How to Open an Online Betting Account

Venturing into the world of online sports betting can sound intimidating for beginners. But with little help, one can easily navigate through the process. One of the frequently asked questions by beginners or old-school gamblers is how to open an online betting account? 

Down below, you will find the step-by-step guide. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

There is no sacristy of online bookmakers in the contemporary world. Thanks to modern technology betting on the go is a luxury we all can afford. Before deciding on any site, you need all the information there is to find. For trustworthy and popular options, you can check our other articles

What is best for you is directly proportional to what kind of games you enjoy; from online card games to sports exchanges and bookmakers. You can all find them in one place. Our research team works day and night to get all the information you can utilize in your new adventure.

Furthermore, if you reside in South Asian countries, we have just the convenient choices lined up for you. For instance, Crickex is one of the fast-growing sport betting websites. In recent years, the site has shown remarkable progress.

Online Betting Account Opening

Once you land on the Cricket website, you will find the Sign-up option on the top right. Now we can start the registration process by entering a unique username. If the name you input is already taken, you can add a number or change it entirely. Much like Gmail accounts, no two people can own the same username. 

After that, create a password that needs to have letters and numbers only; no signs and symbols are allowed. Moreover, never share your password with anyone. If let’s say you forget the password, you can contact Customer service with your information added to the site. 

You also have currency choice in Crickex. Being dedicated to Indian and Bangladesh gaming enthusiasts. The site offers two currency options; INR and BDT. 

Referral Bonus

The next step is “Refer code”. This sub-category belongs to one of the many promotional offers. If any of your friends referred you, entering their code helps to claim a free bonus for both of you. In order to find the code, your friend can either go through his profile or contact the CS.

Moving on, the following requirement is your full name, which should match your identification. This information is crucial in case of claiming a bonus or regenerating a new password; if forgotten. So, always remember to input the correct data. 

After that, add your phone number and Gmail. All that remains is to input the verification code created on the site. In the end, comes terms and conditions. Before you click ok, make sure to go through them. 

Just like that, you have created an exchange id. You don’t have to make any commitments right away. However, if you wish to place any bet, making a deposit is necessary.   

Logging in site

Click on the login button and enter your credentials. As we discussed on the steps to take in case you forget the required login details. One more thing is crucial; you get only three tries before the system locks your account. This is to avoid any intrusion in your private account without your permission. 

Nonetheless, if the problem is purely yours, you can quickly gain access to the same account through Customer Service. They are available 24/7. 

Once you are logged in, you can check the sports betting options, promotional offers, lotteries, slots, and live casino tables.  

To get an app, you can click on the top left cellphone icon. The process of logging in is similar to the app. 

Gambling tools

To use different tools at your disposal, you can click on the member center or your profile. Here you can add, verify your information accordingly. 

In this category, you can find a deposit, withdrawal options. Furthermore, you can keep track of your wagering requirements by clicking on the turnover category. Apart from that, monitoring your profit and loss is equally important. Hence to do that, click on the report. Adjust the date according to your need and hit search. 

I may have used one site, for example, but if your choice is different. You don’t have to worry a bit. As this is the standard procedure for opening any online betting account. 

Enjoy and exercise your betting skills this IPL. Best of luck in your new and exciting journey of digital betting. 

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