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Cricket is a famous world game and has some of the highest-paid athletes. It is played between two teams of eleven players on an oval ground. One team fields while the other team bats. It has many different fielding positions, batting orders, bowling styles, etc.

The different variations and formats keep the game interesting for everyone. In this article today, we bring you all the relevant information. You can find everything to know about the international cricket championship here. Before that, we must discuss the different forms of cricket to understand the game better.

Cricket has seen its fair share of ups and downs before becoming popular globally. Many nations participate in national and international competitions all year round. But ICC, the governing body, approves all the international championship. These championship are based on the formats used for playing them. The main world championships are-

  1. Cricket World Cup
  2. ICC T20 World Cup
  3. ICC World Test Championship

Have a look at formats and point tables for Cricket World Cup. Each format has its point system and qualifier system.

Cricket World Cup

It is said to be the biggest league of all international cricket championship. India and other cricket-loving nations celebrate it as a festival when their team wins. England organized the first world cup in 1975.  The participating teams are determined in the qualifier phase 3 years before the tournament.

  1. It is a limited-overs international ODI championship.
  2. Nations that are full members of ICC participate in this tournament.
  3. The official name is ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.
  4. ICC organizes it every four years.

Cricket World Cup Stats

YearsOfficial HostsVenueWinnersResultRunners-up
1975EnglandLord’s, LondonWest Indies 291/8 (60 overs)West Indies won by 17 runsAustralia 274 all out (58.4 overs)
1979EnglandLord’s, LondonWest Indies 286/9 (60 overs)West Indies won by 92 runs England 194 all out (51 overs)
1983England WalesLord’s, LondonIndia 183 all out (54.4 overs)India won by 43 runsWest Indies 140 all out (52 overs)
1987India PakistanEden Gardens, KolkataAustralia 253/5 (50 overs)Australia won by 7 runsEngland 246/8 (50 overs)
1992Australia New ZealandMelbourne Cricket Ground, MelbournePakistan 249/6 (50 overs)Pakistan won by 22 runsEngland 227 all out (49.2 overs)
1996Pakistan India Sri LankaGaddafi Stadium, LahoreSri Lanka 245/3 (46.2 overs)Sri Lanka won by 7 wicketsAustralia 241/7 (50 overs)
1999England  Lord’s, LondonAustralia 133/2 (20.1 overs)Australia won by 8 wicketsPakistan 132 all out (39 overs)
2003South AfricaWanderers Stadium, JohannesburgAustralia 359/2 (50 overs)Australia won by 125 runsIndia 234 all out (39.2 overs)
2007West IndiesKensington Oval, BridgetownAustralia 281/4 (38 overs)Australia won by 53 runsSri Lanka 215/8 (36 overs)
2011India Sri Lanka BangladeshWankhede Stadium, MumbaiIndia 277/4 (48.2 overs)India won by 6 wicketsSri Lanka 274/6 (50 overs)
2015Australia New ZealandMelbourne Cricket Ground, MelbourneAustralia 186/3 (33.1 overs)Australia won by 7 wicketsNew Zealand 183 all out (45 overs)
2019EnglandLord’s, LondonEngland 241 all out (50 overs) 15/0 (super over) 23 fours, 3 sixesEngland won on boundary count after super over  New Zealand 241/8 (50 overs) 15/1 (super over) 14 fours, 3 sixes
2027South Africa Zimbabwe NamibiaTBD
2031India BangladeshTBD

Cricket World Cup Format

Cricket World cup follows the 50-over ODI format. The participating teams are selected on different criteria by ICC. Before 2015, entire member teams of ICC could participate easily. But later, for 2019, the ICC ODI Championship rankings were also considered. Cricket fans love cricket championship. Watching their favorite teams win is exciting and satisfactory. We are also sharing the list of nations who debuted at different world cups with you.

S. No.YearTeams
11975AustraliaEast AfricaEnglandIndiaNew ZealandPakistanWest IndiesSri Lanka
51992South Africa
61996KenyaNetherlandsUnited Arab Emirates


Cricket Championship are important for cricket fans. One can not overlook a live match. Though technology allows us to catch a glimpse of scores from time to time. The real fun lies in watching a game in person

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