Cricket Betting: How to bet like a sharp mind?

What is sports betting for you? Is it to grow your bankroll or is it to win all of your bets?

If any of those two are your answers you might have a lot to learn about betting. For Sharp, the main objective of sports betting is to “Break Even.”

Sports book or any exchange betting site take their communal fee. So, there is no way you can have it all. “Have your cake and eat it too.”

But there is one thing a professional punter can do that is break even.

A professional better also known as “Sharp” wins up to 55% and even reaches close to 60% of their overall bets. The key difference between sharp and casual bettor like us is: time.

The main source of income for sharp or professional bettor is gambling. The time we spend on a job or freelancing projects sharps are betting. When we are out there enjoying our weekends, Sharp are betting. They eat, sleep, breathe, all while betting that is what makes them a professional in the game. Their profound knowledge plays a significant part in the total success rate.

Chances are now you want learn the tricks and tips to become a sharp but there is no one way. Being a professional takes time and a whole lot of practice. However here are a few strategies you can use to boost the betting skills along the way.

Read books

Research may sound tiresome and boring but it is a tool of great advantage. You can read books like:

  • Stanford Wong: Sharp Sports Betting 
  • King Yao: Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting
  • Elihu D. Feustel: Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street

You can also watch movies stay updated with Sports News, small articles, YouTube contents and other different ways that are available today.

The truth lies in history, mistakes that should not be repeated. Thus, research is your key to understanding the history. If you keep up with Sports News you can focus one these particular topics:

  • Game formats
  • Player’s statistics call, injuries, techniques
  • Stadiums
  • Weather reports
  • The ball used during the games


Arbitrage betting, also called “arbing,” in short, is a betting technique that guarantees profit by taking advantage of contrasting prices within and between markets. This trading method allows customers to make a generous profit regardless of the outcome.

In order to arbitrage, you will need multiple accounts. The activity allows neutral grounds for the final outcome. This way you have more security on the bets you make. Furthermore, it avoids any huge loss.

If you want to know more about arbitrage visit the link synced above.

Multiple accounts

When I say multiple accounts, I don’t mean on the same sportsbook. That will get you in trouble! You can make these accounts on four to five different sportsbooks. There are many benefits of making multiple accounts

  • You can find competitive prices
  • Win in bigger margin
  • Exclusive bonus offers
  • Markets, bets, odds, etc.

Last but not the least, spot a sharp.

How to spot a sharp action?

As I mentioned above being sharp is not a day task. However, you can spot one with enough practice. Here are some ways you can spot a sharp.

Bet percentage versus money percentage

Betting isn’t only source of income for Sharp. They take it seriously so certainly they place high stakes enough to spot discrepancies. Let’s say in an NBA game between Phoenix Suns Vs Utah Jazz. So far, the Sun has only got 25% of the total pets. However, they account for 55% of total money.

This particular discrepancy points towards a sharp in action.

Line movement.

When the odds or lines set by oddsmakers change towards the closing state is known as line movement, a slang used in gambling scene. Let’s take an NFL example to explain line movement.

Opening state

  • Giants +4
  • Cowboys –4

Closing time before game.

  • Giants +3
  • Cowboys –3

The example above shows a drop in Cowboys as favorites from 4 – 3.

Sportsbooks move lines for all sorts of reasons one of them being; to entice punters to make less popular choice. “Book faces” is another reason for line movement. In this case odds are moved based on who’s betting rather than the action. Which means sharp at action.

You know some of the colleges for line movements:

  • Team suspensions
  • Injuries
  • Weather condition
  • Travel conditions
  • Controversial locker room leaks.


For casual bettors like us taking gambling as a full-time job is not an option. However, there are strategies we can use to either learn how to sharp bet over time or spot one. So, we make the more profitable choice. Not to forget break even.

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