Best Bowlers with fastest five-fors in ODI cricket

Well, the sport Cricket requires a new introduction about it. The essence of the plots and formats have changed the entire scenario. Now it is the most watched sport.

In the world of ODI, the bowlers with the fastest five-fors can play a pivotal role and determine the course of the match. The ability to dismiss a batsman is often measured by the number of wickets.

International ODIs are the best as they provide the best of the features in the game plots. It has executed the best of the players and allowed various players to showcase their talent.

Best Bowlers with fastest Five-fors in ODIs:

Bowlers with the fastest five-fors are shown to develop and show more contribution to the game.

Mohammed Siraj (India):

This former player has broken almost all the records of the bowlers and has been enlisted among bowlers with the fastest five-fors. The player made a great contribution by taking off about 16 balls. The spectacular match occurred in the Asia Cup 2023 against Sri Lanka. He has given his best to make his team and country proud of him.

In the event, he became the first ever Indian team or bowler to take out four wickets in the overs of the ODIs. In the end, Siraj has successfully taken a total of six wickets with the figures coming out as impressive 6/21.

After this match, his career will be developing and forming a new circle, and good luck to the team.

Usman Khan Shinwari (Pakistan):

At the match against Sri Lanka in Sharjah in the year 2017, Pakistani bowler Usman Khan Shinwari made a remarkable approach. He managed to take out the first five wickets in just 21 deliveries.

His performance made an astonishing feature in the field. The former player made figures of 5/34 from the seven overs. Under bowlers with the fastest five-fors, his name comes in the lists and provides the best of the features. His skills and features of gaming are unique which is very promising.

Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka):

Chaminda has always shocked his way of playing and delivered the most incredible skill against Bangladesh. It came around the 2003 World Cup and was achieved by taking five wickets successfully. He also made 16 deliveries and made an exceptional performance.

In the end, he took a total of 6 wickets and made a figure of 6/25 in the following 9.1 overs. Without a doubt, he is the best of bowlers with the fastest five-fors and made a great feature in the history of cricket.

Vaas has been dealing with the game plots very wisely and knows where to place the limits of his game.

Van der Gugten (Netherlands)

Another marvelous player who has made a mark on cricket history. In the former match that was involved with the opposition ground with Canada in the year 2013. He has also accomplished to developed an impressive five wickets within 20 deliveries. 

Again, in the end, he displayed a wide range of contributions to his game where he delivered 5/24 in 9 overs.

Here in the process the players have been executing their talents and contributing their best to the games.

Ryan Burl (Zimbabwe):

This Zimbabwe player has resulted in a great way of dealing with the cricket match well. The match that was executed was done in Australia, in Townsville in the year 2022. His performance and contribution to the game made a great impact. He made history and enlisted Bowlers with the fastest five-fors.

Ryan Burl took out five wickets and therefore made history. He made a figure of 5/10 in 3 overs. In this way, the players have been executing the proper process and properly analyzing the features.

Ali Khan (USA):

Well, this nation is on the list for delivering the best format in the cricket ground. There is no doubt that the players are providing themselves in the World Cup series and making a great contribution to the sport. Well, Ali Khan might be the uprising star. He is somewhat known to be the Bowler with the fastest five-fors.

At the match in Jersey in Windhoek, in the year 2023, he made an amazing record. He has successfully taken the first five wickets in just 16 deliveries. By the end, his score lies on 7/32 in the 9.4 overs.


In the following article, it is mentioned with the bowlers with the fastest five-fors and how the bowlers made it. Cricket is filled with thrills and great achievements and has made a popular game among the people. For others is a passion that has brought entire people together.

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