Complete List of Indian Players in ICC Hall of Fame

ICC has inducted many players into the ICC Hall of Fame. Find the complete list of legendary Indian players who left their marks. Follow the guide for correct information

Do cricketers only play for trophies? When asked this question, cricketers will mostly give one answer. And that is to get their names in ICC Hall of Fame records. Do you not know about the ICC’s special records? No worries, because we will explain everything to you today in detail.

India is a cricket-loving nation and has birthed many legendary players. Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Suni Gavaskar, etc., are a few names known to every generation in India.

We will be talking about Indian inductions in the ICC’s hall of fame records. But before that, let us have a look at what ICC is.

International Cricket Council ICC is the governing body of international cricket. Representatives of Australia, England, and South Africa formed the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909. It became the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and took up its present name in 1987.

The headquarters of ICC are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It currently has 106 members, with CEO Geoff Allardice and Chairman Greg Barclay. The member teams are divided into full members and associate members. The full members are governing bodies in different nations with full voting rights to play in ICC test matches. The associate members are also a part of ICC, but they are not granted full membership yet. The list of full members is shared below.

ICC Full Members

AustraliaEast Asia-Pacific1909
South AfricaAfrica1909
West IndiesAmericas1926
New ZealandEast Asia-Pacific1926
Sri LankaAsia1981

ICC Hall of Fame

It is the record of legendary players throughout the history of international cricket. It records both male and female cricket players. ICC and FICA first launched the record in 2009. Initially, ICC added 55 players (included in the FICA Hall of Fame (1999-2003)) into the inductees. Later, new additions are made each year in ICC’s Awards Ceremony. Thus, the ICC Hall of Fame is the biggest honor for every cricketer.

There are many exciting things about the hall of fame records, and we are also listing them below. Have a look at them before going over the list of Indian players.

Interesting Facts about ICC Hall of fame

  1. There are ten women included in the Hall of Fame records.
  2. ICC first launched the records in 2009. The initial list included FICA’s Hall of Fame members.
  3. The first woman to enter the records is Rachael Heyhoe Flint from England in 2010.
  4. Bishan Singh Bedi is the first Indian cricketer to enter the records in 2009 as the first initial member.
  5. England, Australia, and West Indies have 80 members out of 106 members.

Are you interested in knowing which country has the most players in the ICC Hall of Fame? If yes, you are in luck as we bring you the complete list. You will find that India has the fourth-highest position with seven members in the records.

Countries & Teams  Members  Time Period
West Indies201928–present
South Africa61889–present
New Zealand31930–present
Sri Lanka31982–present

ICC Hall of Fame – Indian Cricketers

A total of 7 cricketers are added to the ICC Hall of Fame, and Vinoo Mankad was the latest addition in 2021. Kapil Dev, Bishan Singh Bedi, and Sunil Gavaskar were the initial inductees from India.

InducteeTeamInduction yearTestsODIs
Bishan BediIndia2009671966–1979101974–1979
Kapil DevIndia20091311979–19942251978–1994
Rahul DravidIndia20181641996–20123441996–2011
Sunil GavaskarIndia20091251971–19871081974–1987
Anil KumbleIndia20151321990–20082711990–2007
Vinoo MankadIndia2021441946–19590N/A
Sachin TendulkarIndia20192001989–20134631989–2012


The International Cricket Council discharges rundown of excellent players accepted in the ICC lobby of popularity each year. The ICC Hall of Fame list was sent off by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in Dubai on 2 January 2009, with the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA). To date, 7 Indians have been enlisted in this renowned rundown. Sachin Tendulkar is the most recent inductee Indian in this rundown.

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