Five best bowling figure by Indian bowlers in ODIs

New talents have come forward on the cricket ground and developed a good feature among the public. The Indian bowlers in ODIs of the team have brought unique skills and given success to the team.

Here in this article, we will be talking about Indian bowlers in ODIs and how it has been managing to take off the wickets. Each of the players has been showing their talents and developing good playing formats.

5 best Indian bowling figures in ODIs:

Ashish Nehra

The record broke out against England on 23/6 vs England. He was seen delivering the best bowling performance. He also managed to grab the biggest stage by forming his six-fer on the stage.

At that time England was chasing for 251 runs and that time Nehra came swapping out in the middle order. He has also displayed his fantastic fast bowling.

He was also awarded the Man of the Match for helping and initiating India to notch up the 82-run victory.

Jasprit Bumrah

Bumrah has also risen as the fattest bowler in the world which resulted in a good featuring Indian bowling records. On the other hand, the English batting lineup came over to bend its knees in July 2022.

He has also cleared up England’s top tails and hosted the most bowled out in just 110.

As a result, India won by 10 wickets and Bumrah came to be known as the man of the match. In most of his matches, he has always been reserved and his fitness made a remarkable feature among all other players in cricket.

Anil Kumble

In the finals that occurred in the year 1993, the Hero Cup young Kumble came to show some glimpses of his skills. At that time India was defeating 226 against West Indies at the Eden Gardens and Kumble showed his master stroke on the field.

His famous leg spin stole the entire show and he grabbed six wickets in the Caribbean batting lineup. The player has also managed to grab the attention of the other teammates. He has also become a legend and stated the other features of the cricket team.

The legendary player picked out most of the wickets in the ODIs and made a world-class record. In his earlier life, he made his first debut against the Sri Lankans and developed good skills. In most of his ODIs, he has taken wickets and made a great absence on the senior national team.

Stuart Binny

He also played a major role in the international against Bangladesh 4/6 vs. in the year 2014. India was defeated against the opposition and Binny compiled 105 and took six wickets in a row. Binny’s role in the cricket field has displayed one of the best international games and has gone through various ups and downs. In his career of the year 2021, he has made developments and transformed his way of playing.

Venkatesh Prasad

In the year 1996, of the date May 24, he recorded a good figure of 5 wickets. It was placed out in Pakistan in Toronto at the Sahara Cup. His skill also showed off his swing and form the seam movements in India’s victory. It is also placed out into revolving the other conditions. This player has been enlisted among the Indian bowlers in ODIs. He has shown one of his talents in the field and made his team proud of his contribution.

Last lines: 

Indian cricket has been very fortunate to have these players and has been recognized to have such great players. Indian bowlers in ODIs have been showing off their talents and showing the best of it.

All these bowlers have contributed great skills and good features in cricket history. As we all know cricket is a favourite sport of every individual and experienced players have gone through numerous roles.

In this way, it has come up with a series explaining the features of the cricket field and formats.

The article has represented the top five Indian bowlers in ODIs and described how they reached the top lists.

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