ICC World Cup: Decoding list of players with injury concerns

Cricket is the most loved sport and is also a great business to deal with. It is a kind of bridge that provides and also helps the government in building up the national conscience of the society.

It is said in most of the reports that more than 200 million people in India consider Cricket as a national inspiration and worship like a religion. The sport is widely played as it has helped to teach the youth about team skills, cooperation, and better communication. ICC World Cup injury list has been dealt with the feature dealing with the players who can attend the game.

List of players with injury concerns:

The number of players has been involved with better social integration and also a great way of keeping body fitness. Now for the sad part that some players will be not able to attend the ICC World Cup due to health issues. These lists will be disappointing for the public as one of the finest players will not be able to join the game. At this point, it is also vital to look on through the other players and encourage them to grove their best into the match.

Kane Williamson

The former player will unfortunately not be able to play the game and has also not been attending the auction. The 33-year-old skipper of the New Zealand player has gone through ligament surgery on the right knee. Therefore, there have been no dates where he will be able to put his foot on the game.

Tim Southee

This player has notably brought great contributions in his playing format. He is also Williamson’s long-time teammate and has made great roles in the game plot. Tim Southee in one of the matches has gone through an accident where he has dislocated and fractured a bone in his right thumb.

From his coaches, his fitness is not yet ready to play in the proper format. The veteran pacer has not been under the ODI WC against the campaigns. Due to his condition, the ICC World Cup injury list has mentioned his name and also followed on to replace the player.

Travis Head

He has been under a great fracture, which is a hand fracture. The Australian players were struck out by the short delivery that was given by Gerald Coetzee. His head coach Andrew McDonald has confirmed the fracture on his left hand. ICC World Cup injury list has mentioned his name due to his severe injury.

Naseem Shah

One of the finest players of Team Pakistan and has evolved to deliver good game plots. This player has been suffering from a blow, that is below the bowling shoulder at the time of Asia Cup Super-Fours.

According to some sources it has been said that the player’s injury is fatal and might miss the entire game. It has also been said that he might remain away from playing for the rest of his life.

For the Pakistani players, it is a disaster and due to the injury, it is a loss for the teams to lose such an excellent player.

Nortje and Magala

It is not a secret and hidden that these two South African players are not able to join the team due to their issue in fitness. Their fitness tests have proved and resulted in improper balance in their diet. Both fast bowlers recently played for only one ODI. In the case of Nortje, his main injury was the lower back pain and Magala for his left knee issue. Nortje is considered the fastest bowler is a terrible game for the South African teams. These two precious players of South Africa are under the ICC World Cup injury list.


ICC World Cup injury list has brought a huge change in the Cricket game where the game might fall under a great show. Irrespective of these injury lists it is to look forward to how it might change the scenario. It might bring both positive and negative impact on the players.

This year the ICC World Cup injury list has the maximum number of injuries of the players. There is also a possibility that these great players might be able to show their performance and make the teams somewhere weak. We understand that these players do wish to play and make their country proud of their gaming formats. At the same time, it is also vital to look at the health condition.

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