Best IPL Betting Strategy: Tips to Win big!

Betting on any cricket match based on your prediction can be very exciting. However, landing it 100% on your favor is not always guaranteed if it was, bookmarkers or any bet operator for that matter would never exist.

Being a qualified judge of any game requires being a sound observer. Take the Indian Premier League 2021 (IPL) for example. This year, the tournament has seen a handful of interruptions, a set of players to miss the IPL 2021, and a new venue host, Oman.

These were necessary circumstantial changes, but for a punter, the replacements can make or break a team.  When it comes to sharing IPL 2021 tips, there is not one full-proof strategy to assure guaranteed win. However, given time and tweaking the strategies according to need can prosper one’s betting account.

The IPL betting strategy to win big this season.

Before moving any further let’s look at the squad’s points table.

TeamsMatchesWonLostPointsNet Run Rate
Delhi Capitals862120.547
Chennai Super Kings752101.263
Royal Challengers Bangalore75210-0.171
Mumbai Indians74380.062
Rajasthan Royals7346-0.19
Punjab Kings8356-0.368
Kolkata Knight Riders7254-0.494
Sunrisers Hyderabad7162-0.623

IPL Strategy: Value- Pre match

Do not let your emotions ride the early decision. While looking for IPL pre-value, use the match knowledge and the player’s condition to get a full picture.

We will need to consider injuries, time-off, family issues, and more, anything that can have a slight effect on the match should be on the final list. Once you get a certain idea what the final picture looks, you can then search for value odds that are in favors of backing the team.

Also, make sure to check the stats so you don’t miss any emerging trends. Now the final step is to look for the odds that have greater chances of winning than the bookmakers make it look.

IPL Tips: Bonus Bagging  

You might have guessed, being a new customer in online betting exchange site pays that too literally. From double the deposit to free bets, there a few of these factors that come into play.

However, one has to be sensible with the free bets, as you don’t get the stake amount back in such conditions. Bonus bagging is done best by targeting to find free bets while making use of value bet strategy.

IPL Strategy: In-play Betting

In –play betting needs some serious experience, those who already have it enjoy the setting. Why? Well, live betting in general offers a plethora of opportunities for betting.

Early wicket Trades

We will need the following key requirements:

  • Wicket within the first three over or maximum

    If you see an early wicket, the strategy is to back the batting teams as their odds will plummet down from this point onwards. But if the squad losses another wicket in the next 3-5 balls, the odds will then move against us.
  • No Kohli on the bat (as this tends to mess with the odds, given people back him crazy. )
  • Initial innings only

The idea with this IPL tip is to get in and out quickly to minimize risks associated with the bets. A low-risk IPL betting strategy. Once you exit the trade, you can cash out the winnings.

IPL tips: Monitor Loss

A betting strategy can no doubt thrive a punter bankroll if they do it with discipline. The best way to be ahead in the game is to avoid random betting if you wish to make any gain in the long run.

The easier way is to create a spreadsheet, measure your overall loss, keep tracks of the bet along the way; Use strategies and document the final result. This way, you can not only observe your overall performance during the tournament but also find a format that suits your style of betting.

IPL Strategy: Performance Indicators

Cricket is a game that is affected a lot by weather, unlike other sports, hard rain or snow can halt the entire match. Hence it’s crucial to keep the performance indicators in check. Only if the match goes all the way, you will be able to make profits.

Here are some of the factors that play a major role in betting.

  • Date
  • Format
  • Tournament
  • Weather
  • Pre-match odds
  • Bets places
  • Result
  • Profit or loss

Last but not the least, make sure you choose the bookmakers that offer a variety of odds and market.

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