Cricket Betting Strategy: Best Top 10 IPL Tips

Everything in the world is done strategically. From eating to sleeping, we devise a framework or a plan. Similar is the world of betting, especially online cricket betting. Like any sport, cricket betting takes time and patience to learn and even make a living out of it. No doubt, the journey has no shortcuts, but with few tips up your sleeve, you can envision smooth sailing. 

These crucial key points are beneficial to both beginners and well –seasoned punters. So, without fussing anymore, let’s dive into the best top 10 IPL Tips. 

1. Weather

These unpredictable elements of nature can be your foe or friend. In contrast, few sports like football or rugby continue their matches regardless of minimum downpours. Obviously, the game does change during bad snow or rain. But the matches are not called off unless necessary; if the weather turns dreadful.

This rule, however, is not applicable in Cricket. Even during a slight rain, Cricket matches can come to a halt, impacting significantly any bettors. The team rising towards the possible victory by inches could be washed down, ending the game in a draw. Hence, it’s crucial for any punter to keep an eye on the forecast.

2. Open Several accounts

I hear your notion right away that opening several accounts and having your details on many websites can be a nuisance. This particular attitude towards going the extra mile could be your ultimate downfall. Let me list out the benefits of having several accounts with different bookmakers:

  • Best bonus deals
  • The Best odds prices
  • Best promotions and the VIP offer

This helps you accumulate a healthy margin of profits every time. It’s essential and logical to dive into many markets to ensure you make the most during the IPL season.

3. Various Markets

Cricket, much like any other sports, provides an array of betting markets. Although utilizing and sticking to a single market can sound effortless. It does minimize your chances of assembling an enormous win.

 Suppose you bet in match winner market. Your possible options can be either win, lose or draw. Which deprives you of other possibilities and lowers your probability of winning.  However, if you decide to venture into few other options like a top batsman, top ticket-taker, Man of the Match, and many more. This action will instantaneously increase your likelihood of winning in more than one market. 

4. Money management

Value bets are a pivotal factor in sports betting and are highly encouraged in the Cricket betting strategy. The notion is pretty simple. Your bets shouldn’t outweigh the potential reward. Managing your money and placing a wager accordingly is a critical element in betting.

Usually, markets don’t offer higher odds unless you are taking the risk of going against your favorites. One can possibly get sucked into the situation. Hence, it is important to remember the end result and see a bigger picture if you were to lose, as it is an equal possibility

5. Coin Toss

Although it sounds insubstantial, Coin toss can play be primary sector in a Cricket match and equally valuable while placing your wagers. Generally, a toss decides which team will be able to bat first and vice-versa. Given the wide variety of pitches, batting or bowling first can make a significant difference in the gameplay. Thus, as a bettor, you must consider these tiny yet fundamental details.

6. The team and its form

Once we have covered the grounds to play in, it’s time to speculate on the players. The form and techniques of any given team can make or break a possible win. To follow changes in any player’s stature, you as a bettor need to be vigilant in their past gameplay and strikes. Player’s strengths and weaknesses or newly developed methods can vastly impact the scoreboard. Therefore, it’s essential to know the team and members if you jump on to making any wager.

7. Fixture Factors

If you ask any beginners to back a team with an extensive list of international players and marquees, they will do it without a second thought. Why? Because many believe the more, the merrier. However, this statement is not essentially true when it comes to IPL betting. The availability of each player during the entire season comes into question. 

Not just that, we also have to consider the fact that many signed players may not have played in different venues. This automatically gives the opposing team an easy advantage of knowledge on the pitch. Hence, it’s essential to wait for few games before backing up a player or a team. Furthermore, it’s best to ensure you are well aware and updated on which 11 players will make it into the playing grounds in the long run.

8. Data Mines

Statistics and sports go way back in time. For ages, stats have helped many seasoned punters make the right or wealthy choice for betting. Moreover, you have plenty of options to choose from. 
As mentioned above, this vital analysis of players, their formats, and techniques come as a great advantage while wagering. 

For instance: IPL fields are much smaller, providing batters the needed dominance to take charge.
Information like these can be your helpful guide during the IPL season. You can utilize these tools such as Cricinfo player stats, Statsguru & Cricbuzz

9. Social Media

This could be one of the most straightforward tips so far on the list. Typically, we spend a significant amount of our time on social media just snooping around. Why not put it to our merit by following different ex and current players. Having a deeper understanding of their perspective on specific games and players is vital to betting. 

Knowledge is power when it comes to betting, and accumulating information is easier done via social media. We have the training on how to do. It’s just about the time to put our skills to use. On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., tips come off easy. It’s just the right eye to see it.

10. Impulses

Last but not least, impulses, after you have congregated all the needed information as mentioned below, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. That being said, it’s time to bet for it. 

Like in every sport, you have a probability of both losing and winning. Even though you don’t wish to hear, you can lose. During those times, your impulses can get the best of you. These are the moments when you can make hasty decisions to set the bar floating. One practical approach is “In-live betting” to polish your wagering strategy within a time frame.


IPL is a unique tournament for the viewers and punters. Make the best of matches by paying attention to every peculiarity. Enjoy the game and don’t get too hung up in the results. That being said, never wander off into unknown territories without mastering your weapon of choice. BEST of Luck.

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