Best Online Strategies to Place Wagers in India

Do you know what you can do to improve your winning chances? Find the best strategies before placing your wagers in India. Also, get excellent tips and more

What is online gambling? You must have heard that people always wonder about this question in South Asian nations like India and Bangladesh. The national laws here include the Public gambling Act of 1867, which prohibits all forms of land gambling. But the law does not state anything about the online betting platforms. Let’s find out more about online wagers in India, betting strategies, gambling laws, and more.

Firstly, the one question everyone wants to answer is what internet gambling is? Online or Internet gambling is the act of placing a wager online on betting platforms. You can find hundreds of websites providing gambling services. The many different authorities provide the said websites with licenses guaranteeing their identity.

Wagering on cricket isn’t just about wagering on your favorite teams or players. Bookmakers have developed through time and advanced in the innovative period. But the house edges and wagering chances are valuable to the house only. So how do proficient bettors create gains? The response is straightforward. Bettors have additionally evolved procedures to assist them with winning. Cricket is a well-known sport in India with a colossal wagering market.

Betting Strategies for Indian Punters

There are hundreds of betting strategies available online but not every one of them is helpful for you. We have selected betting experts’ top best betting strategies for placing wagers in India. These strategies are also beneficial for beginners as they are easy to use with low risks involved. Here is the complete list of the best strategies that one can use.

  • Dogon Betting
  • Flat Betting
  • “Percentage of Bank” Strategy
  • Martingale Strategy
  • D’Alembert Betting Strategy
  • Counter-D’Alembert Strategy
  • Oscar’s Grind Strategy
  • The Kelly Criterion
  • The Miller System
  • The Ladder System
  • Danish Betting System
  • Tank Attack Method
  • +60% Mathematical betting Strategy
  • Correct Score Betting
  • The Monty Hall Paradox Betting Strategy

The strategies fall under two categories with different origins. Firstly, mathematical analysis strategies like the Ladder system need one to think critically. You have to make various calculations and keep records of your gaming sessions.

How Do Betting Strategies Work on Online Platforms?

Are you done selecting your perfect strategy for placing online wagers in India? The betting strategies are not miracle workers who will magically increase your winnings. You need to practice and make them a strong card up your sleeve. For successful earnings, you will need three things:-

  1. Good Bankroll
  2. Self-Control and Discipline
  3. Awesome Strategies

If you can successfully make these three points strong, you will undoubtedly win. Betting strategies strengthen your bets by decreasing the risks involved. One needs to be aware of a game’s ins and outs to methodically place the bets.

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and has a huge fanbase. You can now become a part of the largest betting circles in the world and win great numbers over time.

Helpful Betting Tips

Betting is not only about the time you have given to a game. If you are placing wagers in India

  • Remain disciplined, calm, and patient.
  • Understand the markets, quotes provided by bookmakers, and every little detail relating to the betting industry.
  • Keep a record of your performance. Check the areas that need improvement and work on them.
  • Use welcome bonuses, cash back, and free bets to increase your bet amounts without significant hits.
  • Use the safest payment methods for your transactions.
  • Track live matches to understand the flow of the game.
  • Try free betting sites for your new strategies.
  • Do not collateral damage when you have hit the stop loss amount.
  • Bet responsibly and with disposable income only so that you are not suffering heavy losses.


Cricket is an engaging game with many different formats and leagues. The betting market for cricket offers many betting options that a betting strategy can easily cover. Straight bets, player side bets, team side bets, and in-play bets are a few betting options, but not all. If you stick to a single bet, you might face losses, but a strategy can group them in a single ticket. There are many advantages of using a betting strategy, like splitting the wager between different players or teams. You can also use them for a specific match or place a bet for each bet on the list. We hope you have a fulfilling gambling session. Also, make sure to avoid bankruptcy as you can always play the next time.

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