Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2022: Details & Salary

Sachin Tendulkar is a God of cricket. He is a cricket icon. For three decades, he has been the brand ambassador of cricket.

Sachin is connected with cricket for more than 22 years and 22 yards which is almost like a miracle. He became a sensation in the milestone of cricket.

Sachin created stunning moments on the canvas of cricket. He recorded 100 centuries, most runs in test matches, ODI, and World Cup matches.

Sachin has been the soul of cricket throughout his cricket career. He made this cricket a religion in many people’s lives. A massive audience can connect with him through his illuminating figure. Many multinational companies got those target audiences through him.

The net worth of the great Sachin Tendulkar is $170 million. Sachin Tendulkar is the wealthiest cricketer ever in the world.

Details of Sachin Tendulkar:

Early life:    

Dadar, Bombay in a brahmin Maharashtrian family, 24th April 1973 a boy born in. Nobody knows when he will be a cricket icon of all time. In Rajapur Saraswat, he was born. Ramesh Tendulkar, father of Sachin Tendulkar was a novelist and poet. And Ranji, his mother, was an employee of an insurance company.

Sachin Tendulkar was the youngest child amongst his four brothers. Nitin and Ajit are his brothers, and he also has one sister, her name is Savita. His elder brother inspires him to play cricket. Because he was a very mischievous kid, his brother wanted him to be engaged and stop him from making trouble.


Sachin Tendulkar first started to play under a great coach named Ramakant Achrekar. His cricket skills were just stunning.

At 14, he made his first debut and played for Bombay. In their debut match, he scored an outstanding century and made a vast buzz in the cricket world.  And from that match, he doesn’t need to look back. He just played forward.

In November 1989, he was selected for a test match and ODI series against Pakistan. From there, his bat has incredibly recorded a milestone in his career.

Sachin broke all the batting records had till then in international cricket history and made a remarkable milestone. Till now, no cricketer couldn’t touch his batting records.

Salary of Sachin Tendulkar:

When he was playing for Mumbai Indians and Indian National Team, he ranked as the highest-paid cricketer. When he was a professional cricketer, he got hefty remuneration through the playing contact of BCCI and Mumbai Indians.

After retirement, he still gets a lot of money from TV promotions, endorsements, business ventures, and others. His total income and annual salary are almost 50 crores.

This is the enormous wealth of Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth in 2022. Now he is associated with the successful team of IPL Mumbai Indians.

He is the most renowned and knowledgeable mentor of the team and an honoured member of the dressing room.  For the Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar has been the source of inspiration.

Some other qualities of Sachin Tendulkar:


Sachin Tendulkar has always been an active contributor to social welfare. He serves the nation differently. And the way is charity.

He is connected with various welfare foundations. He does lots of social work. In the different sections of society, his philanthropy spreads very fast.

He also collaborated with the EKUM foundation, which provides inclusive financial assistance to some negligible sections of society for a better Delaware system and better education.

This foundation works in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, and some other states in India.

He has his charity foundation; through this, he supports to the maximum extent underprivileged children in their education, health, and sports. In the covid pandemic situation, he gave one crore for procuring oxygen for the covid patients.

Through various social works and social initiatives, he develops the nation.

In 2022, his net worth salary will be nearly 1250 crore. As a sportsman, Sachin Tendulkar is the rich one. He got particular assets for being the brand ambassador with some prominent brands across the world.


Lastly, we can say he is a great sportsman in Indian cricket. He is an inspiration for all the new cricketers and beginners. And also those who are in a dilemma between their passion and their career.

Besides being a great cricketer, he is a good human being and kind-hearted. He did a lot of good work in his life. Sachin Tendulkar is the most reputed and successful cricket icon in Indian Sports history. No other cricketer can match his personality level. Across various social media platforms, he has a tremendous fan base. People can admire him for his remarkable cricket legacy

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