GT vs CSK to kickoff IPL 2023 on March 31; Schedule Announced

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced the schedule for the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Defending champions Gujarat Titans will take on Chennai Super Kings at the opening of IPL 2023 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Friday, March 31. Titans, who won the tournament, will host the season opener as captain Hardik Pandya takes on his mentor MS Dhoni. The final of the tournament is scheduled for Sunday, May 28.

New format and schedule:

A total of 74 matches will take place in the 16th edition of the money-rich competition, similar to 2022 at 12 venues in 52 days. The tournament returned to a home-and-away format after a four-year break, as the 2020 edition took place entirely in the UAE. The 2021 edition was held in a caravan format in India where the first matches took place in Chennai, some in Mumbai and then the tournament moved to Delhi and Ahmedabad before moving to the UAE in the second half. As of 2022, the entire tournament has taken place at four venues in Mumbai and Pune.

Team Schedule:

Rajasthan Royals will play their first two matches in Guwahati before hosting the other five home matches in Jaipur, while Punjab Kings will host the first five home matches in Mohali and play the remaining two matches in Dharamsala. The league phase ends on Sunday, May 21, and the playoffs begin on May 23.

The history of the defending champions:

Gujarat Titans stunned everyone in the first season going all the way as few gave them a chance to qualify for the playoffs but they defied all odds and found several heroes in hard times throughout the season to get there. to the last four and finally, win the trophy.

Main players and tactics:

While captain Hardik Pandya and vice-captain Rashid Khan were the mainstays of the team, players such as Shubman Gill, Rahul Tewatia, David Miller, Lockie Ferguson and Mohammed Shami, among others, raised their hands on several occasions to help their team cross the line. The luck of the Titãs helped them a lot as they won several matches in the last balls, some didn’t even have a chance to win and with some changes, they hope to repeat the heroism of 2022. Hardik Pandya and company hope to overcome the ‘melancholy of the second season’.

Auction date IPL 2023

As we receive information about the date of the IPL 2023 auction, according to that list of retirements has not yet been published by any team, which can be used to decide which players will be released and who. Which players will go to the auction? However, according to the information received, many of these great big-name players will be released so here we inform you on the date of the 2023 IPL auction that it will be a mini auction only recently Team India is going to play in Australia in a t20 World Cup.

As we have received information about the date of the 2023 IPL auction, this time the IPL will be broadcast separately both on TV and digital platform, in this state, the waiting and auction list can be viewed on Viacom 18 on Star Sports and Digital.


With the IPL 2023 schedule announced, cricket fans around the world are eagerly awaiting another season of high-octane T20 action. The return to the home-and-away format certainly brings an added level of excitement as teams duke it out throughout 74 games to try and clinch a playoff berth. Defending champions Gujarat Titans will look to repeat their success in 2022 but will face fierce competition from the likes of Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and other top teams in the league. It promises to be another exciting season of IPL cricket with many twists and turns along the way.

IPL 2023 Schedule

125-Mar-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMKKR vs CSK
226-Mar-20237:30 PMMI vs DC
326-Mar-20237:30 PMRCB vs PBKS
427-Mar-20237:30 PMLSG vs GT
528-Mar-20237:30 PMRR vs SRH
629-Mar-20237:30 PMKKR vs RCB 
730-Mar-20237:30 PMCSK vs LSG
831-Mar-20237:30 PMPBKS vs KKR
901-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs MI
1001-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs GT
1102-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs CSK
1203-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs SRH
1304-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs RR
1405-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs KKR
1506-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs LSG
1607-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
1708-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs CSK
1808-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RCB
1909-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs KKR
2009-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs RR
2110-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs SRH
2211-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs CSK
2312-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs MI
2413-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs RR
2514-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs SRH
2615-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs MI
2715-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs DC
2816-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs PBKH
2916-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs GT
3017-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs RR
3118-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs LSG
3219-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs DC
3320-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs MI
3421-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs DC
3522-Apr-20237:30 PMGJ vs KKR
3622-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs RCB
3723-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs LSG
3824-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs PBKS
3925-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs RCB
4026-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs GT
4127-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs GT
4228-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs PBKS
4329-Apr-2302 7:30 PMRCB vs GT
4429-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RR
4530-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs DC 
4630-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs SRH
4701-May-20237:30 PMRR vs KKR
4802-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
4903-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RCB
5004-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs DC
5105-May-20237:30 PMMI vs GT
5206-May-20237:30 PMRR vs PBKS
5306-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs LSGF
5407-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs SRH
5507-May-20237:30 PMDC vs CSK
5608-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs MI
5709-May-20237:30 PMGT vs LSG
5810-May-20237:30 PMDC vs RR
5911-May-20237:30 PMMI vs CSK
6012-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs RCB
6113-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs KKR
6214-May-20237:30 PMGT vs CSK
6314-May-20237:30 PMRR vs LSG
6415-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PBKS 
6516-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs MI
6617-May-20237:30 PMLSG vs KKR
6718-May-20237:30 PMGT vs RCB
6819-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RR
6920-May-20237:30 PMDC vs MI
7021-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs SRH
7428-May-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMFINAL

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