Can you make money using no-risk matched betting?

One of the best ways you can make money in the modern era of gambling is by using no-risk matched betting, which is indeed one of the risk-free strategies to make money. Also, you can experience the thrill of a bet without having the fear of losing your money.

If you’re a beginner, this comprehensive guide will help you understand what is meant by matched betting, its types of bets and how to use them without any risks. Furthermore, you will gain a basic knowledge of how much profit you can make approximately and the main difference between matched and arbitrage betting.

What exactly is a No-Risk Matched Betting?

As the name suggests, no-risk matched betting is a brilliant trick in wagering used by gamblers to make use of the free bets, bonuses, and bet promotions offered by bookmakers. In this type of bet, your betting activities aren’t subjected to huge losses. Rather, you can cover all the outcomes, by making sure to gain a guaranteed profit every time only if you’re mathematically stronger.

Starting from sports to several other types of online gambling, matched betting happens when punters make lengthy calculations and place different bets to cover a variety of outcomes.

At times, the participants use free bets in such a way that it breaks the rules. As a result, a few of them create multiple accounts mainly for matched betting by involving themselves in bonus hunting to grab more opportunities, which is indeed illegal.

There are certain benefits of matched betting, once you’re armed with the proper knowledge:

  • Consistent Income: You can boost your monthly income, no matter if you’re a student seeking to cover expenses or a seasoned bettor seeking a low-risk investment. It is a flexible method to adjust your financial goals.
  • Risk-Free Enjoyment: If you’re one such bettor who enjoys the thrill of gambling and wants to avoid the horrifying fear of losing your money, then matched betting is your trump card.

How does matched betting work with no risk?

Matched bets work on the concept of placing two main types of bets namely the back bet and lay bet that comes under the simplest methods. If you prefer advanced versions then you can opt for the dutching method.

Simple Matched Betting:

  • Back Bet: A free bet used to bet on a specific outcome (such as a team winning the match) at a bookmaker.
  • Lay Bet: It involves betting against the same outcome (such as a team not winning the match) at a betting exchange.

Advanced Matched Betting:

  • Dutching: Instead of using a single betting exchange, you can place bets on multiple bookmakers to avoid commission charges used for exchange rates, which can enhance your profits. 

For instance, let’s assume a bookmaker offering a free bet of £20 to its new customers, who place a bet of at least £20. Matched betting allows you to place a £20 back bet on a specific outcome with the bookmaker and simultaneously place a lay bet on the same outcome with the best betting exchange. As a result, you will make a risk-free profit of £20, no matter if you win or lose the game.

How to use Matched Betting without any risks?

By following these basic steps, you can understand how to use no-risk matched betting clearly:

STEP 1: Find a Free Bet

You should find a free bet offer which includes a sign-up bonus, free spins and many other lucrative offers.

STEP 2: Satisfy the Criteria to Place Two Free Bets

To satisfy the criteria to receive the free bets, you should place a follow-up bet first so that you will be able to add two more bets — one for an event to occur and the other opposing it.

STEP 3: Use Strategic Thinking

To minimize the risks and maximize your betting experience, you should calculate your stakes strategically to turn into a win-win situation. In simpler terms, utilizing your own funds helps to unlock the free bets and convert them into real and withdrawable cash.

STEP 4: Wait for the event completion

You should wait for the contest to get concluded, and grab the winning amount, regardless of the outcome (either with the bookie or the exchange).

How much profit you can make by using Matched Betting?

Typically, you can grab a 50 to 80% profit on each matched bet, after deducting the commission charges imposed by the betting exchanges. However, you might incur a small loss on the qualifying bet due to the slight differences in odds on each website, which is common in the betting industry and can be recovered while using free bets.

Are there any risks involved in using Matched Betting?

Yes! Although Matched Bettings are risk-free, there are certain ways by which you can lose money through matched betting such as by making calculation mistakes or not keeping yourself updated with the latest offers.

Also, other challenges include account limitations by the bookmakers and extra time requirements for users to fulfil their existing commitments to claim the bonuses. If the operator finds you guilty of opening multiple accounts, then your existing account will be banned permanently.

Matched Betting vs Arbitrage Betting

Despite Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting following a similar strategy, they possess certain differences:

Matched Betting:

  • Take advantage of promotions and free bets from the betting companies.
  • Possibility to maximize profits only through the bookmaker promotions.
  • Decent level of profits.
  • Occasional bonuses that help grow betting funds.
  • Easy to learn the basics (within an hour).

Arbitrage Betting:

  • Use differences in odds offered by various betting companies.
  • Chances to enhance profits through varying odds of multiple bookmakers.
  • Faster moving odds and higher profits.
  • Frequent Bonuses.
  • Time-taking process to learn basics (1-2 days). 


When compared to matched bets, arbitrage bets generate more profits with the higher risks of limiting your account within a short time.

As a beginner, it is advisable to start your gambling journey through matched bets, since it requires a small amount of investment but provides you with in-depth knowledge about the basics and advanced strategies to execute in your betting activities.

But, you shouldn’t expect more profits at an early stage using this method. Rather, you have to make use of the occasional offers such as the welcome bonus and free bets to build up your betting funds and finally participate in high-paying contests, once you familiarize yourself with the rules of online gambling. 

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