Most Wickets Taken in Cricket ODI World Cup

The Cricket ODI World Cup is one of world’s sports biggest events of all time. Countless stars have graced multiple ICC Cricket ODI World Cup tournaments to show their breathtaking skills on the pitch. Daring wicket-takers have always given fans many reasons to cheer with their deadly ball delivers.

Let’s check out the most wickets taken in Cricket ODI World Cup history and the top wicket-takers at World Cups this century:

Most Wickets Taken in Cricket ODI World Cup: Top All-Time Ranking

GD McGrath (AUS)7139391955326129218.193.9627.531996-2007
M Muralidaran (SL)6840392061343133519.633.8830.31996-2011
SL Malinga (SL)5629281394232128122.875.5124.892007-2019
Wasim Akram (PAK)5538361947324131123.834.0435.41987-2003
MA Starc (AUS)49181893715672614.814.6419.122015-2019
WPUJC Vaas (SL)4931311570261104021.223.9732.041996-2007
Z Khan (IND)442323119319989020.224.4727.112003-2011
J Srinath (IND)4434331700283122427.814.3238.631992-2003
Imran Tahir (SA)402221115119284721.174.4128.772011-2019
TA Boult (NZ)391919110418485021.794.6128.32015-2019
AA Donald (SA)382525131321991324.024.1734.551992-2003
JDP Oram (NZ)362323109418276821.334.2130.382003-2011
DL Vettori (NZ)3632311689281116832.444.1446.912003-2015
B Lee (AUS)35171782513762917.974.5723.572003-2011

Most Wickets Taken in Cricket ODI World Cup: Top 5 This Century

Countless top cricketers achieved top wicket numbers since the ODI World Cup kicked off over five decades ago. Let’s see the top five wicket-takers at the Cricket ODI World Cup in this century below:

SL Malinga (SL)5629281394232.2128122.875.5124.892007-2019
MA Starc (AUS)491818937156.172614.814.6419.122015-2019
Z Khan (IND)4423231193198.589020.224.4727.112003-2011
Imran Tahir (SA)4022211151191.584721.174.4128.772011-2019
TA Boult (NZ)391919110418485021.794.6128.32015-2019

Many top cricketers from different countries will put up a challenge against GD McGrath’s record in the coming years. But it will be quite difficult to beat a 71-wicket record in one career with so many defensive improvements in this century.

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