Learn How to Become a Cricket Betting Pro

Do you like watching cricket? How enthusiastic are you for the game? Do you gamble your disposable money on your favorite leagues/teams/players? If you are giving positive responses to these questions then you have come to the right place. Today, our topic of discussion is how to make you a cricket betting pro with realistic practicable tips. Firstly, be aware of the scammers asking for your money and promising guaranteed high returns. You can only trust yourself after entering the online cricket betting industry. But it doesn’t mean that everyone is out there to get you. There are plenty of trustworthy platforms like Crickex, Betway, 1xBet, and more. Now, shall we focus on the most important task for today, i.e., making you a professional.

Now if you are wondering whether it is legal to bet in cricket in India, then the answer is no. But, it is only for the land-based betting shops and bookmakers. If you are using an online platform like Crickex the you are free to gamble as much as you want. But we advise you to still remain reasonable and make sure to have a stop loss limit.

The online cricket betting platforms introduction has changed both the game and the betting industry. Bettors are more confident about their strategies with transparent bookmakers. You will find that every other punter is highly knowledgeable about the game. So, how can you stay ahead and beat the competing wagerers? By following these simple tips and tricks.

Make Sure to Use Your Welcome Bonus Nicely

What does this mean? When you register on a new betting portal to become a cricket betting pro you get nice bonuses. This is a strategy deployed by bookmakers to make sure that you bet from their portal only. But you are here to make a name for yourself in the cricket betting industry. After you have found some good betting sites like Crickex, you can register. Then get your bonus amount and make sure to use that wisely while placing the bets. This will give you a chance to play more by spending less.

Make Safe and Calculated Bets

It is not a bad thing to play to your strengths and bet when you are confident about winning. We understand your aim is to make more money. But, you should also focus on not losing too much. Always make sure to follow your strategies and call it a day when you hit the stop loss limit. Make use of safe betting strategies to increase your earning while decreasing your losing chances.

Live Streaming and In-Play Betting

The introduction of in-play betting changed the results drastically in favor of punters. Do not follow the scores alone as you can live stream a match from anywhere. This will help you in deciding whether to stick with a team or make a switch. Understanding when to switch is crucial for you to become a cricket betting pro. This is because you are here to earn and not only make faulty judgements. It’s fine if your initial bet was wrong as long as you make another bet and cover your loss.

Almost all online bookmakers provide you the services of live-streaming and in-play betting. Be vigilant and calculative when making your bets. Do not let emotions cloud your strategy as your favorite team or player can be losing but making you win. In today’s technology oriented world, make use of everything available to best your competition.

Now, the last advice from us to you is to explore different markets available for online cricket betting.

Explore the Different Markets Available

The last step to becoming a professional bettor is deciding on your market strategy. When you research about the market yourself you might feel overwhelmed. But it is not problematic as long as you are preparing thoroughly. You can not always gain profit by placing a single kind of bet.

Go out there, explore the market, find strategies that better suit you, and earn using different platforms. If you follow through with these steps then you are sure to make a cricket betting pro.


Becoming a professional punter needs you to have great skills and luck. You can increase your luck, i.e. chances of winning by increasing your skills. We hope you have a happy time playing the games.

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