IPL Betting Online: Indian Premier League 2020

Over the years, IPL has become one of the greatest annual events for cricket lovers in India. Eight teams are set to battle it out in this popular T20 domestic tournament. As fans brace themselves for the action, many try their luck in the thrilling IPL live betting platforms. As IPL is coming nearer, betting lovers are eager to check out the IPL bookies with the best IPL cricket odds. 

IPL match betting is available on numerous online betting platforms. However, the IPL betting odds differ with each site.

So, how to start with online IPL betting? If you’re still looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Bet on IPL 2020?

IPL’s nature and format take the IPL bet game a notch higher. But before you start, know the IPL match betting procedure. Given below is a quick guide to help you with the process:

  1. Get Started
  • Choose a trusted IPL bet site with the required license and security features. Numerous online betting sites are specializing in IPL match betting. 
  • Create a betting account on the site you have chosen.
  • Select a deposit option and fund your account. Most IPL bookies accept debit/credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.
  • Avail your welcome bonus, if any.
  1. Check the list of IPL matches available for betting. Each has several betting options. Select the one you want and choose your stakes. Following are some betting options you may want to place your money on:
  • Man of the match
  • Top batsman
  • Match winner
  • Winner of toss
  • Top bowler
  • Total runs
  • Total wickets
  • Player performance
  1. For effective IPL betting, keep the following points in mind:
  • Set an affordable budget.
  • Get familiar with IPL betting odds
  • Research the teams. Focus on their weaknesses, strengths, and past performance. The online T20 statistics database will help you recognize recent trends. 
  • Focus on proficient players. For instance, Josh Butler of Rajasthan Royals scored 548 runs in the 2018 season. Keep a tab on players who stand out from the crowd.
  • Take advantage of shifting odds during IPL live betting.

How popular is IPL?

The frenzy around IPL can be gauged from viewership data. The 12th season of IPL that took place in 2019 broke all viewership records. The official BARC data shows that around 462 million viewers watched the League on Star Network channels between 23rd March and 12th May. It’s a historical reach, up by 12% compared to previous seasons. Even digital media (Hotstar) witnessed a whopping 300 million viewers. Around 18.6 million viewers watched the finals on Hotstar’s streaming platform.

Scandals and corruption failed to curb the IPL fervor. BCCI makes sure that no other international matches clash with IPL dates. Moreover, Indian players are not allowed to play in different T20 leagues around the world. Attractive pay packages lure top Indian cricket players. Most of them make good earnings of over ten lakhs. Indian captain Virat Kohli is the current highest earner with a pay packet of around ₹ 24 lakhs. From Bollywood stars to world-class players, IPL is a money-spinner. In other words,  The showbiz attracts TV telecasters to make massive investments. Star India buying the broadcast rights for ₹ 255 crores is proof of IPL’s grandeur.

Therefore, The three-hour duration of IPL matches makes them all the more interesting. The games have strategic timeouts – a brownie point for bettors! IPL ranks sixth among the most attended sports leagues. Its brand value in 2014 was around ₹ 320 crores. As per BCCI, IPL contributed around ₹ 1.15 crores to the Indian GDP in 2015. All in all, IPL is always hot and trending.

IPL Betting Rules and Policies

In essence, gambling is illegal in India. The Indian legislations that prohibit gambling and wagering in public places are the Public Gambling Act (1867) and the Indian Contract Act (1872). Owing to their time of enactment, the Acts do not have any clause on the technologically advanced concept of online betting. Therefore, there is no written law explicitly regulating or validating online betting in India. Few states, like Sikkim, have well-defined rules regarding online gambling. However, no such law exists at a pan India level.

Betting via bookies or gambling in public places is illicit. But the absence of any law regarding online betting has fuelled the online IPL betting market. Besides, respective states regulate their gambling laws. So if the host website is located in a different state or country, things become more relaxed. The loophole in the system is used by off-shore betting websites that are well beyond the ambit of the Indian legal system. Placing bets via these websites might be easy but monetary transactions aren’t. The stringent banking laws in India prohibit such money transfers via debit or credit cards. But most sites dodge the legal issues by offering alternative payment options like Neteller.

In conclusion, online IPL betting is no hassle. All you need is a smartphone or PC and a stable internet connection. Moreover, the short gaming format of the IPL gives a definite result. So you can rest assured that there is always a result for your bets.

FAQ IPL Betting

  1. How to get a bonus on IPL betting?

– Getting an IPL betting bonus is quite easy. Every betting site offers a welcome bonus and betting bonuses. Most welcome bonuses can be claimed by making a deposit using specific payment methods. After creating an account, look out for the bonus offers. You may be required to enter a specific bonus code to avail the reward. As you play along, websites will give more promotional offers.

  1. What are the pros of IPL live betting?

– With live betting, you can bet in real-time. So, you don’t place the bet until the match has begun. Live betting increases your chance of earning higher profits. The odds waver during the game – so you can cash out early. Thus, you can take advantage of a profitable moment. Additionally, a live betting experience is super thrilling.

  1. Which is the best team to bet on in IPL 2020?

– The predictions are solely based on trends. Four-time winners and defending champions Mumbai Indians seem to be most bookmakers’ favourite. The second slot is held by three-time winners Chennai Super Kings. 2016 winners Sunrisers Hyderabad are also in the second position along with CSK. Interestingly, Mumbai Indians haven’t been successful in defending the IPL title. In contrast, Sunrisers Hyderabad has been quite consistent in the current history of IPL. 

  1. Who will be the top bowler and top batsman for IPL 2020 betting?

– In most cases, the top bowler and top batsman belong to the top four teams. So, a correct online bet on the leading wicket-taker and run-scorer requires picking the teams that are most likely to reach the playoffs. We can base our prediction on the form displayed by players in preceding years. Accordingly, Jasprit Bumrah among the bowlers and Virat Kohli among the batsmen will be heavily backed.


IPL is a game-changer in the online betting world. Who will score the most runs? Which team will bag the winning title? Speculations soar high among betting experts. However, A correct prediction can earn you enormous profits. But be wary of the betting rules. So, gear up for IPL 2020 scheduled to start on 19th September at UAE.

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