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At Cric77, you can always approach us with your feedback on our contact email: We are a thriving group of cricket enthusiasts looking to answer your questions with suitable and apt answers. You’ll receive detailed answers in real-time and hopefully, get your doubts cleared.


You can draft complaints to us through email. All the emails will be responded to within a stipulated time. However, we do expect the mails to go through proper guidelines. At Cric77, we have set up a standard infrastructure where spam mails do not get recorded. This mechanism has been created so that we can deal with actual complaints and not be swamped with fake or spam mails. Please provide a proper subject to your email so we can understand your problem and can reply to it promptly. It will also help your complaint to not enter the spam mail folder.

Note that we take all complaints seriously and we will ensure that your problems get resolved as promptly as possible. However, we recommend that you go through our Terms and Conditions, About Us and Privacy Policy before making a complaint to us. Many of the information about our site shall be provided in these documents. Please remember, we are a review site which also provides tips on how to bet and find the best betting operators. We do not promote or associate with the betting operators listed on this website. So, if you have a problem with any betting operator, we could not entertain your complaints since we are not the owner of any third-party betting operator. 

You do not need to provide us with your personal details in your complaints, which includes your bank details. We ensure that every information that you provide is kept safe and is only shared with our support team. You do not need to worry about any of your information getting leaked online.


Are you looking to get your sportsbook listed? Check out the list of guidelines. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you will not be considered for a review. All the advertising requests made without following the guidelines will be marked as spam. Know that we are a site that offers genuine reviews. We qualify the bookmakers after evaluating them in detail. Most of the cricket bookmakers fail to meet our standards of advertising for various reasons. If you look to get a review from us, make sure that you provide all the details and ask for changes once the review is posted. 

The reviewing process takes around 1-6 months to get done based on the size of the website. We also allow articles to be posted on our website. However, the article also goes through extensive fact-checking so that the quality of our website is not compromised. The review process of article submission is not too long. We will get back to you if your submitted article has been accepted by us.

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