Best Betting Sites with Bank Transfer in India 2021

Did you Western Union did the first wire transfer in the 1870s? In the early days, this was the only way to transfer money. In few years, telephone-based systems were evolved. Eventually, the rise of the internet made online banking possible. It is one of the easy and swift processes to moving money today.  

For a high roller, a bank transfer is an absolute delight. Normally, e-wallet card payment has a specific limitation linked to them. Moreover, in contrast to previous times, a bank transfer is a bit faster and a secure choice for the punters.

In this guide, we will unfold, top three best betting sites available in India that use bank transfers. 

Best Betting sites for Bank Transfer in 2021 


Crickex seems to ride the hearts of players in India with their deposit and withdrawal system. They have various options available for bank transfers. Regular bank transfer and IMPS, both of which are secure. 


The site has been able to maintain its pride over the glorious four years of history. Thoroughly supporting the safe gambling policy, with their ever so lovely brand ambassador, “Sunny Leone,” by their side. In terms of payment options, they offer a handful of options; swift bank transfer is one of them. 


Cricx11, although new in the Indian gambling scene, they are one of the sites that offer quick deposit and withdrawal services. Their payment services set them apart from other betting portals. 

How to deposit with a bank transfer?  

There are many ways you can make a bank transfer, either with a physical presence in the bank, banking app, or via the bank’s official website. Although the secure option is an online banking transfer. 

1. Online Banking option
Make sure you have set up the online banking services from your bank account. This way, you can deposit money seamlessly without having to make a physical appearance. 

2. Open accounts in the best betting sites.
When it comes to choosing a portable electric device, we make no compromise. We always go for the new advancing technique, then why go back to the same old sites that rely on old standards. So, make sure you sign up on the betting sites that share a similar insight in terms of betting. 

3. Bank Details
Many portal sites offer bank details, depending upon the size of the deposit. You can get the details either by contacting the support department or via a pop-up message that will appear in the deposit section. Collect the data and proceed to the next step.

4. Payment Section 
To start the payment process, go to the payment section in your bank account. Add the details, make sure you check it thoroughly to avoid any errors. Once the payment is successful, it will automatically appear on the betting site. Nonetheless, make sure to take a screenshot of the successful payment. 

Time for Bank Transfer

Many betting portals take from 2-3 days once you add the details and begin the process regarding the withdrawal process. But the best betting sites, as mentioned above, finish withdrawals within hours. Depending on the traffic, it can, however, take up to a day. 

Although the chances of that happening are rare. Furthermore, the sites provide around-the-clock services. Meaning, you can process a withdrawal even during weekends, auspicious holidays, etc. They go above and beyond to speed up the bank transfer process. 

How to get through the payment Verification process?

Payment verification is a cardinal step in any online betting portal. This step helps filter out the fraudulent users and keep the site safe and secure for the punters.

  1. Sign up 
    The ID verification starts from the very beginning. Hence, while signing up in any of the best betting sites, add the correct details to avoid any issues in verification later on. 
  2. Bank Details
     In order to verify the account, you will need to add bank details to the betting site. 
  3. Documents
     Once the bank information is added to your betting profile, contact customer support for the verification process. You will need to forward either of the following details: 
  4. National ID card
  5. Passport
  6. Driving license
  7. Voter’s card
    After that, you will also need to send bank information to prove the authenticity of your account. Any one of these documents should be enough: 
  8. Passbook
  9. Credit card statement

Benefits of Bank Transfer

  1. Bank transfer is safe and secure.
  2. Widely popular method among customers worldwide.
  3. A customer-friendly process.
  4. Transactions are fully electronic.

The only drawback in terms of bank transfer is the potential delays in the payment procedure. 


Overall, a bank transfer is by far the most accessible and most reliable process to move money. Being a widely accepted process, many betting sites in India make usage of this convenient process. However, always choose the best betting site for your valuable prediction. 

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