IPL 2021: BCCI To Introduce New Rule In UAE Leg

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced a new rule for the second leg of IPL 2021. The remaining 31 matches will be held between September 19 to October 15 in total of 27 days.

BCCI: New Rule of Indian Premier League, (IPL) 2021

Since IPL 2020, this will be the first time, fans are allowed back in the stadiums. BCCI and the Emirate Cricket Board will permit spectators to enjoy the second half of the league.

In the meantime, to minimize the spread of deadly virus, the board have added a new rule. If the cricket ball goes out of boundary, into the stands, a new ball will be used to continue the game. The ball will be changed frequently throughout the game, if it crosses the playing arena.

Furthermore, changing old ball with new ball will fall into the batsmen from each side. Given the UAE dimensions of the ground, a batsmen will probably need that sweet spot to hit a six.

Apart from that using saliva is still banned for the remaining of the IPL season as well. In case any player violates this, first the on-field umpire will give out a warning. Repeating the mistake will result in 5-run penalty for the batting team.

BCCI releases 46-page health advisory for the second phase IPL 2021

Full Vaccination

The first and foremost is vaccination. Due the pandemic, BCCI has asked all the eight franchises and their members travelling for the 14th edition of IPL to get on board fully vaccinated.

14 Bubbles for the crew

A total of 14 bubbles will be created to accommodate the players and the franchise members during the IPL 2021. According to Asian News International, (ANI)

Eight bubbles will be created for the Franchise team and support staff.

Three bubbles for match officials and management team.

Lastly, the remaining three bubbles will for the broadcast commentators and crew.

Six Days Mandatory Quarantine

A total of six days of quarantine in the hotel room is required for each and every franchise member before entering the bubble.


Before initiating any group training the landing members will have to follow through the COVID-19 RT-PCR Test. As usual a nasopharyngeal swab will be taken from each member. The report will be available in 8-12 hours after the swab test.

Dedicated Vehicles

Moreover, on the health advisory, the BCCI has added, that all the members will be travelling in the vehicles allocated for them by the organizers.

In addition to that, the drivers will also be in bubbles and undergo routine Covid testing and regularly through temperature screening. The vehicles used for travelling by the players and other crew members will be sanitized daily.

No Permission Allowed

The bubble will only be accessible to members living in it. Neither the general public nor the media spokesperson will have access to the bubble or the stadium for any activities. Moreover, the agency and venue members are to risk access their surrounding and proceed according to the protocol as usual.

Even the Doping Control Personnel (DCP) will adhere the same rules and regulations after landing in UAE and during their entire stay as well.

Bubble to Bubble transfer

Players as well the support staff already living in bubble can make a bubble-to-bubble transfer without the mandatory six days quarantine.

Hence, the members coming from the bubbles in England vs India series, Sri Lanka vs South Africa series and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) have high chances of getting permitted to the IPL 2021, franchise bubble.

Although they will have to fulfill the criteria, mentioned by the BCCI to make the smooth transfer. Even the crew members can make the transfer, given they satisfy the criteria.

Summing up

This time around BCCI is going full force to avoid any Covid-19 virus transmission altogether within the bubble. From the fans to the board members, everyone’s wishes are riding on the lengthy health-advisory.

Since the postponement of IPL 2021 due to Covid cases surge back in April-May, everything has been a roller coaster ride.

From shortlisting venues to the final resume date, fans have been waiting impatiently no doubt about that; In addition, the first match is an exciting one. As the five-time IPL champions lock horns with three-time IPL champions.

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will kick off the second leg with an interesting competition that is for sure.

What are your thoughts?

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