List of countries where cricket betting is legal

Cricket betting nowadays is a good way to earn money. Here, you need to apply your betting skills; thus, you can claim rewards at home. Currently, there are many countries where cricket betting is legally prohibited as it is a gambling game, and financial risk exists in every step of these games. However, there are such countries too, where cricket betting is legal. Here, we will let you know about those few countries.

Betting on cricket:

Sports betting is yet to get things legal and move ahead to provide a wide range of services for those who need it the most. One of its favourite activities, cricket betting, is also going through similar affairs. Cricket betting is not legal worldwide and tends to get banned according to the law of the land. However, there are seven countries where you can gamble legally, and we are here to talk about the same. So go ahead and look at the countries where cricket betting is legal.

South Africa

The Gambling Act of 2004 was the mark of legalization and an essential step towards legalizing cricket betting. Since South Africa did not classify the same as legal, the act made a lot of difference and helped explore a whole new activity. To conduct business, gambling operators and gamblers must obtain a license before starting. By doing so, they can provide and enjoy the service to the fullest.


Australians love to gamble, and it is a known fact that the world is aware of it. About 80% of Australian adults engage in the activity and move ahead to make the most of it. As a result, it is legal in the country, and all cricket betting activities are monitored by Cricket Australia (CA). Moreover, Australia does not levy a tax on gamblers’ winnings and moves ahead to help you get used to a comfortable experience. Due to that, cricket betting in Australia is legal.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, sports betting is regulated by the Gambling Act of 2005, applicable to anyone and everyone involved. If we talk specifically about the stakeholders of cricket, the ECB has detailed a set of rules in this regard. Cricket betting is legal in this country.


The Republic of Ireland is governed separately, but the laws here are very similar to the UK. Betting on cricket is generally permitted, and the practice is governed by the Betting Act of 2015.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs tends to take over the regulation system and looks after the process in a specific manner. Since the Gambling Act of 2003 has laid everything down, one can look towards the same to make the most of the process and understand all it offers. By following the rules and regulations mentioned in the act, one can move ahead to place bets on cricket and easily understand the process.


They are a cricket-mad nation, and the IPL is one of the most famous tournaments in the world, but betting on the sport is heavily regulated in India. Within the country, it is generally only allowed to stake on horse racing at the track. Some casinos and sports betting halls based in Goa are an exception to a very strict rule. As we have found in other countries, Indian players can sign up with online casinos and sportsbooks that are based overseas.

Sri Lanka

Although betting has been legal since 2010, it is still getting shaped to provide the right form of experience. With horse racing and cricket betting being the main attractions, one can always explore the activity and understand the different rules and methods to make things work. With the introduction of tournaments like the IPL (Indian Premier League), betting has reached a whole new level.

Wrap words:

While the list of countries that have classified betting as legal tends to go beyond the ones you just read about, these countries tend to provide the best experience. Hence, that was our list of the countries where cricket betting is legal.

The conclusion we can understand from this is that there is a mixed global picture. Just because a country is passionate about cricket, it does not mean they are open to betting on the sport. It is a case of keeping this guide handy and studying any updates to existing legislation as and when they come in.

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