Crickex Verification – How to Verify Your Betting Account

Let’s suppose you have been wagering for few days in a gaming portal. You have won quite an impressive lot. Now before you can withdraw, the site asks for ID verification. Naturally, you must have a handful of questions inside your head. Like why is the site asking for my id verification or account details? Thus, today we will answer all your questions regarding account verification and its significance. How to verify the Crickex Betting account? And what to do in case verification is refused? 

KYC, also known as Know your customer is a cardinal part of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance. Hence, Crickex verification does more than just identifying its users. It also filters out nuisance that can create havoc in the lively ambiance. 

Significance of Crickex Verification  

Betting is much more than just winning and withdrawing; many behind-the-scenes efforts go in to keep the experience authentic. ID verification is one of them, not everyone that signs on the website have the intention to play. Some can turn the site into a hotbed for money laundering. Here are few reasons why verification is an integral part of the betting world: 

Underage gambling:  

KYC Verification is a crucial step to weed out any underage player that has signed up. A gaming portal has to comply with the rules and regulations. Hence, anyone below 18 shouldn’t be part of the arena. 

Money laundering:

 Many gaming institutes allow players from many jurisdictions, increasing the risk of money laundering and terrorist funding. Verification helps identify those cases and keep the portal secure for its users. 

Multiple accounts:  

Some bad actors trick the sites into giving promotions or other offers that rightfully belong to someone else by creating too many accounts. With Crickex verification, the website can easily filter out the guilty. 


Everything has its limit. Take medicine, for example; slightly off the dose. It turns from remedy to poison. The same goes for betting; addiction is highly reported in underage gamblers. They tend to give all in without envisioning the consequences.

The verification process gives an estimation of their status and can be used to limit the betting. 

Better Customer Experience

KYC verification ensures to eliminate any illicit acts and even prevent them from occurring.  Likewise, this step helps to enhance the overall Crickex betting scene for the punter by offering them a great customer experience. 

How to verify Crickex Betting Account?  

Crickex, is the ultimate one-stop destination for all your gaming needs. Whether it’s sports betting or casino wager, Crickex betting has listed out myriads of picks for their players. Complying with the safe gambling policy regulated by its license, the site has a standard verification process. 

To verify the ID of the Crickex betting account, you will need any one of the following documents: 

  • National ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Voter’s card

Make sure you have added the correct details in the Crickex betting account during the signup process. 

For withdrawal purposes, you will need to verify the bank details. You will need to have: 

  • Passbook 
  • Any formally documented format of your bank account details. 

All of these documents will need to be sent to Customer support for the verification process. You can upload these via email or live chat. Once the files are uploaded, Crickex verification takes 15 to 30mins. After the Crickex verification process is over, the player is notified. 

Only after that can they process the withdrawal. Yes, no matter how much you win. Withdrawing the amount is not possible with proper Crickex verification.

Furthermore, in a Crickex betting account, the player can upload a total of three banks for verification and transaction. 

Documents Safety

Like every standard gaming portal, Crickex handles the documents with utmost care. Bounded strictly on the regulation and privacy policy, Crickex keeps all the valuable information of the player safe from any prying eyes.

If you wish to know more, you can visit the privacy policy available on the site. 

What to do in case Crickex verification is refused?

If the ID proofs forwarded are valid, there is hardly any chance of refusal in Crickex Verification. However, suppose your verification is refused. Crickex will notify the reason and steps to clear the error. The mistakes can range from spelling errors to unclear or wrong documentation. All of these can be cleared with customer support.

Note: If you fail to prove the authenticity, the Crickex Verification process is subject to rejection. 


The verification process is a mandatory part of online gambling platforms. This step helps identify the users, weed out the fraudulent users and prevent the platform from any clandestine activities. By verifying your betting account, you keep your favorite betting site safe from any uninvited malicious activities.

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