Cricket Betting advice: Tips to Win at Cricket Betting

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular games played worldwide, which means that if you do it right, you stand a chance of making extremely profitable cricket bets.

Want to get a head start on cricket betting and win big? Then we have just the right online cricket betting tips for you in this guide!

Choose the best cricket betting site

There are many cricket betting sites in India to choose from. Choosing the right one can be a difficult decision that requires a lot of thought on many factors related to how the gambling site works, including banking options, free bets, and customer service. However, this page has been created to help you and you can find out what to choose from our regularly updated guide to the best cricket betting sites.

Conduct your  research

When it comes to betting on a team to win, you have to look at more than the number of games they have won recently. You should also look at how they played in these games. For example, if they’ve knocked out their opponents in the last five games, then they’re clearly in good shape and it would be a wise decision to bet on them to win.

This is probably the best cricket betting tip you will read online. However, if you are very lucky you should consider betting on another team because as we all know luck always runs out in the end. You should also look at the players participating in the game and the type of pitch they will be playing on. Some players can play on any surface, while many others struggle on specific surfaces.

So if you are considering placing a bet, for example, to place a top scorer or top scorer in the game, you should take a closer look at the stats of the players you are interested in. All the information you need is easily found on the internet; so finding the information you need will not be that difficult. This extra effort can significantly increase your chances of winning when betting.

Do not use only one bookmaker

In the gambling world, loyalty is highly respected. Due to the competitiveness of this industry, companies will always do their best to ensure you only bet with them. They do this by using loyalty programs or offering you interesting promotions regularly. However, you should not let them think that betting on different cricket betting sites is wrong. There are many odds checker websites that will show you which bookmakers have the best odds for the market or sport you are interested in.

Never search through an accumulator of unpredictable favorites

It’s never a good idea to weed out an accumulator with odds-on markets. It’s just not worth the risk. You simply reduce your chances of winning for barely an extra win. That’s tempting in cricket. For example, let’s say the Cricket World Cup is underway and most of the favorites are playing against teams that are expected to beat them. It might seem like a great idea to combine them into an accumulator along with some other trickier bets to increase your odds and make easy money, but it rarely works that way. Those who have been betting for a long time will be happy to tell you that it’s usually always the teams that are expected to win that mess up an accumulator. It’s always better to do some research and find a few trickier options that still have a very good chance of success.

Always look out for the less obvious cricket betting markets for odds

Yes, it’s that word research again. Once you’ve done enough homework you should know the ins and outs of cricket well enough to spot valuable opportunities in the plethora of different markets that bookmakers offer. Some might say that having multiple markets is just the sportsbook’s way of giving you more opportunities to lose money, but we see it as a means of winning more bets.

For example, you may feel uncomfortable betting money on Australia beating England in a friendly. These two teams are evenly matched, so it’s not easy to predict which team will win. However, we’re still here to help you with our predictions for today’s game. But a little research will reveal that Steve Smith is currently the top Test batsman in the world. Therefore, it’s a pretty safe bet to bet on him finishing the match with those most runs, to say the least. In addition, these types of bets often have good odds because they are not so easy to predict.

Bet with your head, not your heart

You probably want your team to be victorious. You might want them to win so much that you start convincing yourself that it’s entirely possible; and then you bet some money on them to win. Here you bet with your heart, not your head. Bookmakers love this because every year they bring in a lot of money from sports fans betting on their team to win. So before you bet on your team to win, take a moment to think about it. What realistic chances does your team have of winning the game? If you decide that this is highly unlikely, you should take your money and bet elsewhere.

We also advise you not to place bets on matches between close rivals. Because in such competitions, as the saying goes, the form disappears. The fact that there is more at stake seems to encourage players to gain extra pride and honor. However, if you don’t bet on your team and they still pull off a surprise win, you may have lost some money; but you have great consolation in knowing your team won despite the odds. We don’t know about you, but that’s certainly good enough for us. Don’t like this advice and want to have a crazy moment? Try our shot prediction guide and get ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions.


There are many tips you can use when betting on cricket; and many of these can help you increase your chances of winning when you place a bet. You can bet randomly if you wish, but we do not recommend doing so as random betting without knowledge often results in a loss of money. When betting on cricket you need to look at things like head-to-head records; weather conditions; the type of field the game is being played on, and whether teams will miss their best bowlers or batsmen. Keep all of this in mind when placing a cricket bet and your chances of winning will increase.

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