Did Hardik Pandya call Natasa Stankovic after India’s T20 World Cup win?

After winning the T20 World Cup 2024, Hardik Pandya was seen speaking to someone on a video call through his smartphone, and it remains uncertain if it was his wife Natasa Stankovic. Especially, her silence on social media, despite being a regular user once again raises speculations about the couple’s personal life.

After the finals concluded in Barbados, there were several emotional scenes that took place all over the stadium. Hardik Pandya and other players’ eyes were filled with tears of happiness and started to hug each other to celebrate the conclusion of their 11-year ICC trophy drought period. Similarly, many cricketers started to share their joyful moments by hugging their family members or speaking over video calling.

One such visual was Virat Kohli sharing his happiest moment through video calling with his wife Anushka Sharma, 3-year-old daughter Vamika Kohli and a 4-month-old baby son Akaay Kohli. As a result, fans started to compare the same scene by assuming that Hardik might have spoken through video calling to his wife Natasa and his 3-year-old son Agastya.

Who was speaking with Hardik Pandya on video call after T20 World Cup win?

Hardik Pandya’s gesture of sitting on the cricket pitch and speaking to someone over a video call through his phone keeps fans guessing that he might have contacted Natasa. A few others believe that it could have been his mother Nalini Pandya or brother Krunal Pandya (Indian cricketer). However, the exact answer remains unknown and neither Hardik nor Natasa have spoken in public about their marriage lives.

Natasa Stankovic’s First Post since India’s T20 World Cup win

Since Team India’s victory in the T20 World Cup 2024, Natasa Stankovic shared her first post on Instagram. But, it was used to share a series of photos to show off her stylish outfit which includes a short white shirt with gray striped pants and a designer mini bag. Additionally, she captioned the post “fit check” to highlight her accessories which completed her look with small silver earrings and a watch.

Just before the India vs South Africa final match, Natasa posted a dance video of herself dancing in her gym. The video was captioned with the lyrics “You are the sun on my horizon” from the song on which she danced, although few others believe that it was an indirect post to Hardik. Ahead of the match, every fan’s expectation got higher based on her recent social media activity hoping that she would congratulate the Indian team after victory by showing her support towards Hardik Pandya. In contrast, Natasa has been posting only her images to showcase her stylish looks to the world.

Fans Reaction to Natasa Stankovic’s First Post after India winning the T20 World Cup

Netizens backlashed Natasa expressing their frustration stating that she kept her silence about India’s T20 World Cup win and there wasn’t any appreciation post for her husband Hardik Pandya and the men-in-blue.

Especially, most of the celebrities and common audience praised Hardik Pandya for his exceptional performance in the finals. But Natasa being the wife of an Indian cricketer didn’t even make an attempt to share any posts to congratulate the Indian cricket team. A few others believe that Hardik and Natasa might have decided to keep the celebration in private mode, although there aren’t any signs of appreciation.

However, fans remained unsatisfied over Natasa’s behavior and commented that Hardik won the World Cup, but there was no encouragement post. Similarly, other users asked why there aren’t any single posts on Natasa’s profile related to the recently concluded T20 World Cup. Furthermore, few users wanted to know if Natasa is currently continuing her relationship with Hardik or not.

Hardik Pandya and his son celebrate the T20 World Cup 2024 Winning

Recently, Hardik Pandya shared a post on his social media account, indicating a reunion with his son Agastya Pandya after winning the T20 World Cup 2024. But, fans question that his wife Natasa Stankovic wasn’t present during the celebrations.

The images depicted Hardik and Agastya cutting a cake and posing with blue balloons with a caption that explains the meaning that whatever he does, it is for his son. However, the person who clicked the photograph remains unknown. 

Hardik Pandya and Natasa’s relationship is in doubt? 

Once the Indian Premier League (IPL) concluded in May 2024, there have been several rumors that Hardik and Natasa’s relationship is going to conclude with divorce. Mainly, the speculations arose when fans noticed that Natasa removed her surname “Pandya” from her Instagram account, removed her wedding images and all other photos clicked together with Hardik Pandya. She decided to keep the images that included her son Agastya.

Mainly, Hardik’s poor form during IPL 2024 made Natasa’s post filled with criticism about his performance in the tournament. Later, she restored her images with Hardik and changed back her surname to Pandya.


Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic haven’t responded to anything about the divorce rumors, despite the speculations reaching a peak level. However, Hardik Pandya’s brother Krunal Pandya, and sister-in-law Pankhuri Sharma Pandya have been active users of social media by commenting on the photos of Natasa. In response, Natasa liked their posts by indicating the family connection is still on, which is an indirect reply to the social media users who are speculating false rumors.

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