allow MS Dhoni as mentor in CSA T20 League

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has revealed that #MS Dhoni will not be given any role in coaching or mentoring the Indian cricket team in the Twenty20 league organized by Cricket South Africa (CSA). The decision has been made following Dhoni’s retirement from international cricket.

This comes as a surprise to many as Dhoni had earlier been announced as the head coach of the Indian side for the #T20 World Cup in England next year. This decision is likely to cause resentment in the cricketing fraternity, as many feel that Dhoni’s presence would have added a level of expertise and experience to the CSA side.

Dhoni’s retirement from 3international cricket has come as a surprise to many, as he had earlier been announced as the head coach of the Indian side for the T20 World Cup in England next year.

Who is MS Dhoni

To the lovers of cricket the name MS Dhoni is well renowned. He is one of most successful wicket keeper batsman in the history of world cricket. The way he served his home team is so improvising. MS Dhoni is one of the most classical captions.

He is also called the most patriotic player the way he always played truly for his homeland. Right now MS Dhoni is a player who plays for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.

He is also a former captain of the Indian national team. Dhoni has been an integral part of India’s success in the cricket world; and has led India to victory in various tournaments


The CSA T20 League is a professional cricket league in India. It is the premier T20 cricket competition in the country. CSA T20 League is more like an internal cities cricket tournament like IPL and other leagues with addition of top class players from all over the world.

 It is the first time that this league has been played in India. The league was established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Cricket South Africa (CSA).

MS Dhoni and CSA league

In upcoming months the CSA T20 league 2022 was about to start in India. Former Indian Capitan Ms Dhoni wished to work as a mentor for this event. It was a great opportunity for the new league to have this great legend serving it from the front.

But as there’s a twist in every tale that makes it interesting and controversial. Just like that BCCI played the role of slayer in this particular matter and denied to allow MS Dhoni to work as a mentor for CSA T20 league.

It was way too difficult to understand for the fans and different roomers are in the market nowadays.

What Is the Problem With MS Dhoni Being a Mentor for the Tournament?

Different people have different perspective why BCCI denied making MS Dhoni as a mentor for CSA T20 league. But one of the most common one is this one. MS Dhoni being a mentor for the tournament is that he has been accused of match-fixing. He was banned for life in 2012, and it is not fair to let him mentor a tournament.

Even though he played with loyalty for many years after this but it is said that making a player who was accused for fixing a match; as mentor of a league of International standards isn’t acceptable.

Conclusion: The Argument against MS Dhoni’s Presence at the Tournament

This news is spreading like fire in a forest but the question is it even requires this much debate. Like there are a lot of topics that became too popular like the hot cake in market that’s sells in moments but they don’t deserve that much attention.

Same is happening in this situation too. First of all having MS Dhoni as your mentor and front facing dude was a huge flex itself. It would’ve given a lot of courage and strength to young players but the absence of MS Dhoni doesn’t even affect it that much. It’s just like if you bring ketchup with fries it’ll make fries more fun but the absence of ketchup doesn’t even affects the fries.

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