Play-To-Earn in India

What is Play-To-Earn (P2E)?

In today’s computerised world, gaming is becoming more popular with time. The moderate gamers approximately spend 8 to 10 hours a week playing in a digital environment. As gaming is highly connected with crypto, a new term invented in the market named as Play-to-Earn criterion, normally called P2E. Every individual player earns cryptocurrencies by playing in the ascending crypto-generated type of P2E. The inclusion of the crypto manifestation in the primary game oscillation could make the P2E able to reach a huge audience. This is normally gained by combining the budgetary of the game with the bona fide finance and generating inner game properties that can transfer through a blockchain.

The Covid-19 pandemic positively impacted the P2E criterion as people got bored spending the whole time staying at their homes and often without their source of income. P2E served them with an option of getting entertainment and income at the same time. The P2E games are transferring a lot of gamers to the entirely new class of crypto, and therefore it appears to be critical for the market of cryptocurrency at huge. Several Play-to-Earn games strongly support the homemakers that are struggling for their monthly income during the pandemic.


Game-Fi is an astounding crypto-gaming class that has the ability to make the games a full-time profession. Whether through adventures, business, or other procedures, Game-Fi permits the players to earn digitised assets for their game achievement. In the past days of the visual game industry, the game manufacturers decided to develop gaming worlds as fascinating as real life. As there are multiple technological advancements in the field of graphics and calculation, and they have assisted in reducing the gaps, different types of games are still not contributing to the primary incentives of life, such as the capability to earn a wide range of gamers.

While the conventional games have permitted the gamers to accumulate and trade the digitalized properties for the past few decades, some of them have lost their assets multiple times when the administrator closed the game or went out of the trade. The GameFi games, on the contrary, keep the gamer’s investment stored reliably on a distributed network. These games operated separately on one organization, considerably minimizing the risks of digital investments. The concept of GameFi rewards the gamers with multiple financial enticements to play and grow in the games through different levels. However, there are some gaming products that require you to invest a few crypto coins to initiate the gaming procedure.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is acknowledged as a leader that differs from other Game-Fi because of the collaboration between blockchain features and typical online gaming. The game of Axie Infinity whirls around the virtual pets inspired by the character of Pokémon, Axolotl, and Tamagotchi, which can be purchased and traded. The gamers involved in this game can use their Axies against the other gamer for winning the currency of the inner game. The gamers mostly make the profits by delivering and selling out the Axies, as well as doing business in other inner game investments comprising the land, accessories, and domestic tokens. Axie Infinity is currently referred to as the most prominent Non-Fungible Token (NFT) based game that rewards the gamers that can reach the most enhanced level of talent.

Axie Infinity gained much popularity in developing countries like the Philippines during the worldwide pandemic. During the pandemic, the people of the Philippines earned a huge amount of cryptocurrency by playing the characterized video games. As the pandemic hit the Philippines, the people of Manila identified a distinctive way to deal with the hardships generated by the long-time lockdowns by playing video games. It has been identified that the Manila gamers of online video games have been rewarded with huge amounts of cryptocurrencies. The people of the Philippines have admitted that the Axie Infinity has supported their daily requirements and paid the utility bills and loans.

YGG & IndiGG

India is also empowering its gamers using advanced invented web3 procedures of Play-to-Earn through India’s Gaming Guild which is IndiGG. IndiGG is the sub-type of YGG (Yield Guild Games) that is being developed in collaboration with Polygon Studios. As a custom subDao, it mainly focuses on the expansion of the Play-to-Earn conveniences in India, to hire the impassioned Indian players into the multiverse and increase the earning resources for the gamers. At present, India constitutes above 400 million active players who are mostly engaged in mobile games like PUBG, Free Fire, and Call of Duty, as mobile is the most used device for online games. With a population of above 1.3 billion, India has been considered the biggest global gaming talent hub.

IndiGG is currently looking to hire and incorporate participants of the Indian society that don’t know about the play-to-earn features that pay the gamers for the work that they bring to burgeoning game provinces and develop a positive impact on the lives of the people. The method of taking play-to-earn and crypto towards the huge acceptance as guilds are usually done by visiting different villages, towns, cities, and hire societies to Web3. IndiGG has made a significant move by collaborating with several NFT games that can be a doorway for these societies to know more about cryptocurrencies. The IndiGG has been serving more than 4,500 houses with highly motivated and supportive participants that are giving their part towards the accomplishment of subDAO. 

Enhancing its domestic functions, IndiGG has already initiated hiring multiple scholars and educators for the development of the educational webinars, seminars, or boot camps by conducting a variety of society competitions for Axie Infinity educators and taking part in other society operations with the developers in the blockchain gaming zone. In the same way, several investors also collaborated with subDAO in support of YGG for the Indian community, including the co-founder of Reddit as well. With the certain unusual fundings, IndiGG has already initiated obtaining the investments in different game categories that implement the model of play-to-earn that also offers scholarships in games to the gamers, specifically in Axie Infinity, Fancy Birds, Nyan Heroes, and many more to add the number of games to its enhancing list of collaborators.

