Records of Championships Played by Bangladesh Cricket Team

The Cricket World Cup of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is the official league played by different players. Twelve full-member nations of the International Cricket Council participate in this tournament. England was the host nation for the first world cup in 1975. Eight teams participated in the contest, and West Indies won by 17 runs against Australia. Bangladesh cricket team participated for the first time in the 1999 World Cup.

Since then, it has participated in six world cups. Look at how it performed in the different world cups and which stages it reached. Also, the number in brackets against years represents the participating teams. And Bangladesh hosted one international world cup in 2011.

Bangladesh Cricket Team World Cup Record

S. No.YearStage ReachedPerformance
11999 (12)Group StageBangladesh cricket team debuted in the world cricket cup in this championship. It was in group 2 but could not clear the stage with two wins and three losses.
22003 (14)Group StageBangladesh demonstrated poor results with five defeats out of six matches played in the group stage. It was disqualified in the group stage only.
32007 (16)Super EightBangladesh cleared the group stage for the first time with two wins and one loss. It was later disqualified in the super-eight stage with six losses.
42011 (14)Group StageBangladesh co-hosted the world cup with India and Sri Lanka. It was in Group B where it won three matches out of six. It missed the chance to progress by a low margin.
52015 (14)Quarter-FinalsBangladesh cleared the group stage with three wins, two losses, and one “No Result.” It played and lost against India.
62019 (10)Group StageBangladesh won three matches out of nine with five losses. It accumulated 7 points in the knock-out stage, bringing it to the eighth position.

These are the results shown by the Bangladesh cricket team in the different world cups it participated in. It can be considered a new team compared to England or Australia. The world cup mentioned above follows the ODI format. It means that teams played the matches in the 50-over ODI format. Then what about the performance of Bangladesh in other world cups?

Bangladesh Cricket Team T20 World Cup Record

ICC launched the T20 Cricket World Cup in 2007. Since then, seven T20 tournaments have been played by different nations. Bangladesh was in the opening inaugural tournament and has played in all seven championships. We will be looking into the last five contests where the Bangladesh team and players showed great efforts.

S. No.YearStage ReachedPerformance
12010 (12)Group StageBangladesh played against Australia and Pakistan and lost both matches. Pakistan qualified for the Super-eight rounds with Bangladesh losing the game. 
22012 (12)Group StageBangladesh was in Group D with Pakistan and New Zealand. In the second match, it performed well against Pakistan, but Pakistan won the game with eight wickets and 1.2 overs remaining.
32014 (16)Super TenBangladesh secured easy wins in the group stage against Nepal, Hong Kong, and Afghanistan teams. But it saw the devastating defeat of four losses against India, West Indies, Australia, and Pakistan in Group 2 matches. Bangladesh hosted the 2014 T20 World Cup.
42016 (16)Super TenBangladesh performed well against its group stage opponents. Tamim Iqbal scored the first T20I match century for Bangladesh. In Super Ten, it again suffered four losses.
52021 (16)Super TwelveBangladesh won two matches out of three with one loss against Scotland. Shakib Al Hasan of the Bangladesh cricket team became the lead wicket-taker of T20 international games.

Complete List of Championships Played By Bangladesh

The last five tournaments, leagues, etc., played by the Bangladesh cricket team is shared below. TAs you can see, the players and team have improved their game. From being rookies, they are now the up-and-coming underdogs.

Series/ TournamentSeason WinnerMargin
Bangladesh in New Zealand ODI Series2020/21 New Zealand3-0 (3)
Sri Lanka in Bangladesh ODI Series2021 Bangladesh2-1 (3)
Bangladesh in Zimbabwe ODI Series2021 Bangladesh3-0 (3)
Afghanistan in Bangladesh ODI Series2021/22 Bangladesh2-1 (3)
Bangladesh in South Africa ODI Series2021/22 Bangladesh2-1 (3)
ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League2020-2022/23  

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