Which Is The Most Reliable Online Betting Sites?

In India, the infectious cricket frenzy has expanded the online betting sites market. Online cricket betting has become quite popular among the punting enthusiasts of the world. From the IPL tournament to international tests and ODIs, Indian punters get plenty of chances to showcase their betting game all the year-round. The demand for the best online betting sites is high throughout the year. After all, who doesn’t want some profitable payouts?

With the IPL 2020 season approaching, the search has begun for the best IPL online bet site. So if you are looking to become a part of the betting party, look no further! Here you’ll find everything that you need to know about the top Online betting sites.

How we decide if Online Betting Sites is Safe

Online betting can be dodgy if you are not careful. While browsing the top Online betting in India, ensure that your chosen site is safe. Scams and frauds are common, and a small mistake can cost you a fortune! We’ve compiled a list of criteria that we consider while assessing the safety of online betting sites.

  • The first thing we ensure is if the site has a valid gaming license. It should be licensed and regulated by a legit governing body. As long as a trusted authority governs your chosen website, you are in safe hands. Some of the authentic licensing authorities are those of the UK, Curacao, Malta, Barbuda, and Antigua.
  • A site that is reputed to be in business for several years is regarded as safe. The duration of the operation is crucial since it reflects the company’s long-term relationship with its customers.
  • Safety and security are primal when you’re making monetary transactions. A secure site will be well encrypted. An SSL encryption certified website means that your personal information is kept private. It encrypts the data transmitted between your computer’s server and the browser. Hence, you can rest assured that sensitive data is kept between you and the betting site. Plus, they should have secure payment methods associated with top companies like Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal.

Further, the “s” in the “https:” before the website’s address stands for secure. Also, a lock icon will appear next to the site’s address. These serve as excellent indicators that the betting site you are using is a secure one.

  • We make sure that a betting website doesn’t sell customer information to third-party companies. Additionally, we make sure that the websites’ game software has undergone the required testing and approval to provide fair games. The website should have games from the top and trusted software providers. Plus, the RNG games of the website should be tested by relevant testing authorities.

Some of the Risks Associated with Online Betting Sites

One cannot underestimate the risks of online betting. The best betting sites are not likely to trick you. So, you have to be careful while browsing online betting sites. Here’s a list of the most common threats that, sadly, plague the online betting world:

  • Visiting fake and fraudulent websites that can steal your money.
  • Spyware or viruses can cause identity theft. It gives criminals access to your betting account and other private information on your gaming device.
  • Phishing emails dupe you into disclosing your account details, including passwords and banking information. 
  • Underage or vulnerable individuals gain access to gambling, and the consequences can be disastrous.
  • Fake websites lure people into opening accounts and making deposits by offering ridiculously high bonuses!
  • Cheats‘ often claim to help you but downloading them may invite spyware/viruses.
  • Credit card and account details are quite vulnerable and can get captured by online hackers.
  • The ‘Chat‘ option on betting sites could be a hoax. Customers are often tempted into disclosing personal information such as passwords, home address, and age. 
  • Online betting can be an invasion of your privacy. Rogue sites often sell your data to third-party companies.
  • Last but not least, betting addiction and its consequences are pretty damaging.

How to determine the best online betting sites?

Whether it’s free betting sites you’re looking for or the top online betting sites, there are some ground rules to choosing the right one. Here are some things you should assess when determining the best online betting sites:

  • Trusted and reliable: Do your research and read online reviews before you settle on a specific website. Here are some questions you should be asking:
    • What are the different deposit methods available?
    • Will I get any welcome bonus?
    • Will I get quick payouts?
  • Security: The best betting sites will have all the necessary safety procedures and technologies in place.
  • Offers promotions and bonuses in plenty: Free bets, bonuses, and concessions should be on the home page and properly displayed while choosing an online bookie. So before you sign-up, do check the perks!
  • Gives competitive odds: Choose a bookie that offers the best possible values on their selections. But make sure that the bookie sticks to the advertised odds when placing a real bet.
  • Ample payment options: Barring countries with restrictions, most bookmakers offer a wide selection of payment options. Bank cards, digital wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, the options are aplenty.
  • Broad coverage of sports: Not just cricket, the best betting sites will have an expansive trove of sports betting options. The most popular ones also offer live betting and casino games.
  • Robust customer support: The live customer support is your only option to ask for help in online betting. The best betting sites will have 24/7 customer service through live chats, emails, or phone calls. 

Why register with all the best bookmakers?

It’s quite clear as to why you should put enough thought before settling on an online bookie. You may choose just one or register with multiple bookies. But what you shouldn’t be missing out on is how much value you are getting on your money. We’ve already discussed what you should be looking for in the ‘best bookmaker‘. However, the betting websites are vastly different in terms of the odds they offer, the betting markets available, terms and conditions, welcome bonuses, promotions, and others. As such, choosing the ‘best one’ gets tricky. But there are a couple of reasons why it is important to choose the best bookie that fits your desires:

  • You can enjoy the best possible odds. Odds determine how much you win from your wager. Hence, the best odds from a genuine bookmaker could seal your winning deal.
  • Excellent customer support is the backbone to a seamless betting experience. A good support service indicates accountability. So you know that you are not being scammed.
  • Lucrative bonuses and promotions will let you make more money. But only the best bookmakers will offer reliable bonus offers.
  • Reliable bookmakers will also have easy deposits and payment options. Your personal information will also be secured with such bookies.

In the end, which bookmaker you choose is a purely personal choice. Each punter has different preferences. A bit of shopping around, and you’ll know which one’s best for you. So always refer to the cricket site list, and choose the best that fits your requirements.


The online betting jungle can be a wily maze. But with a reliable cricket betting guide, choosing the best one is as easy as 1-2-3. Just a few precautions and you are good to go. So before you dive into the online betting arena, check on the safety criteria. Do your homework and go ahead in the game only when you’re confident.

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