Shubman Gill Batting Position – Fails again at No.3, should India worry?

In recent India vs England Test matches, Shubman Gill batting position failed at No. 3. He was dismissed for a duck in the 1st Test, 4th innings against England, played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Also, Gill could score just 23 runs in 2 innings during the 1st Test.

The veteran player Cheteshwar Pujara’s No. 3 spot in Tests is replaced by Shubman Gill but he failed to show positive results in the vital batting position.

On the 4th day of the 1st Test match, England set the target of 231 runs for the 4th innings against India. The Indian openers, Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal performed well making a good start by scoring a 42-run opening partnership.

When Shubam Gill’s turn came, Hartley dismissed him for a duck, and England’s vice-captain, Pope took that catch. Hartley didn’t stop there and continued to dismiss the top 3 Indian batsmen.

Shubman Gill Batting position is a Failure at No. 3

During India’s 1st innings, Shubman Gill Batting position at number 3 got him dismissed for 23 runs. He became Hartley’s 1st Test wicket. Indian legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar raged regarding this.

Gill doesn’t have any single 50+ score after he overtook the No. 3 position from India’s tour to the West Indies. In South Africa, he scored only 74 runs in 2 Tests and 45 runs in 2 Tests against the West Indies.

Undoubtedly, Shubman Gill is an outstanding player in white-ball cricket. Whereas he was not able to transform that success into red-ball cricket. He has an average of 28.66 with 258 runs in 10 innings. The 128-run score against Australia was the only 50+ run score in Gill’s 2023 Test cricket.

The experts analyzed Shubman Gill to score more runs to secure his place in the team. Due to his low total, Gill has come under scrutiny. However, head coach Rahul Dravid is showing faith in Gill to score runs in the 5-match Test series. But according to the previous performances, the 24-year-old is capable of scoring just  23 runs in 2 innings of the 1st Test.

Rahul Dravid about Shubham Gill batting position

Team India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid about Shubman Gill batting position, supports and encourages him to play well ahead. Especially during the 5-match Test series against England. The series began in Hyderabad on 25th January 2024.

Rahul Dravid lent his support to Gill by saying that he was doing things right and he was doing it right. Also, he might score runs in Test cricket.

Shubman Gill is fortunate enough to get Dravid’s strong support. He stated that Gill’s career is very young and he had pulled off making an impact in international cricket. Further, he added that the 24-year-old is working hard and has been doing all things rightly.

Dravid spoke recollecting Gill’s playing on challenging wickets but couldn’t convert it into scores. At the same time, he has scored well against biggies like Australia.

Rahul Dravid says that Gill is a fine player, who is starting his cricketing journey. Sometimes, it takes a bit of time and at times success is instant. Regarding Gill, he is actually, one of those players who played well. Especially, since we know some of his early days in Australia.

He further added saying, we must be fair to him and other young players coming through. They have played pretty challenging wickets, either in India or overseas. For the past 2 to 3 years they played challenging wickets, so it is hard at times for these players, but Gill is doing all things right.

Dravid further recollected saying that Shubman Gill is putting in his time and effort. In his previous season, he got a few admirable hundreds for us. In Bangladesh as well as Ahmedabad. So, he is on the right track. Hopefully, during this course of the 5-match series, Gill will have some big performances.

Shubman Gill is to receive the Polly Umrigar Award

For the Best Men’s Cricketer of the Year 2023, Shubman Gill is to receive the Polly Umrigar Award. It is going to be a proud moment for Gill and Team India and he will be honored during the BCCI awards. He will be getting this award for his starry performance in the year 2023. Undoubtedly, Gill was an outstanding player as the highest-run scorer (2154 runs) in International Cricket 2023.

Rohit Sharma about Shubham Gill batting position

During a press conference on the eve of the 2nd Test in Cape Town, we witnessed the clarity of Rohit Sharma about Shubman Gill batting position. Rohit confirmed that from Gill’s perspective, he feels the 3rd position is best for him in Test Cricket. He added that he couldn’t see much difference between the opening and 3rd position. As the player is just 1 ball away from getting to the bat. In case of injury, of course, he is the opener to innings.

Rohit Sharma says that Gill is very smart in understanding his batting. Of course, he has batted well in the Ranji Trophy too in that same position. Although he opened only in limited overs and Test cricket. He prefers to be that position number 3. Also, he feels that he can perform well in that position.


Though Shubman Gill batting position at number 3 dropped in performance, he is fortunate to have a coach like Rahul Dravid who is backing him and boosting his confidence.

Also, a captain like Rohit Sharma is the pillar of Team India who is supportive in understanding everything from the team player’s perspective. All the statements and their speech conclude one thing it is evident that Shubman Gill has played good cricket so he might play more good scores in the future too. So let us wait to witness the best of it to happen.

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