IPL Auction 2023: Ashish Nehra knows Shivam Mavi’s worth

The Indian team is the best. The only reason is the great player. The player leads the match with a huge run. The best inning players are Virat Kohli, Dhoni, Ashish Nehra, and others. At that time, Nehra was declare the great bowler of Indian Team. The bowler takes a huge amount of wickets in each game. Furthermore, he is one of the reasons for winning the match.

The player was born in April 1979 in the city of Delhi. The player is the left-arm bowler. Somehow the right-hand batter. The player is a member of the Indian team from the huge time. He also wins the match of the 2011 ICC world cup.

Ashish Nehra:

Ashish is a great cricket coach and the former of the cricketer team. He can play all formats of the game. At the same time, he announced his retirement from all types of cricket in 2017. He took his retirement after the New Zealand match in 2017. The match was held on 1 November. The place of the match is the Feroz shah. It is the ground where Ashish Nehra plays their last match.

In other words, we also say as the last appearance place. His height is approximately 183 cm. similarly weight of the person is 70 grams. The player also has an amazing black eye color. The attractive thing regarding the player for the citizen is that he likes to play against the Pakistan team.

Shivam Mavi:

The player Shivam Mavi is one of the fast bowlers. Furthermore, a bowler is the power or the strength of any cricket team. He became a member of the team in the year 2018. At that time, the ICC U19 world cup will also be held. Mavi takes the great dropping in the Indian opening team. He is one of the great fast bowlers. Somehow he also plays in a good manner in the Ashish Nehra team. At that time of the play, Ashish is the team captain.

They also support their player and encourage them to play on their wish. It develops the power of the player to play the game. Similarly, the player is also a good batter. When the team loses their winning chance, the player Mavi supports the team to win the game.

The player is from Gujarat titan. The name of the player is Shivam Mavi. He includes the Indian premier league auction on Friday, 23 December. Mavi is the player of Kolkata knight. The rider player has been working for a long time in the Indian premier league. At the same time, my interest in the play is inherited from Ashish Nehra. He is from the GT straight away.

Player Reviews:

One of the best players for the team India is known as Suresh Raina. Suresh Raina is a former player of India and the Uttar Pradesh batter. He gives a great review for Mavi at the time of Indian bidding. He said the Mavi player plays well under the leadership of Ashish Nehra. It means Ashish is a good leader. On the other, the IPL legend also supports the player Mavi.

He said Mavi is a good player and can swing the ball at pace in the early over. It is his talent that supports the Nehra team. Similarly, he is the great bowler of the time. Similarly, he also participates in international cricket matches.

Additional Information:

Raina tells about the huge benefit of the Mavi player. While the benefit only occurs when the player is working in the team of Ashish Nehra. It means Nehra is a supportive and good leadership for the player. Somehow he supports with the great method, allowing the player to play comfortably and satisfactorily. Similarly, the player plays greatly in the Indian premier league. The season will be held in the year 2022.


The Indians are known as the best player worldwide. The team will play with a variety of teams during the cricket season. Furthermore, the season includes the cricket league, ICC matches, T20, and others. In contrast, the player and the worldwide citizen are waiting for the match. At the time of the play IPL auction 2023, Ashish Nehra is the coach. They amazingly fulfill their responsibility. They support the weak player and encourage them to play. The player also declares themself the great captain of the team.

The great bowler Shivam Mavi also work hard at that time. The player enjoys playing the match and also easily wins the match. In other words, it easily fulfills the target. You only have to read the complete article to get the complete information.

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