Indian domestic players may earn upto INR 1 Crore

Indian domestic players may earn up to INR 1 crore and it has been reported and discussed within the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It is anticipated that the BCCI will modify its domestic cricket compensation structure, resulting in Ranji players being paid between INR 75 lakhs to approximately 1 crore annually. It is a move to encourage more players to play in domestic cricket, especially those who are not part of the IPL.

Franchise Cricket over Domestic Cricket

The club vs country debate as far as Indian cricket is concerned had been a topic that at the start of 2024 was a raging one. Especially for 2 players Shreyas Iyer and Ishan Kishan get left out of the central contact.

This is because they prefer taking part in franchise cricket over domestic or red-ball cricket however, even after that BCCI took other steps like increasing the amount of money that test players would make.

Criteria that BCCI consider under this pay structure

If the player has played a minimum number of international games they would get a C-grade contract. It is to ensure that players are prioritising and representing India internationally.

However, there were many debates and arguments from many that the BCCI should do something more so that players will tend to start playing more domestic games. Because that is the backbone of the Indian cricket system.

Also, you need to ensure that more and more players are giving their time to domestic cricket. Something which is happening more in recent times.

BCCI to Increase the Pay of Indian Domestic Players

Some suggestions were made to increase the amount paid to domestic crickets and BCCI is heading towards that implementation. So we might get to witness that BCCI increasing the amount of money paid.

Before we discuss how much money would the BCCI increase for Indian domestic players, let us look into how much money it stands already.

  • 40 matches or more: INR 60,000 per day.
  • 21 to 40 matches: INR 50,000 per day.
  • 20 matches: INR 40,000 per day.

And if you are the player who is named in the squad but hasn’t played the game, then based on the number of games you were named, you would get around Rs 20,000 or Rs 25,000 per match. The highest could be Rs 30,000 per match.

If you are one of the players who gets Rs 60,000 per day for playing over 40 matches and played in every single group game including the final then only you are going to be eligible for the Highest Bracket Money (which is Rupees 25lakhs).

IPL vs Domestic Cricket: Becomes Obstacle

Just for context, the IPL’s lowest base price will be 20 crores for playing about 2 odd months of cricket. As a result, you can see why a lot of players were fine with preserving themselves by not playing red-ball cricket and instead, they focussed on white-ball cricket. It used to be an addition of sorts for IPL auctions where they could be potentially getting bigger money and better money for less playing.

However, as things stand there could very well be an increase because the amount mentioned following is the maximum that a player can earn is 25 lakhs in a season the BCCI reportedly putting it as high as 1 crore. Which means it is 4 times more than what the figure stands currently. This represents the additional earnings for a lot of players.

Robust Indian Cricket System

Also don’t forget that the Indian cricket system is so robust that you have a lot of players who will end up missing out on getting IPL contracts. Just look at the number of teams you have at the domestic level and then look at the number of IPL franchises.

The match just doesn’t add up as there will be more cricketers without an IPL central contract than there will be cricketers who do have a contract with any of the franchises.


So the solution to ensure the players continue to play domestic cricket potentially seems getting more money. Also, it ensures that players are paid and financially in a secure place. However, the players will also feel motivated. You cannot have good domestic cricket if your best players opt out of playing domestic cricket and prioritise going for IPL.

However, one of the better ways to ensure that a lot of players take up is increasing the money. Players will welcome this scheme. Despite equalling the money for an IPL contract visa with the money earned playing domestically is the same, this could be like stepping in the right direction. Also, domestic cricket ensures the filtering out the promising talent.

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