Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli as a role model: “Isiliye woh king hai…”

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli by highlighting his brilliance, in a previous conversation with Dinesh Karthik on Jio Cinema. He emphasized the valuable lessons the present generation of cricketers could learn from Virat Kohli, by considering him one of the greatest batsmen of all period.

Rohit Sharma who took over the captaincy from Kohli in 2021, advised youngsters to follow Virat’s footsteps. The Indian skipper strongly believes that it could prove to be the starting point of younger player’s success

Sharma heaped praises on Kohli by saying that there is a lot of cricket to learn from him both inside and outside the field.

The Indian opening batsman pointed out that youngsters need to observe the standards that he maintains and hunger to play cricket despite gaining huge success at the international level.

Virat Kohli lastly played the 3-match T20I series against Afghanistan. However, he has to miss the first two test matches against England due to personal reasons.

Moreover, the “Ro-Ko” (Rohit and Kohli) combination, together made a comeback into the T20Is after 14 months. It shows the strong bond between these two players.

As Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli, fans start reacting on social media with the popular caption- “Isiliye woh king hai…”

Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli: The Indian skipper’s opinion

The Indian skipper Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli by sharing about his dedication towards the game:

“ There is certainly one thing I would like to share. Luckily, I can watch Virat Kohli from a nearer range. He is very much passionate about the game and it is always there with the team as well. Many people are not aware of the fact what he performs off the field to keep continuing. He is very dedicated. Virat’s hunger in every series keeps on growing. He can be easily contented with what he possesses.

Kohli can say that I will easily handle it in these 2-3 series, I will come later for sure. But, he is always ready for his team to give the best performance he has.

The mindset to become hungry and not being self-satisfied cannot be taught. You should learn it on your own by observing through others. I cannot particularly teach you that concept as it has to come within yourself.” 

Despite, opting out of the two test matches, Rohit Sharma backs up Virat Kohli’s unwavering commitment towards the Indian cricket team.

Rohit Sharma about Virat Kohli and his fitness

Furthermore, Rohit Sharma talked about Kohli’s passion and his batting techniques by stating that he has never been to the NCA. It is a place where most players visit to regain their fitness or undergo rehabilitation:

“ One thing you need to observe. In his entire cricketing career, he (Virat Kohli) has never been to the NCA. The younger players must look at the passion he has. The first thing you need to understand is the way he plays cover drive, flick, and cut. Moreover, you need to comprehend the quality of players that completely transform them and this makes him the best cricketer at the position where he is present.”

Rohit Sharma indirectly highlights the injuries that a majority of Indian players have been facing in recent times.

Finally, Sharma concluded by giving crucial advice to youngsters by citing another example of Virat Kohli:

“Additionally, there is another important aspect you need to consider. When technically discussed, you should always remain hungry rather than focusing on Virat Kohli or other cricketers.

Rather than observing Virat Kohli or other cricketers technically, you need to maintain your hunger at all times. It becomes important to bring out the passion and the pride to achieve everything, playing out in the sun, contributing the best efforts for your team, and getting the task accomplished. Primarily, this is what I expect the guys to have first.”

Hitman talks about Virat Kohli’s strategies that have helped him to maintain longevity in international cricket.

Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli: Conclusive Facts

At the age of 35-years, Virat Kohli has maintained his fitness levels by dynamically performing as the best batsman and fielder.

Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have grown up watching each other achieve unique records in their career.

From his above statement, Rohit Sharma praises Virat Kohli by indicating that he has brought a new fitness revolution to the Indian cricket team during his captaincy tenure.   

In the post-match chat, Rohit applauded Virat Kohli’s aggressive intent despite his early dismissal in the Afghanistan series.

Also, many fans as well as the Indian cricket team could feel Virat Kohli’s absence in the first test match of the series against England. The Three Lions won by 28 runs against the hosts with their dominating spin attack. Finally, Virat Kohli will return in the 3rd test match of the series against England. The match begins on the 15th and takes place till the 19th of February 2024 at SCA Stadium, Rajkot.

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