Shreyas Iyer Wife: Who is Trisha Kulkarni?

Indian right-handed batsman Shreyas Iyer’s personal life has evoked curiosity among fans. According to the latest reports, Iyer isn’t married and is single, but rumors are spreading that he is dating Trisha Kulkarni. The couple were often spotted together in several public events which fuels the speculations about their love life.

Moreover, Trisha made her regular presence at Kolkata Knight Riders games during the IPL 2024 season, where she was frequently observed with Shreyas Iyer’s sister Shresta Iyer.

Earlier, during the ODI World Cup in 2023, she was spotted along with Shreyas and accompanied him for the Indian cricket team’s Diwali celebrations.

You might be curious to know who is Trisha Kulkarni and why is she rumored as Shreyas Iyer’s wife.

Who is Trisha Kulkarni?

Trisha Kulkarni, rumored to be Shreyas Iyer’s girlfriend, is one such woman who maintains a low profile and doesn’t interact much in public. Even though she owns a private Instagram account, Trisha doesn’t like public exposure. Despite the official confirmation from Shreyas or Trisha remains uncertain, the continuing rumors strongly hint she is a mysterious companion.

Mainly, the news spread like wildfire when Trisha Kulkarni was spotted cheering in several matches of the ODI World Cup 2023 and IPL 2024.

Shreyas Iyer and Trisha Kulkarni Diwali 2023 Celebrations

When Team India hosted the Diwali 2023 celebrations, the event gathered the attention of the cricket world about Shreyas Iyer’s secret girlfriend. Surprisingly, Shreyas and Trisha both of them dressed in matching attire, which boosted the rumors to a peak level.

Even though Trisha’s identity remained mysterious for a long time with few of them assuming it was Shreyas Iyer’s girlfriend.

Also, they both were seen together at dinner along with the Indian bowler Shardul Thakur and his wife.

Was Shreyas Iyer involved in relationships with Nikitha Shiv and Dhanashree Verma?

NO! Shreyas Iyer wasn’t involved in any relationships with Nikitha Shiv and Dhanashree Verma, as he always remains in the company of his family and loved ones. He was teamed up with Nikitha Shiv, a businesswoman, and fitness enthusiast.

Even a few fans teased him along with Dhanashree Verma, the present wife of Indian spin bowler Yuzvendra Chahal. Similarly, several false rumors surrounded the entire world on the internet.

Social Media’s Role in hinting about Shreyas Iyer’s Girlfriend

Shreyas Iyer is one of those cricketers who maintain an active presence on social media platforms, thereby resulting in attracting a lot of attention and engagement from fans, who are trying to find out hints about his girlfriend. As a result, a particular set of users started sharing the photos of Shreyas and Trisha spotted together and started to have discussions in the comment sections about his secret affair.

Also, Shreyas and his sister Shresta follow Trisha on social media. Especially during the semi-final match between India and New Zealand in the ODI World Cup 2023, Trisha was sitting right next to Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika Sajdeh. This one visual made fans assume that Trisha Kulkarni is the future wife of Shreyas Iyer.

In the modern era, it has become common for fans to show their love and interest towards their favorite celebrities uniquely and emotionally, which includes a marriage proposal to grab a lot of attention online. These actions make social media users wonder about the celebrity’s personal life. In reality, these gestures are the ways that people use to show support and admiration.

Is Shreyas Iyer Married in 2024? 

No! Shreyas Iyer’s relationship status still remains officially ‘SINGLE’ despite the couple’s public appearance and ongoing rumors. In the latest episode of ‘The Great India Kapil Show’ that featured the Indian captain Rohit Sharma along with Shreyas Iyer, the 29-year-old cricketer was asked about his relationship. Shreyas simply blushed and gave a simple reply saying “I am Single now”.

In the modern world, social media has become an open door by providing free access to look into personal life. Especially, Shreyas Iyer not reacting to the gossip related to his marriage and keeping it as a top-secret affair includes an additional layer to the rumors.

However, clicking the pictures and visiting frequently together at common venues with matching attires provides new interesting content for people to use these moments to speculate the rumors.

Despite the speculating news and fans purportedly posting Shreyas Iyer and Trisha Kulkarni’s photos on social media, the couple hasn’t opened up on the topic in public.

But, Shreyas Iyer has decided to maintain silence on this matter, neither giving any confirmation nor denying the ongoing rumors that leave the cricket world excited about an official statement related to the young Indian cricketer’s marriage life.

Finally, the cricketing world remains in a state of excitement, expecting the revelation of the captivating love story of the talented cricketer.

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