Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: Indian Skipper finally breaks his silence and shares his feelings!!!

Finally, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals breaks his silence and shares his feelings after a long time. After a heart-breaking World Cup final in 2023, Rohit Sharma for the first time opened up by posting a 4-minute video on social media.

Rohit Sharma took over the captaincy from Virat Kohli after the T20 World Cup 2021. From then, Rohit Sharma along with the head coach Rahul Dravid, visioned to clinch the World Cup trophy on the home ground.

Before the commencement of the tournament, Team India ranked the No.1 position in ODIs under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. The Indian cricket team was able to accomplish this milestone after winning the Asia Cup 2023 tournament.

Despite executing the best plans with Rahul Dravid to bring the best possible playing XI on the field, Team India wasn’t able to win these tournaments:

  • ICC World Test Championship: Runner-up
  • T20 World Cup 2022: Semi-finalist
  • ICC World Cup 2023: Runner-up

As an opening batsman in the CWC 2023 tournament, Rohit Sharma with his aggressive start to the innings, boosted the confidence of other batsmen.

Rohit Sharma, as an Indian skipper played a selfless innings rather than focussing on his records, which resulted in his team posting a high total against the opponents.

Despite, Rohit Sharma playing selfless innings as a batsman and skipper, he was able to accomplish many impressive records in the tournament:

  1. The most number of sixes in the CWC 2023 tournament.
  2. Longest winning streak for any Indian captain in a single World Cup.
  3. The second most number of runs scored by a batsman in World Cup 2023.
  4. Maximum number of sixes by any batsman in World Cups.

After winning 10 matches sequentially, many Indian fans as well as the skipper were heartbroken as the men-in-blue faced a shocking defeat against the Aussies in the finals.

Indian skipper’s emotional feelings

Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: Indian skipper’s emotional feelings

To overcome the CWC 2023 finals loss, Rohit Sharma along with his family has been on a mini vacation in the UK. Recently, Rohit Sharma returned to India and was spotted at the Mumbai airport.

After returning from London, Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals shared his emotional feelings. The Indian skipper conveys that his family supported him during the toughest crisis of his life:

“Overall, it wasn’t easy. Initially, I was completely unaware of my subsequent plans and was not clear about how to recover from this…

My family, my friends, and all others kept me continuing…They kept things pretty light around me which was quite helpful.”

Rohit Sharma started his speech by conveying his gratitude towards his family for their support. Furthermore, Rohit Sharma continued to share his dream of winning the tournament under his captaincy:

“ It wasn’t easy to accept an unexpected defeat in the finals of a grand tournament on our home ground. But you have to move on with your life … Honestly,  It wasn’t easy to move on and I found it extremely tough…

I have grown up always watching the 50-over World Cup. It was the ultimate prize to me. We have worked all those years for that World Cup.”

And it is disappointing, right? If you don’t get through it and you don’t succeed in getting what you desire. Especially, what you have been dreaming of all these years.

You get disappointed as well as frustrated at times.”

Shares his Team’s performance in the tournament

Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: Shares his Team’s performance in the tournament

Additionally, Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals shared his team’s overall performance in the tournament:

“The outcome was completely unexpected. I thought we executed our plans perfectly from our side. If someone questions me what went wrong? Then I would say that in every game there were certain positives and negatives. Because we won 10 straight games in the tournament. Also, in those 10 games, we made certain mistakes.

It is unimaginable to play a perfect game every time without mistakes. Moreover, you can nearly play a perfect game.

On the other side of my opinion, I am proud of my team. Because the way we played was simply extraordinary and unforgettable. Also, you don’t get to deliver a similar performance like this in every World Cup.

I am sure that the way we continued our performance till the finals would have given a lot of joy to the spectators. Likewise, it would have given a lot of pride to the fans watching the team perform exceptionally in its every match.”

Certainly, after winning 10 matches in a row, who wouldn’t expect the team to clinch the trophy as an unbeaten side of the tournament? Rohit Sharma’s speech conveys the feelings of every cricket fan. 

Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: How did the skipper overcome the shocking defeat?

Furthermore, the Indian skipper shared his feelings about how fans motivated him to come out of the unexpected defeat in the CWC 2023 finals:

“ I feel it was the right move to have a mini-vacation after the World Cup. Because it was very complicated for me to get under control, I decided to travel somewhere and get my mind diverted out of this.

But, I realized that wherever I was people noticed me. From far distances, people came towards me by appreciating everyone’s effort and how well we played…

It made me feel good to a certain extent when people appreciated that they were proud of the team. 

Yeah…I feel for all of them. Because they all along with us were dreaming of lifting that World Cup.

During the entire World Cup campaign, wherever we traveled, there was immense support from all fans. People who reached the stadium first as well as the individuals watching from their locations, I want to appreciate all of them.

Especially, in those one-and-a-half periods, what people have done for us I heartfully thank them.”

The Indian skipper from the above message hints that it was a mandatory break for him to heal and perform well in the forthcoming matches of his career.

Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: A motivation to make a comeback

Additionally, Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals didn’t want to delve deeper into it:

“Mainly, thinking about it again raises the depression that we were not able to go through all the way. So that I won’t be thinking about it much…”

Conclusively, Rohit Sharma shared his motivation to get back and play for the Indian cricket team:

Along with my team members, I was healing as well. When people understand what the player must be going through and when they realize these kinds of things, by not bringing out the frustration, it means a lot for us…”

“For me, it meant a lot because there wasn’t any anger. Rather, people whom I met, showed their pure love and affection. It was wonderful to see that. 

It gives the motivation to make a comeback and start playing again for the team to aim for another ultimate trophy.”

The Indian skipper hints that he will make a strong comeback for the forthcoming test series against South Africa. Also, Rohit Sharma and his men will aim to perform exceptionally well for the ICC Championship cycle 2023-25.

Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals: Overall Facts

Ultimately, it is great news for all fans to see Rohit Sharma give an interesting update after a long time.

The emotional message from Rohit Sharma about the CWC 2023 finals has left the fans filled with tears in their eyes.

Rohit Sharma’s heartfelt message conveys to fans that he would work on his leadership skills for Team India to secure future triumphs.

Conclusively, the Indian skipper from the above message sentimentally touches every cricket fan’s heart.

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