MS Dhoni delayed retirement delights cricket fans

MS Dhoni is not hell-bent on retiring after the Chennai Super Kings’ record-equalling fifth IPL title. The 41-year-old batter seems to favour a likely return to IPL cricket for at least one more season. Dhoni announced that he will not be retiring, resting rumours about his imminent exit from IPL cricket.

MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK) defeated the Gujarat Titans (GT) on Monday, May 29, 2023 to clinch another IPL title. Many fans expected Dhoni to retire from all cricket formats after his latest trophy; but it seems he will delay the announcement for some time.

The good news of Dhoni’s delayed retirement excited CSK fans and supporters of other IPL franchises. Several sections of supporters see Dhoni’s postponed retirement as a gift for his team, the fans, and cricket in general. Other fans also believe Dhoni put off his retirement to allow CSK players and fans savour every moment of their latest championship win.

MS Dhoni Was Expected to Retire after IPL Final 2023

Many cricket fans expected MS Dhoni to follow Ambati Rayudu’s footsteps by announcing his retirement after the IPL 2023 final. Dhoni surprised everyone by putting off his potential retirement from all cricket to several months ahead.

Dhoni feels this is a perfect time to retire, but he will give one more season to cricket fans if he can:

This is the best time to announce my retirement,” he said; but feels he needs to give one more season to fans “The way they’ve shown their love and affection; I think that’s somethingI need to do for them,

Why are Fans Excited about MS Dhoni Not Retiring after IPL Final 2023?

MS Dhoni’s performances at the IPL since 2008 has caught the eye of several teams and fans. He brings so much to any team he features in and is one of cricket’s most-decorated batsmen in history. Many fans are excited that Dhoni isn’t retiring just yet due to his:

Massive on-pitch leadership

Dhoni has led more teams to IPL finals than any other skipper in the event’s history. He is also one of the most decorated skippers in IPL cricket.

Dhoni’s on-field leadership is a major boost to any team he features in and he knows how to bring the best out of teammates in high-octane fixtures. Dhoni is also one of very few skippers in IPL history to have led more than one team to a final. CSK fans will be hoping he stays on for longer to deliver another title-winning performance for the team in 2024.

Excellent on-field performance

Many fans have been waiting for the postponement of Dhoni’s retirement since IPL 2023 began.These fans know how Dhoni’s match performances are crucial to the Chennai Super Kings’ successes as a team. Dhoni’s continued delay of his retirement is a major reason why many fans are already delighted ahead of IPL 2024.

Record-laden career

MS Dhoni has one of the IPL’s biggest trophy cabinets in history. His consistent performances for Chennai Super Kings has brought him several individual and team recognitions for more than a decade. Some of Dhoni’s achievements as an IPL player include:

Most IPL finals as a captain – MS Dhoni has now played in eleven (11) different IPL finals, one of the most mind-blowing records held by the veteran batsman. He has featured in ten finals for CSK and a final with the Rising Pune Supergiants in 2017.

Second most titles as an IPL player – MS Dhoni is one title behind cricket greats like Ambati Rayudu and Rohit Sharma in the all-time rankings. He has managed to win five titles with the Chennai Super Kings and missed out on a record sixth in his sole IPL final with Rising Pune Supergiants.

Most IPL matches won as captain – Dhoni has been skipper when his team were victorious in over 125 different occasions. Few captains can boast of up to half of Dhoni’s win numbers in the IPL.

Most IPL matches as captain – Dhoni has featured in 215+ IPL matches as a skipper throughout his career. He was also skipper for some time with another team when he traded to the Rising Pune Supergiants for a season.

Second most runs scored as a skipper – Dhoni has been able to record 4,000+ runs as a skipper for the Chennai Super Kings. His excellent batting skills and dominant game-reading abilities is a major reason why many fans don’t want him to retire.

Top five in MOTM awards – MS Dhoni’s on-field performances have earned him a spot in the all-time Man of the Match (MOTM) rankings in IPL cricket. He offers several exciting performances during games and is a favourite among cricket fans in India and abroad for his above-average skillset.

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