Cricket Betting Markets: Types of Cricket Bets

Over the years, Cricket betting markets have expanded globally via the internet. It’s not limited to traditional bookies anymore. With just one click, you can land into any reputed site offering the best odds for you to wager.

Here are some reliable and trusted sites you can embark on the journey of safe betting. 

To understand the concept of cricket bets, we first need to list out the varieties we can choose from. Let’s begin with the very basic Cricket betting types.

General Bets

  • Match Bet: This is one of the primary and widespread bet types offered by almost every market. All you need to predict is a win of either team or draw. Betting on underdogs can help you grab more than bargained. 
  • Tied Match Bet: Talking about simple bet types, the tie match comes into the category. All you need to wager is, in your opinion, if the match will end in a tie. Also known as “Draw no Bet.”
  • Double Chance: You can wager on the team to win or draw. 
  • Series Winner: Whenever a team competes in a series. You, as a punter, get an option to bet on the matches individually. But you also get an option to bet on the series winner directly. 
  • Outright winner: Also known as future bets is a claim you make during bigger tournaments such as Cricket World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy. Undoubtedly, making such predictions invites higher risk but also provides significant odds. 

Cricket Team Proposition Bets

  • Win Toss: This one is an initial wager on who might win the toss. 
  • Toss Combination: The bet shares a similarity with the winning toss but has a twist to it. You not only predict who wins the toss. Will the winning captain bat first or not?
  • First Innings: You get to wager on the team’s score at the end of the first innings. 
  • Match score: In this particular bet, you make a wholesome prediction on the total runs a team will achieve by the end of the match. 
  • Over/Under Score: Much similar to match score, but it integrates both teams’ gameplay. 
  • Most match sixes: On this bet, you wager on the team that makes the most sixes during the match. However, make sure to consult on the rules to handle ties. 
  • Most run-outs: It to predict which team will have the majority of run-outs during the game. 
  • Total Fours: With this, you have to predict the total number of fours scored by a particular team, which will be over or under the given benchmark. 

Cricket Player Positions Bets

Top Batsman: You have to wager with an objective to predict which batsman will ensure the majority runs. This bet can also be made on various levels. You can bet on an overall, single Match, or just one side. 
Some similar betting options include Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Match Top Batsman, and Top Series Batsman. 

Team of Top Batsman: Again, it’s pretty similar to above, but in this bet, you predict the team itself and not the individual. 

Top Bowler: On the same line is a top bowler. Suppose you can make the prediction on a bowler who will take the most wickets. The money is yours. As the top batsman, the wager can be modified in various ways. 

Individual Bowlers Series Wickets: Here, you have to make a wholesome prediction. How many wickets will a particular bowler take by the end of the series?

Batsman Match: The beauty of this bet is you have two batsmen who can either be on the same team or vice versa. The prediction is to figure out which one of them will make more sixes and fours or any specified benchmark. 

Man of the Match: Your goal here is to identify the honor that is Man of the Match. 

Player of the series: The type shares a similar notion to the above bet but with a player of the series.

Player performance: You get a chance to wager on a player’s performance with the given benchmark. 

Century to be scored in the Match: If you think, it will be one of those Match. You can make a prediction with yes or no. 

To score 50 Runs: Will a certain batter will reach the milestone? If yes, you can make put your wager on it. 

These are only some of the bet types. To get a deeper understanding of fancy bets and in-play propositions, please check out our article

Lastly, making predictions are never easy. But with a persistent focus on details, you can easily win your wager. Listen closely and pay attention; it’s more than just a gut feeling. It’s the enthralling and captivating world of sports.

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