IPL 2024 Prize money: All you need to know

Every edition of the Indian Premier Leaue promises to captivate the attention of audiences globally providing the best thrilling competition and lucrative cash rewards. As the 17th season progresses, the anticipation is not only at the peak levels on-field but also for the IPL 2024 prize money as well.

Especially, the rich-cash league’s substantial growth and growing commercial attraction has reached record-breaking milestones.

The financial rewards in the form of this year’s IPL 2024 prize money highlight the status of the league by earning the reputation of the world’s most financially rewarding sporting contests. This attracts the best talents and significant investment from top sponsors and broadcasters. 

These 10 different teams will be competing against each other in a round-robin format namely:

  1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  2. Mumbai Indians (MI)
  3. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
  4. Gujarat Titans (GT)
  5. Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB)
  6. Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  7. Punjab Kings (PBKS)
  8. Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)
  9. Delhi Capitals (DC)
  10. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

In this article, we will discover the expected allocation of IPL 2024 Prize Money in detail…

IPL 2024 Prize Money: From Winner to Best Catch of the Season Awards you need to know

The IPL 2024 prize money is yet to be officially revealed by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). According to the latest sources, here is the possible estimation of the prize money received for each reward as tabulated below:

S.NoAwardPrize Money (INR)
1.Winner30 Crores
2.Runner-Up13 Crores
3.Qualifier8 Crores
4.Eliminator7 Crores
5.Orange Cap15 Lakhs
6.Purple Cap15 Lakhs
7.Emerging Player of the Tournament20  Lakhs
8.Most Valuable Player of the Season (MVPS)12 Lakhs
9.Power Player of the Season12 Lakhs
10.Super Striker of the Season15 Lakhs
11.Game Changer of the Season12 Lakhs
12.Player of the Match in the Final1 Lakh
13.Maximum Sixes15 Lakhs
14.Maximum Fours15 Lakhs
15.Longest Six15 Lakhs
16.Pitch & Ground Award50 Lakhs
17.Fair Play Award12 Lakhs
18.Best Catch of the Season12 Lakhs

These are the possible estimations and the actual value of the prize money may vary upon the confirmation from BCCI. Also, it is expected that the prize money will increase compared to the previous season.

In the earlier edition, the defending champions Chennai Super Kings received INR 20 crores and Gujarat Titans concluded as the runner-up of the tournament by grabbing the amount of INR 12.5 crores.

IPL 2024 Prize Money per match: From Player of the Match to best striker

BY scrutinizing these awards and prize money for each match tabulated below, you will understand why the IPL 2024 is known as the rich-cash league:

S.NoAwardPrize Money (INR)
1.Player of the Match1 Lakh
2.Electric Striker of the Match1 Lakh
3.Fantasy Player of the Match1 Lakh
4.6s of the match1 Lakh
5.RuPay On-The-Go 4s1 Lakh
6.Purple Cap1 Lakh

What is the points system to earn IPL 2024 Prize Money?

A special rating system is used to assign cricketers points for fours, sixes, catches, wickets, dot balls and stumping. For every four, there are a minimum of 2.5 points awarded for four and a maximum of 3.5 points.

For instance, a wicketkeeper acquires 2.5 points for a catch or stumping and a bowler taking a wicket gets 3.5 points. Additionally, a bowler earns each point for bowling every dot ball. Finally, the player in the leading position achieves the award such as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament or fantasy player of the match.

Conclusive Facts about IPL 2024 Prize Money

Overall, the Indian Premier League isn’t just a cricket festival, also it’s a successful financial industry that generates billions of dollars by retaining existing fans as well as acquiring new enthusiasts globally.

It is expected that the IPL 2024 prize money is expected to surpass the previous records and the industry insiders predict that the champions of the tournament could earn nearly INR 30 crores, whereas the runner-up might gain around INR 13 crores.

Starting from the Orange Cap for the highest run scorer by a batsman to a Purple Cap for the leading wicket-taker of the tournament, these valuable awards are an encouragement for players to perform well in international matches. Furthermore, the exciting categories like Super Striker, Power Player, Game Changer, Maximum Sixes and Fours help to choose the outstanding performers throughout the tournament. Ultimately, the financial rewards boost the status of the IPL by celebrating individual talents through a wide range of prestigious rewards, accompanied by its own attractive prize money.

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