How To Bet On Cricket Match: Cricket Betting Tips

Over the years, cricket has evolved to become a billion-dollar industry. Given the widespread popularity that the game enjoys in India, online cricket match bets have gained considerable traction. Cricket match tournaments like the IPL for instance, have ensured a faster-paced game of 20 overs for each team with a lot of opportunities to make various selections. These matches have, in turn, contributed to an exponential growth in the number of sportsbook websites. The subsequent promotion of star players in such tournaments has ensured a haul in crores of INR per annum. Hence, it is important for emerging punters to follow a guide on how bettings work and acquaint themselves with the online cricket betting market.

How Does Cricket Betting Work? 

The amount of money one makes from betting in cricket can vary widely based on the bookmakers chosen. A novicer may make only a couple hundred bucks from a bet, while a professional bookie can cash in on significantly higher winnings in a high-profile cricket satta game. In any case, the logic of cricket match betting, in general, is a lot like share market investing. It all boils down to calculating odds and making an educated guess about various win conditions and making some money in the process. 

You invest some money on your bet, and you get additional money if your bet wins. The amount of additional money to be made, i.e. the return rate, is called ‘bhav’ or rate in cricket satta. The ‘bhav’ in a match is directly determined by the initial odds in favour of your bet.

For example, imagine a cricket match between Team A and Team B. Team A is a much superior team in great form, and team B is struggling in all departments. In this scenario the bookmaker will offer you odds in the range of 1.2 for Team A. Therefore, the rate of return in terms of winnings will be so low that you will make only a pittance after investing thousands of INR. So, for 100 INR invested, you would win 120 INR. On the other hand, betting on team B winning would have high odds like 2.3. Thus for a bet of INR 100 placed on team B winning, you would win 230 INR. However, considering the pre-match analysis undertaken, you might stand to lose the bet. One must balance risk and reward. 

The Basics: How to Bet on Cricket Match?

Nowadays, cricket betting has formed a huge economy of its own. Bookmakers and exchanges have their own rules and regulations. Online betting is currently the most reliable and stable way of cricket betting: 

  • For online betting, the first order of business is selecting an online cricket sportsbook. There are dozens of websites specifically for cricket betting. Some of them are very reputable and reliable. Some of the top-rated bookmakers operating in India include 10Cric, Crickex, Jeetwin, Bet365, and 22bet
  • After you have selected a website, you have to register a new account on the website. All websites make this option easy to find. Registering requires you to input basic information like name, date of birth, and country of origin along with an ID proof. You also have to provide correspondence information such as mail id, phone number, and even zip code/address depending on the website. The ID proof is necessary so that the operator knows that you are not a minor.
  • Once you have made your account, you have to deposit money into it before you can actually start betting. You get several banking options for the transaction. The simplest and most prominent method is via debit/credit card, but almost all major websites support e-wallet payments like Skrill and Neteller as well.
  • With money in your betting account, you can finally bet at will. Your chosen website will show you a list of available/upcoming online cricket Satta sessions, and you can pick from different categories of bets.
  • After this, you can browse through the different selections offered by the bookmaker or exchange and make the bets according to your preference. For instance, in a cricket match between Indian and Australia, you should consider the individual odds of the bet you wish to make and subsequently place the bet.

The Most Popular Cricket match Bets

Bookmakers offer a wide variety of bet selections while betting in cricket satta games. These bets could broadly be categorised into two parts: pre-match and in-play bets. Here are a few other prominent types of cricket match bets or tournament:

  • Win: Sportsbook platforms gives you the option to bet on the possibility of a match ending in a selected team win. 
  • Series Winner: Instead of a single match, one can bet on the outcome of a full tour or series (e.g. The Ashes). In the same strain, you can also bet on the outcome of a tournament. This includes the likes of ICC World Cup, World T20 or Asia Cup. 
  • Innings Runs: You can bet on the total runs scored by a side in a match. In this case, the wager can also be placed on whether the runs will be greater or less than a set threshold.
  • Total boundaries: You can also bet on a number of selections such as the total number of fours or sixes scored by either a team or a particular player.
  • Other than the match or tournament itself, wagers are available on individual player performance. E.g. you can predict and bet on the possible Top Bowler, Top Batsman, and Man of The Match.

Cricket Match bets: In-play betting

Other than these, there is a more interactive method of betting called ‘in-play betting’. You can bet in real-time when the match is in progress. The pacing of cricket makes it the perfect sport for this kind of betting. Some examples of in-play betting include:

  • Runs off Delivery: Wagering takes place before each ball, and the punter bets on total runs to be scored by the batting side off the next ball. 
  • Dismissal Method: In this type of wager, you bet on how the batsman currently batting will be dismissed (he can be caught out, stumped, bowled out, run out, or dismissed by LBW). 

Cricket Betting Tips & Strategy

A sound knowledge of cricket comes in handy when you are betting. Even if you are an avid cricket enthusiast, you should consider a few things while placing your bet:

  • A number of factors go into securing the parameters for a win in a cricket match. Some of these, like the weather and individual player form, are fickle. Forecasts can be wrong; the player form can improve or deteriorate against the most educated guess. 
  • It is important to undertake personal research on the teams, players, and recent trends. Doing so would help you gain a clearer picture of which team to back.
  • Researching the sportsbook platform itself is as important as knowing the condition of the pitch when it comes to betting. Cover all the major websites you bet on and tally the odds to maximize potential earning. 
  • Proper bankroll management and a staking plan are important in order to have an estimate of the amount you are placing on bets, and the winnings you get in return.


If you are new to cricket match bets, it pays to withhold your money and study the betting system for a couple of matches. Take a notepad and jot down an imaginary dummy bet in a real match, and identify where your understanding can be improved. Over time, you will develop a better sense of how to make better wagers. The rest of the betting savvy comes from knowing how to manage your money well. The golden rule is to prioritize safer, smaller profits over large high-risk gains that can make you lose money.

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