Lightweight or Heavyweight Bat: Which One is Best?

Cricket, the game of bats and balls. Prior to this, we discussed the significance of good balls. Today, we will make comments on the quality of the bat.  Lightweight or heavyweight, which do you prefer?

No doubt the evolution of bat making has changed drastically along the decades, which has enhanced the bat’s prowess. Nonetheless, there are certain features molded into the process that makes the final outcome stand out.

Plus, finding a bat that fits your style is crucial whether you are getting ready for a professional game or an amateur one. So, without any further delay, let’s list down the pros and cons of Lightweight Bat Vs Heavyweight Bat.

Heavyweight Bats


1. Power: When it comes to making beautifully essayed shots, heavyweight bat is the right way to go. These bats are capable of crossing boundaries even if you don’t hit through the middle of the bat. It allows you both distance and power.

2. Broad Edges: With heavy bat, a player gets broad edges which automatically allows them more space and a few sweet spots. Even fast-moving balls has nothing on heavyweight bat, as they can easily hit good shot.

3. Short Formats and End Over: In shorter formats, and one-day match players are always looking to hit more out of boundaries balls. Even hitting fours is not enough for the batsmen, they want to make every ball count. Moreover, hitting, long sixes is effortless with heavyweight bats.


1. Prone to Injury: Much like everything, these heavyweight bats have their fair share of disadvantages to it. Given their weight carrying in long formats not only gets tiring, but can cause wrist injuries. That’s why player usually change into heavy bats during the end of innings rather than start.

2. Limited Shots: The second drawback with the heavyweight bat is the shots limitation. In case of playing reverse strokes like pull and cut, heavyweight bat doesn’t allow much freedom to make these shots.

Lightweight Bats


1. Developing Shots and new technique: Cricket, as we know of, has been an ever-changing game, it has become more competitive with time. Hence, strategies, these days are about getting more runs, based on the format. In order to make innovative shots, batsmen have to switch grips regularly which comes easy with lightweight bat.

For instance, English Willow Bat is lighter in comparison to Kashmir willow wood. Thus, they are used in professional and international level cricket.

Lightweight bat helps beginner who are looking to progress in their batting technique. As they are lighter and easy to swing, amateurs can focus on shots rather than get bogged down by heavyweight. Furthermore, it is a fine choice for transitioning players from junior to adult.

2. Shot Selection: With lightweight bat, the weight constrain is not an issue, which permits the player the freedom of making long and wide shots.

3. Prevents Long-term Injury: As we mentioned above, heavy bats can increase the chances of getting injured due to its weight. Thus, a player should always choose bat based upon their comfort zone to avoid injury, that can hamper their career.

4. Aggressive Batting: Depending upon the format, batsmen choose their bats, in longer format, lightweight bats are more preferable. Not only that, light bat allows player to change their stance and even bat unorthodoxly to gain advantage over their opponents.


1. Less Intense: The major drawback with lightweight bats is the amount of power it can generate. In case of light bats, even if the ball hits the middle of bat, a player has to initiate more power with their wrist. On top of that, long shots are not easily possible with these bats.

2. Not ideal for end overs: Towards the ending, a batsman is always looking to hit more balls out of the boundaries, which buys them time to make more runs. However, with lightweight bats, this strategy is not possible.

Which is better bat, Lightweight Bat or Heavyweight Bat?

Without a doubt, choosing a bat comes down to a player’s style, physique, techniques, position, and many more. All of these factors should be considered and analyzed before selecting the bat.

For instance, if you are a slim individual, who enjoys all kind of shots like pull and cuts, Dilscoop, etc. You should probably choose a lightweight bat that allows more momentum and freedom to handle the bat.

However, if you have a healthy physique, and enjoy playing down the ground games. You should opt for the heavyweight bat, as it offers straight line swinging during the games.

Here is one way to make the right choice. 

Next time you go for bat shopping, hold the bat perpendicular to the body with arms stretched out for a minute. If you face no issues doing so, it might just be the right one.

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