Recently, IndiGG has declared its forthcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the FTX programme that took place in March. With this partnership that has been taken place by YGG, FTX, and Polygon, this feature will be welcomed by the IndiGG IEO. IndiGG is a blockchain-based project that strongly relies on the Indian industry. India has a huge market for crypto organizations and is the second biggest platform for cryptocurrency across the world, according to research. FTX has initiated a move to make India a crypto hub by implanting P2E gaming that is based on cryptocurrency in the country.

P2E is an Old Concept with a New Look

Play to Earn (P2E) is not a new concept. In early online games such as Paradise, World of Warcraft, and Diablo, many players use game characters, gold coins, or treasures, and then arbitrage through offline transactions. The “room-playing order” model has attracted boycotts from game developers. Because the “studio” is too flooded, it is easy to destroy the balance of the game, causing inflation and depreciation of game gold coins and treasures. Therefore, online games usually do not open the cash transaction function between players, and also control third-party trading platforms. Players who spend money to quickly enhance the competitiveness of the game can only buy game currency or treasures from the official tuition fee and become the “leader of the tuition fee” in the player’s mouth.

The most popular online game at present is “Honor of Kings” launched by Tencent in 2015. Its revenue in 2021 will reach 2 billion US dollars, occupying first place in the game revenue rankings. This does not include the overseas version of “Legendary Showdown”. “, players are even willing to spend hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars in “class fees” in order to dominate the game, which shows the huge scale of the mobile game market.

However, the ownership of the virtual currency and props “bought” by the traditional game course money still belongs to the game company, and players cannot resell it. What they get by spending a lot of money is only the “right to use”, which satisfies the sense of achievement in the game, but hurts real-life purses. The birth of blockchain games attempts to change this phenomenon.

Virtual Assets Trading for Online Games

In the context of gaming, currency can be utilized as a source of the exchange of assets that have some financial value in a particular environment, such as the online video game. In the world of gaming, the virtual assets also incorporate tokens that provide the gamers higher rights and capabilities, such as a creative sword or the magic draught. Like the gold and assets in games, these currencies can be traded in the currency’s practical world. One of the main resources of the virtual assets for the online games is minimum paid labour prevailing in less privileged areas of the world.

One of the most demanding subtypes of online gaming is the buying of virtual assets or internal game products. These internal game products are the non-physical products that the gamers can buy using the virtual game currency, normally called cryptocurrency. World Warcraft is a multiplayer online game that uses virtual assets for trading purposes. This game mainly involves character development, in which the gamers are being paid and can earn the points to move to the character’s new level to enable them to become more powerful and purchase and sell the products using the internal game currency to get better tools, among the different game players.

The World Warcrafts has greater critical and commercial achievement upon its new releases, which engages more and more players to trade through this game.  Another online video game that uses virtual assets for trading reasons is Diablo, which was developed by the Blizzard entertainment company. Diablo has been considered one of the most successful online video games of all time that involves the trade of virtual assets. The players of this game purchase avatars and different items to compete to get succeeded in the game and earn virtual assets or coins. Diablo has both single and multiplayer functions. This provides the biggest online gaming platform that facilitates gamers to fight with each other and earn points. Unlike the other online games, Diablo provides its users with an option to sell any type of product, weapon, or kind of armour.

Fantasy Sports

Another game type that can do game asset trading is fantasy sports games. Fantasy sports games allow players to form their own virtual team by picking their favourite professional athletes from different teams. Players compete against each other with their virtual teams. The match stats generated by athletes will be transformed into game points and accumulated by each virtual team. Then the team which has the highest game points will win the competition and get the winning prize.

Dream11 is an Indian dream platform that permits clients to play fantasy sports games. Dream11 is an internet game where clients make a virtual group of genuine players and acquire focus on a view of the exhibitions of these players in genuine matches. A client who scores the greatest focuses in their joined challenges accomplishes the main position on the leaderboard. Dream11 offers free and paid levels. Among all, Legend Fantasy has its novel spot. In a tiny measure of time, Legend Fantasy has made its firm spot in this exceptionally serious market. Because of its exceptional highlights and simple to-deal with the model, Legend Fantasy is adored by many clients.

Dream11 allows players to withdraw their winnings to fiat currency to their bank account. But players need to pay a high tax around 30% before they withdraw. On the other hand, Legend Fantasy only provides options to redeem player’s winnings to some prizes like e-gift cards, vouchers, etc. But somehow, you might find some Legend Fantasy players running a game coin trading business on this platform. Players still can exchange their winnings to fiat currency by selling their winnings to these “Coin Resellers”.

No matter Dream11 or Legend Fantasy, they all present another popular form of Play-To-Earn concept in India nowaday.

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