Best Spin bowlers in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022

This time, the Twenty20 World Cup will take place in Australia for the first time. In a situation like this, the field could help the fast bowlers. On the other hand, it is also true that the best spin bowlers can score runs on this wicket at this time. Since this is the case, many teams have also spent money on spinners.

In a concise amount of time, the Twenty20 World Cup 2022 will be over. However, Australia and New Zealand will play in the first Twenty20 World Cup match on October 22. However, the top 12 teams in the competition battle it out in these games. Since this is the case, many teams have also spent money on spinners. Today, we’ll talk about the ten best spin bowlers who will likely get a lot of attention at the Twenty20 World Cup.

Wanindu Hasaranga:

Sri Lanka’s finest spin bowler. His play in T20 games was impressive. He played for Bangalore during this season of the IPL. In addition, Wanindu Hasaranga is in great shape right now. He has played in 44 Twenty20 games and taken 71 wickets in his entire career. The success of the Sri Lankan team will depend more and more on how well its players can bowl.

Shakib Al Hasan:

Shakib Al Hasan is the oldest player in Bangladesh in the Twenty20 World Cup. He is an Orthodox bowler who throws left-handed. He has taken 122 wickets in 101 Twenty20 International matches. He’s an essential part of the Bangladesh team.

Rashid Khan:

This spin bowler from Afghanistan hardly needs an introduction at this point. This is a vital part of how the Afghan team is put together. Also, Rashid Khan will be an essential player in how well the Afghan team does at the World Cup. Rashid Khan has played in 71 Twenty20 Internationals up to this point. So far in his career, he has taken 118 wickets in 71 games.

Shadab Khan:

Shadab Khan has learned how to bowl even though he has a broken leg. Moreover, Shadab Khan, a great bowler, is in charge of the Pakistani team. In T20 games, he is a reliable link for the team. He has played in 73 Twenty20 matches and has taken 85 wickets in those games.

Keshav Maharaj:

However, spin bowling is something that a South African bowler has done a lot. In the Orthodox style, your bowl with your left hand. In the 21 T20 games that were played, 19 wickets were taken.

Adam Zampa:

The young Australian spin bowler will be under a lot of pressure to do well when he plays on his home turf. He keeps his spot on Australia’s limited-overs cricket team and plays the game often. He has been responsible for 74 wickets in 66 T20 matches.

Moeen Ali:

People agree that he is one of the best spin bowlers in England. Besides being a good bowler, he is also a good batsman. He has played in 62 Twenty20 International games and has taken 40 wickets. He has gotten good at sidestepping the batsman when the bowler throws a fastball.

Ish Sodhi:

Ish Sodhi is a member of the New Zealand team. He has Indian ancestry. Everyone knows that he is a spinner who is good at T20. This could be one of New Zealand’s strengths at the Twenty20 World Cup. He has played in 76 T20 Internationals and has taken 99 wickets in those games.

Akshar Patel:

There is a chance that Axar Patel, one of the three best spin bowlers on Team India, will play a key role. Furthermore, Axar Patel can bowl with a spin on pitches that are hard to bowl. Recently, he has been seen to be in good physical shape. Up to this point, he has played in 32 Twenty20 Internationals and been successful, taking 31 wickets.

Aqeel Hussain:

He is a member of the West Indian team and is one of the best spin bowlers who helps the team. However, Aqeel Hossain will be in charge of spinning for the West Indies team, known for its flashy bowling style. Hussain has played in 28 Twenty20 games and has taken 23 wickets in those games.


Considering the field’s condition, most teams have chosen to play with fast units in the hopes. Furthermore, their increased speed and bounce make it hard for the other team to hit the ball. As the teams compete for the title of Twenty20 world champion, the best spin bowlers and other speed guns will show off their skills. There will also be several different speed guns in the competition

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