SRH grabbed World Cup Heroes: Cummins and Head secured with attractive packages

After concluding as the table bottomers in the previous edition of IPL( Indian Premier League), SRH grabbed World Cup heroes namely Pat Cummins and Travis Head during the IPL 2024 auction.

Ahead of the bidding war, SRH had the 2nd highest purse value of INR 34 crores. Notably, the franchise spent a massive amount of INR 30.8 crores to acquire 6 new players in the squad. The allocation includes an equivalent of 3 overseas and Indian players.

Interestingly, Pat Cummins became the 2nd most expensive player in the IPL history. Likewise, the Australian World Cup-winning captain became the 2nd costliest player in the IPL 2024 auction with a whopping amount of INR 20.50 crores.

Moreover, who wouldn’t remember Travis Head’s heroic knock in the 2023 World Cup finals? The match-winning century remains refreshed in every individual’s heart. Especially, every franchise desired to acquire Head to enhance the batting line-up.

Sunrisers Hyderabad procured Travis Head for INR 6.8 crores. Both the Australian cricketers together grabbed a mammoth total of  INR 27.3 crores.

Surprisingly, Pat Cummins earns more than these Indian star cricketers namely :

  1. MS Dhoni: INR 12 crores
  2. Virat Kohli: INR 15 crores
  3. Hardik Pandya: INR 15 crores
  4. Rohit Sharma:INR 16 crores
  5. Ravindra Jadeja: INR 16 crores
  6. KL Rahul: INR 17 crores

After experiencing two consecutive horrible seasons in the IPL, SRH grabbed World Cup heroes at an expensive price, which adds the essence of a perfect experience to the squad.

Apart from Pat Cummins and Travis Head, SRH included these 4 new players in IPL 2024, thereby left with a purse value of INR 3.2 crores:

  1. Jaydev Unadkat (India): INR 1.60 crores
  2. Wanindu Hasaranga (Sri Lanka): INR 1.50 crores
  3. Akash Singh ( India): INR 20 lakhs
  4.  Jhathavedh Subramanyan (India): INR 20 lakhs

Sensational realities after SRH Grabbed the World Cup heroes:

Many sensational realities were witnessed during the IPL 2024 auction after Pat Cummins and Travis Head joined Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Ultimately, after facing an intense battle against CSK during the bidding, SRH grabbed World Cup heroes successfully.

Here are the interesting facts to witness that prove that the IPL loves Aussies to a great extent:

1. Surpassed England cricketer’s remuneration:

Pat Cummins, securing an amount of INR 20.50 crores, surpassed the England cricketer’s remuneration.

The Australian skipper crossed the barrier of Sam Curran’s price record of INR 18.5 crores, which was secured by England’s all-rounder in the IPL 2023 auction. 

2. Highest Package in IPL ever by any Australian cricketer:

Initially, Pat Cummins was leading with the record of securing the highest package in IPL ever. Within no time, another Aussie pacer of the 2023 World Cup tournament entered the race. It was none other than Mitchell Starc.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) bought Mitchell Starc for the costliest price in IPL history of INR 24.75 crores.

3. Special Preference to Pat Cummins:

Despite, failing to make an impressive performance in IPL 2022 by taking 7 wickets in 5 matches, a special Preference for Pat Cummins was provided during the auction.

Nevertheless, the fortunes favored the 30-year-old pacer during the ICC World Cup 2023. As a result, several franchises came forward offering multiple lucrative packages.

4. Expensive Aussie Dual combination:

Shockingly, the Aussie dual combination price surpasses a team’s salary cap, when compared to the first edition of the IPL auction.

The inaugural season of IPL in 2008 offered each team with a salary cap of INR 20 crores.

Astonishingly, Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc as a solo performer, transcended by grabbing the package of INR 20.5 crores and INR 24.74 crores.

Here are the 2 possible scenarios of how the dual combination of Aussie cricketers exceeded the team’s salary cap for IPL’s first edition:

Scenario 1: Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc

Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc together claimed the massive amount of INR 45.24 crores.  The duo combinations’ revenue exceeds the combined salary cap of the two teams in its inaugural edition.

Scenario 2: Pat Cummins and Travis Head

SRH grabbed World Cup heroes namely Pat Cummins and Travis Head by spending a gigantic figure of INR 27.3 crores.

The franchise particularly spent more than 80% of its purse value to acquire these two Australian cricketers.

Eventually, the dual combination’s revenue outperformed the team’s salary cap, compared to the inaugural edition of IPL.

Ab de Villers’s opinion after SRH grabbed World Cup Heroes:

Former South African skipper Ab De Villers shared his opinion after SRH grabbed World Cup heroes:

“So far, I believe that these talented guys have performed exceptionally well in the grand event so far. Remembering the treacherous season in the previous year, the Sunrisers Hyderabad was one of my favorite teams, but they lacked some experience. This is what the franchise needed to execute a smarter strategy by including Cummins and Head. 

SRH with a young and talented team was completely lost. The inclusion of Pat Cummins is worth every cent. Cummins as a leader, bowler, and lower-order batsman can solidify the lineup. “

Overall, Ab De Villers proves that every penny spent on Pat Cummins will turn out to be valuable in IPL 2024.

SRH grabbed World Cup Heroes: Conclusive Facts

Ultimately, it has been a triumphant year for Pat Cummins and Travis Head.

Following the glorious moments of the World Cup 2023 finals, SRH grabbed World Cup Heroes by specifically aiming to qualify for the IPL 2024 playoffs.

Travis Head, who earlier featured in the IPL 2017, makes a comeback into the orange army, impressively after 7 years. Possibly, Pat Cummins will earn a permanent spot in the playing XI, if he becomes the captain of the Sunrisers Hyderabad

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