Best cricket format for betting – Strategy & Tactics

Cricket is one of the oldest games, with roots stretch back to the 18th century in England. If you’re a cricket lover and want to learn more about the different cricket betting formats so that you can bet, then you are in the right place. Crickex, the best cricket betting website, is here to assist! The purpose of this blog is to assist cricket betting lovers of all levels and across the globe in learning more about the game through strategy & tactics.

Before moving further, you might have a question, What’s crickex? 

Crickex is a site dedicated to cricket. In India, we are the top provider of sports betting and exchange. Crickex betting platform is developed with cutting-edge technology and focuses on providing a trustworthy platform to clients in India with our industry-leading sports platform. Crickex provides a best-in-class platform, ensuring that all customers have the seamless online cricket betting experience possible.

Let’s know, What are the popular cricket betting formats you can bet on the crickex betting platform.

Cricket is a popular betting sport around the globe. Entertainment, competition, and intense emotions are all combined in this sport, as they are in any other. Betting on cricket online comes in a variety of forms. So, no matter what you choose, you’ll find the finest bargains exclusively at the Crickex cricket betting platform. There are several cricket formats of these that you can bet on, in addition to the standard bets. Here are a few:

Match winner bets

The match betting bet is the most prevalent type of cricket betting format. It is a simple wager because you only have to choose between three possible outcomes. You can choose whether you think the home team will win, the away team will win, or the match will be a draw. That concludes our discussion. This cricket betting format is quite popular among cricket bettors due to its simplicity at the Crickex betting platform.

Match tie bets

Many bettors prefer to bank on the chance of a test match ending in a tie. This wager is also known as a ‘Draw No Bet,’ and it can be used with Match betting. In this cricket betting format, it is used as a safety bet if the match is called off due to bad weather or light, delayed play, or other unplayable circumstances.

Series winner bets

In cricket, teams frequently play a three- or five-game tournament rather than a single match. “The Ashes” is the one example of this. Australia and England are playing a five-game series. The bettor picks a team that will win the best of three or five games in this sort of cricket betting format. You will win the money if you predicted correctly; else, you’ll have to try your luck again.

Tournament winner bets

If you want to bet on a cricket tournament, one of the wagers you may make it on the event’s outright winner. You will have to choose the team you believe will triumph over the others to win the event. The rates for all the teams will be provided on the Crickex betting platform when you place your bets. Just choose the side you believe will win it all and hope for the best in the Crickex betting platform. 

Total Score prediction bets

You must predict the total number of runs scored by a team at the end of a single match in this sort of bet. The Best thing in this cricket betting format is that you don’t have to pick a certain number; instead, you will select a scoring range for the team between 5 to 10 runs given in the Crickex platform.

Some more cricket betting formats are:

  1. Toss winner.
  2. Man of the Match / Series.
  3. Most Runs / Wickets.
  4. Most boundaries.
  5. Power play award of the match (Usually for T20 format), and many more. 


By incorporating precise match probability estimations and well-balanced risk/reward ratios, the goal should be to maximise aggregated gains over time. Cricket betting on the Crickex platform is a fantastic way to learn more about one of your favourite sports. If you’re new to cricket betting, start small and gradually increase your stakes on some of the bets mentioned above

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