Live Cricket Betting Prediction Secrets

Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Hence, people who bet on cricket matches hold it up to this gentlemanly status. However, there can be a few fraudulent activities taking place in the live cricket betting industry. As a bettor, you should not just be content with knowing how a player or team can bat and bowl in different conditions. In order to gain expertise in the betting world, it is vital to know all the elements that influence the online cricket betting platforms and how they work. A punter should know about odds and how bookmakers fix them. The betting procedure starts from this step, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Bettors should be wary of live betting and cash-out features.

Here are few betting secrets to play IPL betting online for you:

Being an expert in the field cricket betting

Running a cricket bookmaker requires a lot of planning and method. A punter should learn how bookmakers work and set odds. Bookmakers tend to analyze a lot of aspects before setting the odds: the venue, the upcoming matches, the results of the previous matches, the average total of the teams, the batting performances, the bowling performances, and the form of all the players. These factors help to set the odds. Plus, the odds also carry the bookmaker’s margin with it. Most of the bookmakers earn profit by setting the margin – for example, a toss win has the odds of 2/2, then the odds set by the bookmaker is 1.9/2.1. Hence, if you win the bet of 1.90, bookies take .10 as their profit. 

The bookmaker tries to set the odds in this manner so as to lure the bettor. A bettor needs to understand how a bookmaker works. When you back a bet, the bookmaker makes a bet against your selection, that is, lays a bet. Laying a bet means placing a stake against an outcome from happening. Hence, by guiding the bettor on how bookmakers set odds, a bettor can be better equipped to try and outsmart the bookmaker.

Comprehend Players Performance

A bettor should not just rely on the odds to place bets. As a bettor, one should try to examine the performance of the players and the team. The examination of the team, players, and the aspects of the match should be thorough. It is important for a bettor to follow the statistics of a team and keep tabs on the health conditions of the individual players. For example, the odds change if the chief all-round player is injured or has a poor performance. Plus, the condition of the pitch and the weather also plays a part in determining the possible outcome of the game. On top of all that, a bettor should study the previous statistics of the team, individual players, and their pitch records to get an overall view of the possible odds.

Modifying odds of the match

If you are going for live betting, you might find the odds getting modified in the middle of the match. Take an example of a match between Indian and Pakistan being conducted in India. Since most of the audience will be Indians, the Indian team will be the favourite. So the odds for the Indian team will be 1.60 with more people betting on them. Being a punter, you might want to bet on India at the beginning of the match. But after getting into the middle of the match, the odds might get modified to either 1.55 or 1.50. 

Odds can get modified when new information comes in like injuries, substitutions, or performance differences. In such cases, the players who made bets on the Pakistan team will get more returns if Pakistan wins. So during an in-play betting scenario, a bettor should decide whether to cash out before the match ends or change their staking plan. 

Calculating Loss in Live Cricket Betting

You should manage your bankroll properly and cover your losses before making a bet. Assume that there is a bookmaker who’s offering the odds on an India vs Pakistan match. Suppose India is the favourite of all. You, as a punter, have made a bet of 10,000 INR on India and 2000 INR on Pakistan. If the betting odds for the match are 2.80 for Pakistan and 1.45 for India and Pakistan wins, the punter will be subjected to huge losses. Bankroll management can help you cover your losses and make judicious decisions before putting the stake. So, always calculate the loss before betting your money on a betting prediction. Poor bankroll management can result in loss of money and bankruptcy as well.

A bettor should also know the different betting markets present both in pre-match and live cricket betting.

Some of the markets that the bettor can explore are:

  • Playing Fantasy Cricket League: The fantasy cricket league is one of the popular cricket betting types in the cricket league – like Dream11. The bettors can create their own fantasy team. They can join the contest with this fantasy team. After that, the players compete with their rivals. The team getting the higher score sits at the highest position. After that, the money is distributed among the top teams. 
  • Betting on toss: Bettors can also bet on the toss of a specific team. Though the toss is most predictable in most of the cricket betting matches, it can give you good money as you just have to choose if a particular team wins or loses the toss. The average rate of the toss in most of the matches is 1.90. That means by betting 100 INR; you can win around 190 INR. 
  • Betting on matches: Cricket Betting on the matches is the most common way of online cricket betting. Players choose their team and place the bets based on the odds. As they bet on their favourite teams, it is important to not emotionally react and examine performance before putting their stake on someone.

Live Cricket Betting Tips:

Some live cricket betting tips are:

  • If bettors want some excitement in their games, they can go for live matches betting. In this case, punters can make the bets during the match and not before it starts. Most punters must go in on the instincts as previous statistics may not help in this case.
  • There are many betting markets for live cricket betting. A player can bet on the next wicket, the next run or how many runs a team will score in an over or in the next ball.
  • The players should keep a track on the match during its progression and bet according to the live betting rates and modified odds. Since most of these bets are real-time, they can quickly change their decisions based on the match’s curve.
  • Live cricket betting is available at many online betting sites that allow the players to watch the live streaming of the match. They can also cash out if they want to before the match ends. So, you can not only view the match but also bet simultaneously. While it’s exciting, you should know when to cash out, especially if the odds fluctuate a lot.

Conclusion of live cricket betting

While betting can be profitable, you should know the dark secrets of betting too. By knowing all these cricket betting secrets, live betting rates, and using all these techniques, one can successfully manage to win good profits on the cricket betting in longer durations. When you enter the betting world, do not always think of short-term gains. Try to assess the market properly and go for long-term gains.

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