“Leg-Spinner Rule In BPL” – Shakib Al Hasan Lashes Out At BCB

Shakib Al Hasan criticized the decision to make it mandatory for every team in Bangladesh’s upcoming Premier League to play a leg spin. The decision was made by the Bangladesh Cricket Board as it sought to encourage the growth of wrist spin in the country ahead of next year’s Twenty20 World Cup. Not only must every team have a leg-spinning player on their squad, but one must also be in the starting eleven, a decision the Bangladesh Test and T20 patron says is an overreaction and paints their country in a bad light.

What are BCB’s transfer rules once all franchises are confirmed to play in BPL 2023?

The (BPL) has been transferred to the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). To help domestic players gain more experience and promote cricket at the grassroots level, they have come up with new rules for their T20 tournament. The BCB made these adjustments keeping in mind the expansion of the Bengali players in the shorter format of the game.

With these changes, budding local pace bowlers who want to become masters of the sport will be able to get advice from world-class bowlers who can share their experience and knowledge. In addition, this ensures that experienced foreign players can detect and try to correct the technical errors of young pacemakers.

Most of the time, pacemakers with different skills and abilities will generally struggle because these issues are not seen by local mentors and partners. Especially in Bangladesh, where sports facilities and infrastructure are not as strong as in other countries. It is also a brave move to require wrist spinners to meet their quota every game and to include at least one leg spinner in the line.

It’s not easy to turn around. However, like wine, they get better with time. It’s easy to pick grass that changes and stays the same; but it’s also easy to be dominated by a good hitter who hits everything on the ground. Repetition is key with spinners.

BPL 2023 The new rules:

  • Each team must have a fast pitcher abroad who can throw consistently at 90 mph.
  • Each team must include at least one leg spinner in their lineup.
  • The wrist-turners on the team must complete their full quota of 4 overs in the game.

With this new rule, wrist spinners will have more time and opening and thus be confident enough to bowl decisively. Domestic spinners will be able to learn to adapt faster to the wicket and batsmen bowling 24 balls each game.

As a result, they will be more clinical in the future when playing T20 abroad; as they will have more experience bowling consistently, allowing them to adapt more quickly to the conditions.

Coaches, physiotherapists, and trainers of the BPL 2023 from abroad:

In addition to the aforementioned regulations, the BCB has instructed all teams to hire coaches, physiotherapists, and coaches from abroad. Domestic coaches and trainers can only work as assistants or under them, according to the BCB.

Shakib Al Hasan lashes out at BCB over mandatory legspinners rule in BPL

In 2019, Bangladeshi cricketer Shakib Al Hasan criticized the mandate of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to allow a foreign cricketer and pacer to bowl at over 140 km/h in every Bangladesh Premier League match. “For years we couldn’t select one legspinner for the senior team; but suddenly we made plans to include seven legspinners in the BPL,” Shakib Al Hasan told Bangladeshi daily Samakal on Saturday (Oct. 19).

“This decision is a bit of a surprise but still I would say the board made a decision that they feel is a good one. I think leg spinners need to throw a lot of overs in first-class cricket to gain confidence and consistency. The BPL is a competitive tournament at an international level where you are faced with scenarios that you are likely to encounter in international cricket. You share the dressing room with cricketers abroad. It is not the place to play. Shakib Al Hasan said focusing only on the national team should not be the organizers’ main task.

“Focusing only on the national team should not be the main task of the organizers. Places like Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, and Sylhet should have good gyms, running facilities, and indoor facilities. You cannot bat for more than 15 minutes in Mirpur.” indoor facilities because it is very hot. They have not installed air conditioning even after ten years. It’s quite disappointing, especially when we see interiors with bright lighting and air conditioning in other countries. “[First class match fees] are very unacceptable,” Shakib Al Hasan said.

“It is a very small amount for a cricketer to maintain the minimum standard of living in Bangladesh. Things are getting more expensive. Government officials get an increase every year, but we see that it is the same for us every time. Even is reduced. BPL and DPL are good examples of that.”I always feel that cricketers are oppressed in our country. This is not okay. Everyone should have the same opportunities.

A player should be able to earn what he thinks he deserves. If the team doesn’t want to accept the player in that payment, the player will take care of it. But to stop him [freely expressing his price] is not right,” he added.

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