Cricket is trying to take the US by storm! But is this working?

Cricket is not trying to take over the USA for the first time, but it is just trying to relaunch a game that stopped playing and failed earlier.

In 1844, In New York, the USA hosted a series against Canada, which is said to be the first in any sports fixture for an international team. Now almost after 180 years, the fixture is re-launched with the 2024 T20 World Cup in Grand Prairie Stadium, Texas. The USA got its 7-wicket win, and Aaron Jones’s aggressive 94 not out was marvelous gameplay. More than 5,000 fans cheered and chanted, “USA!! USA!!!”.

Cricket was America’s most popular game until the year 1861 when the American Civil War broke out. In 1900, the US was known for having Bart King, one of the best swing bowlers in the world, who learned techniques from baseball pitchers.

Plum Warner, the former England captain who played against Bart King, said: “The one who is at his top speed and power is the equal of all the greatest of them”. Having hailed from a densely populated Philadelphia, a city in the USA, Bart King knocked out close to full-strength of the Australians, who were on their way back from Test tours of England. The USA might have been 4th best in the world till this point in time.

Reason for American Cricket Grave Damage

Well… American cricket was not destroyed just by the American Civil War but also by the global sports administration. At that time, Baseball was a much simpler game, especially since it was convenient for the soldiers to play. Further, they came up with a mythology that was accepted as a complete American game, whereas even this was an English-imported sport. Cricket continued to be popular in highly populated cities like Philadelphia, where 100 cricket clubs were present in the year 1900. Unfortunately, the sport’s global administration hampered and obstructed American cricket.

1907: The Imperial Cricket Conference restricted nations outside the British

The establishment of the first global governing body for the cricket sport was in the year 1907 named “The Imperial Cricket Conference”. As it was named, the functioning was also the same, locking out the nations outside the British Empire and forbidding them. From that time onwards, Cricket has never had any opportunity to take the US by storm, and it has been like it never existed.

USA T20 World Cup 2024: The First-Ever Global event happening in the Nation

Having to host 16 matches in the 2024 T20 World Cup, USA experiences the first-ever global event happening in the nation. Whereas, West Indies will represent the other 39 games and will be played there. Thus, it represents a great attempt to grow the sport there.

USA pace bowler Ali Khan’s stunning yorkers had earlier gotten him the IPL (Indian Premier League) contract and has now taken a wicket in the T20 World Cup opening match against Canada. He said, “Absolutely great! We can feel the awesome vibe, and we are going to get new exposure to cricketing in this country. Also, Cricket has never been covered so grandly by the media earlier, so we feel that from this point it would get much better.”

Amit Bhatia, the president of the Wanderers New York Cricket Club, said “We can feel the excitement in the air, and it is great first time seeing the Indian cricket team practicing and playing in New York.” Also, fans in the United States are more excited about the T20 World Cup matches played in their country, and they feel fantastic about it.

America Stronger than Before! Cricket to take the US by storm!

Yes, cricket is likely to take the US by storm after many years. At present, we can witness that the American Team is much stronger than before, as the local players are also benefiting from playing Major League Cricket (launched last year). The league was co-founded by The Times of India group, and its primary investors include Microsoft’s chief executive. Also, according to the ICC rules, players can represent the nation where they have resided for more than 3 years.


Hence, we can witness the USA’s potential in every aspect of the game, right from the batting order to the bowling pace, everything seems stronger this time. Also, local players are benefitting a lot, as well as more than 3-year-resides of the nation who get the opportunity to represent the country.

Above all, the prestigious global event is staged in the USA, which indicates that cricket is likely to take the US by storm this time or soon, so let us wait for wonders to happen.

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